Dear Parents

The highlight of the week for the children was undoubtedly the in-house production of ‘The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe’ by M & M Theatrical Productions.  All children from Reception upwards were captivated by the performance and Years 5 and 6’s enjoyment was enhanced by a very hands-on workshop later in the morning.


This week in Reception, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading the story ‘Owl Babies’.
It has been a fantastic story, which has enabled us to discuss our own feelings and to show empathy towards others. We received a letter from one of the owlets, Bill, and wrote straight back to him to offer reassurance that his mummy would return soon.
In Maths, we read our own number sentences and subtracted ‘owls’ to complete our challenges.  We also put the owlets into different positions for our friends to guess where they were hiding and worked as a team outdoors to make them a nest. The children also decided that it would be a great idea to incorporate the owl theme into our Mother’s Day crafts!
The highlight of our week was being able to bring our story to life and meet owls for real. We all had an amazing day today at The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary in Stonham Aspal. The children were very well behaved and made us all very proud.  I am sure they will love telling you some amazing facts.
Thank you this week to our two surprise readers, Mrs Lucie Melen, our Nursery Manager, and Annabelle’s daddy. Please see Mrs Sanders if you would like to become a surprise reader.

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Year 1

This week in Year 1, we have been continuing to focus on castles and dragons.  The children had to invent their own dragons, compiling a fact file on their dragon and painting them.  We have been looking at the different types of castles built by the Normans, exploring materials used for them and the specific land features they felt were required for survival and the best forms of defence.  In Maths, we have been exploring time, o’clock and half-past, in both analogue form and digital.

1-painting dragons 004  1-painting dragons 005

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Year 2

In Maths, Year 2 have been voting for their favourite British Monarchs, knight characteristics, favourite fairy tales and most important castle features. They have used this information to create pictograms.  In Science, they have been learning about Materials and today they visited Palace House: National Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art to take part in a Marvellous Materials Workshop. The children thoroughly enjoyed the Marvellous Materials workshop, which was run by Penny Hartley, our supply teacher. They looked at different materials used in and around racing and why their properties make them best suited to their job. They learnt about the importance of protection when riding and particularly enjoyed experimenting with protecting a ball of modelling dough so that it had minimum injury when dropped.  Isabella and Ella were very excited to find a whole section about British monarchs’ involvement with racing, as we have been learning about significant British monarchs as part of our topic this week. It was a brilliant morning; the children all learnt a lot and were all very well behaved.

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Years 1 & 2 – Castle Building Topic Day

Thank you very much for bringing in so much cardboard. Your box collecting has been outstanding and we are now full to the brim!  Please do not bring in any more boxes; however, if you have any  loo rolls or smaller tubes that might work well for towers and turrets then they would be greatly appreciated. We will be putting the children into small groups to build their castle on Friday 16th March and welcome all parents to come and view their creations at the end of the day. They will be on display in the Year 1 and 2 classrooms from 3.30pm. We look forward to seeing you then.  Refreshments will be served in the Atrium.

Year 3

This week, in Maths, Year 3 have been working on time. They’ve consolidated telling the time to minutes past and to, working on both analogue and digital clocks. The children have calculated time intervals and new times for events that have been delayed. On Wednesday, the children had to estimate how long a minute was. Their first guesses varied wildly from 35 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds, but with some practise they got much closer to 60 seconds. The children then had to estimate either how many times they could carry out a particular task in a minute, or how long a task might take them. They were building towers, doing star jumps, writing their names and rolling dice; some initial estimates were a little wild but they all got more realistic as they worked through the tasks.

Yr 32  Yr 3

Yr 33


Year 4

Year 4 continued to enjoy creating sculptures from recycled plastic as part of their project on protecting the environment.  They have all fully embraced the very topical subject of the need to reduce plastic packaging and the need for careful disposal of waste to protect the environment.

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Years 5 & 6

After the engaging performance of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Years 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed acting workshops, provided by M & M Productions. They also learnt how to use lighting and sound effects to complement short scenes their friends acted out from the play. Many tricks and techniques were picked up by the children to use immediately, as they are deep into rehearsals for Peter Pan at the moment.

As a culmination of their learning focused on Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, Year 5 and Year 6 visited Cambridge University’s Museum of Classical Archaeology. They have written about and sketched many of the iconic classical sculptures of antiquity, which depict the characters they have studied and written about in English and Humanities this term. Today’s trip complemented Year 5 and Year 6’s vase drawing and sculpture in Art particularly well. Please come and see the Art displayed in their classrooms.

1-Lion Witch Wardrobe Workshop photo 017  1-Lion Witch Wardrobe Workshop photo 027

1-Lion Witch Wardrobe Workshop photo 044 1-Lion Witch Wardrobe Workshop photo 046


Year 6

This week, Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon at ‘Crucial Crew’; an annually organised event, run by the emergency services and attended by several local schools. Whilst the afternoon had a serious undertone, the children participated enthusiastically in eight real-life and engaging scenarios, learning about ‘crucial’ life skills. The children discussed how to stay safe when riding their bicycle, as well as how to stay safe using the internet. Lifesaving skills were gained when the children practised ‘CPR’ on their models. A highlight of the afternoon was the trip to the ‘fire pod’, where the children were faced with a mock house fire scenario. Lessons were learned about fire safety in the home, as well as how to deal with a real fire situation. Thankfully, all ended well as the firemen successfully rescued us all!

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Sports Matches

U9 Netball v Dame Bradbury’s School

On Tuesday, the U9 Netball team got the chance to play a 7 aside match at Dame Bradbury’s. Most of this term’s matches have focused on hockey, and, as last week’s netball practise was snowed off, the girls’ confidence was good to see.
The first quarter was mostly played in Dame Bradbury’s third, but the score definitely went against the run of play with Fairstead scoring 2 goals to 1. The rest of the match was much more evenly matched, and the Dame Bradbury Centre and Goal Attack were very quick and difficult to mark. However, with each quarter the girls stayed ahead and increased their lead. A final score of 3-7 to Fairstead was a fair reflection of the work the girls put in.
The team recognised Darcey for always finding space and working very hard in different defensive positions. Dame Bradbury’s voted Ella as the Fairstead ‘Girl of the Game’.



U11 Netball v Culford and Old Buckenham Hall

On Wednesday, the U11 Netball team played a triangular match against Culford and Old Buckenham Hall. The girls played incredibly well and were delighted to beat Culford 6-2. Unfortunately, the Old Buckenham Hall team were much tougher and the girls lost 10-2 but I was really proud of their resilience and effort through out the match. Their defending and marking improved considerably and it was a very close second half. Player of the Match went to Francesca for her impressive shooting and movement around the D. Well done, girls. A fantastic end to the netball season.



U9 Football v Dame Bradbury’s School

Dame Bradbury’s School were a very skilful team and took the lead early.  Our boys tried to fight back but unfortunately were unable to score goals.  It taught the boys a valuable lesson in resilience, courtesy and sportsmanship.





U11 Parents v Pupils Matches – Wednesday 14th March at 2pm

Thank you to Debbie Moore for organising and captaining the Netball team. I have not yet had any parent volunteers to play in the Football match. I need seven players by Tuesday in order for the Football match to go ahead!  Please get in touch if you would like to organise a team.  Parents of children in any year group are very welcome to take part!

Spring Term 2018 Informal Concerts

In our 2018 Spring series of Informal Concerts, we have seen many of our pupils perform on various instruments in our Performing Arts Centre at Fairstead House. We have also enjoyed two solo recitals given by Izzy (violin) and Dylan (piano) in our whole school morning assembly and in one of our Informal Concerts. Our Chamber Orchestra performed for the first time this year and they will be performing in our Summer Concert next term. Finally, congratulations to all our performers who have taken part in our concerts so far and we look forward to hearing many more next term.

School Trip – Monday 12th March

Year 5 are looking forward to visiting the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art at Palace House where they will be enjoying an Evolution & Inheritance Workshop.

After-School Clubs – Tuesday 13th March

On Tuesday, Netball Club, Board Games, Classical Greek and Textiles Club are cancelled due to Parents’ Evening.  Textiles Club will now take place on Wednesday 14th March to ensure that all the projects are finished in time for Easter.

Should you wish for your child to join After-School Club or Prep Club whilst you are at Parents’ Evening, please let us know as soon as possible as both clubs can only allow a finite number.  Charges will apply to After-School Club as usual.

Netball Club – Thursday 15th March

There will be no Netball Club on Thursday as there is an extra Year 2 Parents’ Evening that day.  Thank you for your understanding.

Film Night – Friday 16th March

The children are all eagerly looking forward to the showing of Paddington 2 on Friday.  This will take place in the Old Hall so please collect your children from the front door at 6.30pm.  Please note that, whatever the children might say, they are not changing into pyjamas; however, they are welcome to bring a teddy or cuddly toy to enjoy the film with!

School Photographs

A reminder that school photographs (Reception to Year 6) will be taken on Monday morning (weather permitting).  We will ensure that sibling groups are included.  Nursery photographs will be taken on Wednesday (also, weather permitting).

Online Safety

It has come to our attention that some children are using Snapchat and Instagram, both of which carry a 13 certificate.  Please monitor your children’s use of age appropriate apps carefully.

Parents’ Association Summer Ball

Please find an invitation to the Summer Ball here.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were awarded to Harry in Year 1 and Finlay in Year 6.  Well done, children!


Our congratulations to the Al-Thani family on the safe arrival of Fawaz, a brother for Asma and Thani and a nephew for Abdulla.


This week we wish a happy birthday to Lilly in Reception and Zara in Year 4.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton