Dear Parents,

What wonderful weather we have had to start our Summer Term at school!  It has been a delight to see how the sun has lifted everybody’s spirits and hopefully we can look forward to many more sunny days ahead.  We have lots of exciting events planned for this term and I know that children and staff alike are eagerly anticipating the adventures which lie ahead.


It has been a super week in Reception and the children have settled back into school life brilliantly.
There has been lots of excitement surrounding our new topic of ‘Water.’ We have conducted different experiments to demonstrate the water cycle and also learnt some new vocabulary; evaporation, condensation and precipitation. We also had lots of fun predicting and testing which material would make the best umbrella! In Music, we listened to the story of Noah’s Ark and then used our own creative ideas to perform the Story and accompany it with musical instruments.
A visit from the fire service was a real treat and we have thoroughly enjoyed transforming our outdoor area into a fire station. We look forward to some more special visitors next week!
This week, we would like to thank Bob’s mummy for coming in and being our ‘Surprise Reader.’ Please let Mrs Sanders know if you would like to come and share a story with Reception.
Well done, also, to three more members of our class for receiving their gold certificates for Mathletics.  Super work, girls!

Please could you ensure that your child has a pair of outdoor trainers in school at all times.  Thank you.

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Year 1

Year 1 welcomed Mrs Scott as their teacher on Monday.  The children started back at school by recounting all of their holiday adventures and enjoyed looking at each other’s photographs.  The children have begun to learn about the Rainforest and were delighted to meet the class sloth, “Simon”.  The children have been busy transforming their classroom into a Rainforest!  Do come in and see the wonderful holiday writing and meet Simon!



Year 2

Year 2  welcomed Miss Drayton as their new new class teacher and have thoroughly enjoyed the first week of their ‘Amazing Animals’ topic. At the start of the week, they all chose their favourite animals which will now become the focus of their work over the coming weeks. The children researched and then painted pictures of their chosen animals. It was wonderful seeing the large array of animals that the children chose, including dolphins, chameleons and long earred spaniels!
In English, Year 2 have been reading stories about Anansi, an African folk tale character who just happens to be a spider! Anansi is a cunning trickster and the children really enjoyed taking on his character and writing diary entries in the first person.  Do come in and admire their own Amansi spiders!   In Maths, they have been revising addition and subtraction and using their knowledge of inverse to create ‘fact families’. They have also been busy working on their reasoning skills, providing ‘proof’ and an explanation when answering questions.

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Year 3

Year 3 welcomed Mrs Newman as their class teacher and have had an exciting week starting their topic of present day Italy and the Ancient Roman civilisation.  They have come up with lots of questions and topics they want to explore and find out about.

Year 4

Year 4 have started their Maths this week with enthusiasm, showing their knowledge of place value. They had to think of and, become, a 4 digit number and then put themselves into ascending order.

In Science, Year 4 started their investigation of light and reflective surfaces, where they experimented to find out which was the best reflective surface, and then designed a school bag with reflecting safety patterns on it.

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Years 5 & 6

Year 5 and 6’s topic this term is War, and specifically, WWI in the year in which we commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Armistice. In English, they are reading Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse and War poetry.  In History, they are studying the causes of the war, European alliances, The British Empire, the impact of the war at home on women and children and, then, Armistice and the League of Nations.  In Geography, they are improving their knowledge of Europe and Russia by studying current maps and those from 1914, as well as learning about the human and physical geography of Europe in relation to its impact on WWI and the current day. In Classical Greek, the war theme continues as Year 5 and 6’s learning focuses on War in Classical Athens and The Trojan War.

In Science this term, Years 5 & 6 are learning about ‘Forces’. The children started the topic with a discussion about what a force is and identified that all forces are a form of a push, a pull or a twist. The children continued to identify different forces acting on objects, including an investigation of what happens to a ping pong ball when a force is applied to it! The children recorded their findings in the form of a force diagram.

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This term, the Year 1 and Year 2 classes are learning how to play a woodwind and stringed instrument. Each pupil has selected the instrument of their choice and our first lesson focused on how the instrument works and by the end of the lesson they all played a simple accompaniment to a melody. Over the next few weeks the pupils will learn how the play their instrument from written notation.

Year 4 are studying ‘Polyrhythms’ this term. This week, they have been composing their own phrases and using the rhythmic pattern of the words to create a rhythmic sequence on the djembe (African drum).

This term, the Year 5 children will be studying the 12 bar blues. In this week’s lesson, using various tuned percussion, they have learnt 3 primary chords and performed them in a 12 bar sequence.

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PSHEE Information Evening – 6.00pm, Tuesday 24th April

Contrary to the School Calendar, the PSHEE (Personal Social Health Economic Education) Information Evening is only relevant to parents of children in Years 5 and 6.  Please join us on Tuesday 24th April at 6.00pm in the Performing Arts Centre and we will share with you how PSHEE is delivered to your children.

Sun Cream

After this glorious week, it is pertinent to remind parents of children in Years 1-6 to apply long lasting sun cream before they come to school.  Parents of children in Foals, Yearlings, Ponies and Reception, please complete and return this permission slip, enabling us to apply SPF 50 hypoallergenic children’s sun cream as necessary.


All children from Ponies should have a green school sun cap in school at all times.  In addition, all children from Reception upwards require the new black sun cap as part of their PE kit.  Understandably, KS2 children will not be able to take part in matches without them.

‘Little Foals’ Group

It was lovely to welcome so many Little Foals back to school this afternoon and Mrs Warburton was ably assisted by four members of Year 1, who thoroughly enjoyed making sure that all the Little Foals were fully equipped with musical instruments!


Telephone Lines

Our telephone lines are now working properly again.  I apologise again for the inconvenience caused which was completely beyond our control.

Car Park

A reminder to please keep a very close eye and hand on your children at all times.  There was a near miss in the car park this morning so please do be vigilant.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Abdulla in Year 5 and Archie in Reception.  Well done, boys!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Richard, Niyah, Hugo and Roan in the Nursery, to James in Year 1 and Luana in Year 3.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton