Dear Parents,

What an exciting week it has been at Fairstead House! In Reception, Fairstead Fred celebrated his 5th birthday, and in Year 1, there was surprise visitor in the classroom on Monday morning.  The children had to use clues to find out where the visitor came from and how they could help him.  On Thursday it was National Poetry Day and the children were asked to learn a poem to share with their class.  A few were then shared with the whole school in assembly on Friday.  The recitals were fantastic!  I am sure you will enjoy reading all about how much the children have enjoyed their learning this week.


A gentle reminder; children’s snacks for after school clubs need to be healthy please – no crisps or chocolate.

Please could we also ask that all children in Reception have some spare underwear, socks and clothing in a separate bag in School, in case of any accidents. Many thanks.


Please add the following dates to your diary from the Fairstead House Parents’ Association

  • Monday 18 October – pumpkin carving competition
  • Thursday 21 October – book sale after school
  • Readathon over half-term
  • Saturday 20 November – Autumn Glow

School Council

Fairstead House School Council are excited to announce that their first charity fundraising venture of the academic year is to support Great Ormond Street Hospital. School Council representatives have been busy putting posters up in classrooms today and visiting classes to inform the children about the fundraising activity which will take place next week. All the children in school will be invited to participate in a walk around the school grounds during breaktime on Wednesday 13th October and Thursday 14th October, and the ‘Race for the Kids’ walk will be led by School Council representatives from each class and supervised by school staff. School Council would like to suggest a donation of £1 per child to support this worthy cause, which should be brought into school on Wednesday 13th October.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Mrs Varma (on behalf of Fairstead House School Council)


The children in Reception have had a wonderful time this week celebrating two very special occasions; National Poetry Day and Fairstead Fred’s birthday. On Thursday, both special events were combined and the children learnt a wonderful poem all about our favourite bear’s birthday! The children were such super poets that Mrs Sanders decided they should perform their poem to the Nursery children. It was great fun and it was wonderful to see the children perform with such confidence in front of their audience. Everyone enjoyed writing invitations, making birthday cards and eating Fred’s delicious birthday cake. A very big thank you to Miss Alleyne in the kitchen for baking and decorating the most amazing cake for Fred. In maths, the focus has been on recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes, and there were some super ‘Thinkasauruses’ who used the shapes to create their own imaginative pictures. There were space rockets, monsters, dinosaurs, tractors and castles to name but a few. Cheeky Chick was also super cheeky and spent time hiding lots of 3D shapes in the autumn leaves. Thank you to all the super ‘Exploradactyls’ who helped to find and name them.

Year 1

On Monday, we came into school to find that our classroom had been frozen! We found snowflakes on the windows, snow on the floor and a big igloo on the carpet. We looked carefully for clues and soon found a penguin sitting quietly in the igloo. After a few minutes of looking more closely, we discovered the penguin’s name was Percy and that he was an explorer on his travels around the world. Percy has been helping us learn more about Antarctica!

In history, we have been learning about Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated second attempt to reach the South Pole in 1912. We sequenced the events of his expedition and thought about how Scott and his team would have felt during each part of their journey.

Year 2

Year 2 have been working very hard to learn our poem ‘Pumpkin Seeds’. We have learned about stage ‘whispering’ and worked hard to use lots of expression and actions to further enhance our performance. On Friday, while we were a bit nervous, the poem was a huge success! The children were fantastic and their performance was out of this world!

In literacy, we have continued to look at ‘Little Red’. We have been exploring commas in a list and writing about what Little Red would have taken to Granny in her basket, have been sequencing and identifying beginning, middle, and end of the story, and working to introduce time connectives into our retelling. We have written a wonderful recount of ‘Little Red’ using: first, next, then, after that, soon, later, suddenly and finally. In maths we have continued our look at place value, focusing on counting patterns and applying our understanding of number to answer tricky problems and word problems. In science we have been exploring the effect sugar has on our teeth. We have created a ‘Fair Test’ experiment using egg shells, water, orange juice and coke. We have soaked the shells in an equal amount of liquid and have recorded our observations at 24 hours, 48 hours, and will look at what has happened on Monday after another 48 hours in the liquids! In art we have begun to weave, using paper to make mats and then using wool to make round weavings. It has been a great week in Year 2!

Year 3

Our week in Year 3 has been filled with enthusiasm for our English lessons. We used our retrieval skills to find evidence in Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ of what Mr and Mrs Twit’s house and garden would look like. Using our imagination, we drew their property and labelled it with evidence from the text. From this, we then wrote detailed descriptions using carefully chosen expanded noun phrases and tried to use Dahl’s chatty, familiar style. Reflecting on our brilliant Ancient Egyptian Day from last week, we created a journey of photos, speech bubbles and memories to document and remember the day. In PSHE, our focus was on setting personal goals and feeling valued. We made some mature and thoughtful contributions and came up with excellent ideas as a class. We ended our week with celebrating National Poetry Day. The children performed their poems with fantastic intonation and enthusiasm. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our poems and improving our performance skills this week.

Year 4

Year 4 have had another busy week. In science, they have moved on from the digestive system to learning about teeth and their functions. They have established that animals have different kinds of teeth depending on their diet. Did you know that nowadays not everybody will grow wisdom teeth? Scientists believe that due to our diet changes and smaller mouth sizes, we no longer need them! A highlight of our science lesson was the deer’s skull that Ben brought in to share with the class. This was an amazing opportunity to see different teeth close up. Thank you, Ben!

As you know, it was National Poetry Day on Thursday and I was impressed by Year 4’s commitment to learning their poems by heart. Each child performed their poem to the class and this showed the hard work they had put in to remember them word for word. This truly was a display of clear, expressive voices and engaging actions. The children were keen to hear who had been chosen to perform their poem in today’s assembly! You should all be extremely proud of your efforts, Year 4.

Year 5

This week, we have had an industrious time. We started off our week by making simple periscopes. This allowed us to apply our understanding about how light reflects, that we gleaned from last week’s experiment. With some careful measuring, cutting and construction, we made effective periscopes to allow us to look over and around objects.

In English, we then started to look at how to use imperative verbs to create instructions, before looking at how to develop basic instructions, from simple statements to a more informative piece of writing. We looked at a set of instructions to care for a mouskin so that, next week, we can write clear instructions on how to make a periscope, of which the children are now experts.

Year 6

It has been a busy week for Year 6! In maths lessons, the children have been revisiting the topic of nets. They made paper cuboids of varying volume and transformed their maths book into a pop-up book! Using this knowledge, Year 6 worked on a much larger scale to turn the net of a cuboid into a box for a gas mask. The focus of this week’s history lesson was on the evacuation of children, the distribution of gas masks and ‘blackout’ which the children found very interesting, especially when they discovered that some farmers painted their cows with white stripes to make them stand out on a dark, winter’s morning! Well done to all of Year 6 for learning a poem off by heart and reciting it on National Poetry Day – particularly Michaela and Julian who were chosen by their classmates to represent Year 6 at Friday’s assembly and performed to the whole School! It has been lovely to see Year 6 embrace their new roles and responsibilities fully and help around the School: playtime in the Nursery, reading time in Reception, prefect duties in the PA and lots of exciting School Council announcements. Next Wednesday, the House Captains will be leading House Assembly and are currently planning a range of activities to keep their House Families busy. In fact, I have heard a rumour that Gabi and Ashera are planning some team-building games…including ‘Twister’!


The Year 2s enjoyed playing together in Ukulele Club this week.

Here are Year 6 learning about the three primary chords in C major and perfect cadences, and using a graphic jigsaw to work out the sequence in a fanfare.

Match Report

U11 Girls Hockey v Riddlesworth

On Wednesday 6th October, the U11 girls and boys played hockey against Barnadiston.

We had first pushback and began attacking well. In defence, Giselle, Ashera and Lottie made some hard hits out wide, with Prince making some exceptional saves in goal. By the end of the first half it was 1-0 to them. Bella, Julian and Elsie were great in mid-field, fighting for every ball. Julian and I got the ball into the ‘D’ a lot but we did not quite manage to score. Luckily Julian scored an amazing goal in the second half.

Unfortunately, by the end of the game it was 2-1 to them.

I was player of the match.

Well done team, better luck next time!!!

Ella W., Girls’ Sports Captain.

Parent Meetings (week beginning 18th October)

Please note that Parent Meetings are taking place from 18th October, using the online system School Cloud.  This will mean that Puzzles and Games, Go Noodle, Sewing, Lego and Russian Club will not take place during that week, so please be aware if this changes your child’s collection time.

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford