Dear Parents

I am sure that those of you who were at the Pre-prep Nativity performance this morning will agree with me that it was an absolutely delightful way to start the festive season.  Thanks to your wonderful costumes, the children all looked spectacular and the tableaux was unforgettable.  I am certain that we have all been singing the chorus to ‘It’s a Baby’ all day!  The children clearly thoroughly enjoyed the experience even though the presence of such a wonderfully large audience proved little too daunting for some!  There were no such nerves during the dress rehearsal!  As I write, final preparations are underway for tonight’s carol concert.  Yesterday’s rehearsal was a wonderful spectacle and I hope that you will enjoy tonight’s performance.

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The Dental Nurse came to show the children how to look after their teeth. She bought a set of false teeth that she had borrowed from her friend, Mr Giant. She also bought her giant tooth brush with her. She told the children about how to clean teeth properly. She also told the children which food and drinks contain high amounts of sugar.

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Father Christmas made a secret visit to Forest School this week!  He left an early Christmas treat for all the children to find in the forest. All of the children said that their chocolate had mysteriously disappeared during the journey back to school in the mini bus!

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Year 1

This week, the children have been investigating money.  They set up a shop in the classroom which all the children used very enthusiastically!  They were all able to recognise the coins and order them.

In Literacy, the children all wrote their own letters to Father Christmas so please do pop in to the classroom and have a look!

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Year 2

Year 2 have been applying the learning from their trip to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology’s exhibition, Hide and Seek: Finding The Children In The Past, and writing a diary. Year 2 have imagined that they are children from some of the many different times of national significance and used their Literacy skills to write a diary entry for six different children. At the Museum, the children handled objects made for and used by children from the Middle Ages, back to The Bronze Age and even older. The hand axe Theo is holding is more than 50,000 years old!

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Year 3

In Science this week, Year 3 had their final visit from the dental nurse. The children learned about how to look after their teeth and to avoid tooth decay. The children took part in a ‘disclosure’ investigation which revealed how well they are brushing their teeth. Dark purple on the teeth revealed where areas of plaque remain and more careful brushing needed!


Year 4

Following on from last week’s investigation of the properties of different toothpastes, Year 4 had great fun making some toothpaste of their own. The children followed a basic recipe and altered the ingredients depending on the property that was important to them; smell, colour, abrasiveness and consistency were all considered.

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Year 5

In Art, Year 5 have been continuing their studies of printing techniques and enjoyed designing and making their own Christmas stamps.


Year 6

Year 6 have been investigating the relationship between the length of a shadow and the distance from the light source.  This picture was taken before the experiment began as the investigations took place in the dark!


Sports Matches

U9 and U11 Netball
This week two girls’ teams visited Walden School (formerly Friends’ School) for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and some added excitement due to an unexpected fire alarm during the middle of our matches!

Unfortunately for us, the Walden U11 team had strengthened (and recruited a boy to their team) since we played them a couple of weeks ago, plus the netball skills of Sammy and Fern were both sorely missed. However, it was a great opportunity for more of our Year 5s to play and brilliant preparation for next year. The team all worked incredibly hard and we saw great enthusiasm and effort from all. Player of the Match, chosen by the Walden Prep girls.

The U9 girls had a well deserved 2nd consecutive win. The whole team worked really well together; passing accurately, marking and defending well and, more importantly, converting our possession of the ball to goals. Again it was a fantastic opportunity to get more of our Year 3 girls playing. Player of the Match as chosen by the Walden Prep girls was Jeanne, for her enthusiasm and sheer determination in defence. A special mention from the Walden Prep Coach goes to Lara for her positioning and ability to control the game.

Well done to all of the girls who played and thank you to the parents who came along to support and help.

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Miss Chloe Price, SENCO and Director of Sport

Drum Kit For Sale

Junior ‘Percussion Plus’ Drum Kit for Sale  –  £85

We are selling one of our drum kits in the Music Department. It is well used but in good condition. The Hi-Hat Cymbals and the Crash Cymbal may need replacing but are in usable condition. There is a small screw and washer missing but these are easy to replace.

•  Full-size 5 Piece drum kit in black.
•  Consists of – Bass Drum: Floor Tom and 2 Toms with 5 Lugs Per Side
•  Double braced Hi-Hat, Cymbal, Snare Drum & Adjustable Drum Stool
•  Pair of Hi-Hat Cymbals and Crash Cymbal.

Please contact Mrs Karina Warburton ( for more information or to arrange a viewing.


Music Lessons – Mr Vellacott

If your child has a music lesson with Mr Vellacott next week then please note that these will take place on Monday and not Thursday.

School Coats

Please could you ensure that your child has their school coat in school on Monday as the children will be walking to Tattersalls to rehearse for the concert on Thursday evening.  Thank you.

Christmas Post Box

The children’s Christmas Post Box will be available to all children from Monday and will be outside the School Office.  Please ensure that your child has their friends’ name and class on the envelope.

Racing Welfare Carol Concert at Tattersalls

Refreshments will be served in the Ring from 6.15pm onwards.  All children in Years 3 – 6 should be dropped off, in their school uniform, in the ‘Bar Area’ by 6.45pm at the latest, where they will be looked after by staff until the concert. Please keep your younger children with you at all times.  Tickets must be purchased in advance and are available from the School Office at £5 per ticket.


Birthday Cake

This week we wish a happy birthday to Sam and Matilda in Year 2 and Alexander in Year 6.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton