Dear Parents,

This week has been a true celebration, with Sports Day, prizegiving, a trip to Hunstanton and much, much more. I cannot thank the staff enough for all they have done over this academic year and want to wish all the children a fantastic summer break. I look forward to welcoming them back in September and know that the current Year 6 children will be ready for the new challenges ahead. Thank you to the parents for all your support and being such an important part of your child’s learning journey.


This week the children in Yearlings have shown great interest on their new topic – Summer Fun! They have been to the Yearlings beach, visited the park and enjoyed some water play. The children have developed their pouring and scooping skills and mathematical language. The children will be making summer fruit lollies next week!


This week, the children in Reception had a very special final visit to the forest and this was to say farewell to Fairstead Fred! The children enjoyed a teddy bear themed picnic and played lots of teddy bear games to say goodbye to their favourite bear!

They also thoroughly enjoyed participating in Sports Day and loved sharing all their super skills with you all.

Receiving medals in the church today was a wonderful way to celebrate everyone’s very hard work. Well done to you all for achieving so much during your first year at school. Have a wonderful summer!

Year 1

We have been busy reflecting on our favourite memories from Year One this week. There have been so many exciting moments to choose from, including our trips to Lackford Lakes, Sandringham, Stansted Airport and Great Yarmouth, and all the wonderful learning that has taken place both in the classroom and outdoors. Year One parents are invited to watch the film compilation of some of our favourite memories on our DB Primary ‘Home Learning’ page.

As well as making delicious ice cream sundaes this week, we have also demonstrated our excellent sporting prowess at Sports Day and enjoyed a fantastic class party with games, food, and lots and lots of confetti!

Have a fun summer and please continue to make wonderful memories that you can share with us in September!

Year 2

Wow! What an amazing last week we have had! Year 2 have done some outstanding writing in our ‘Ice Cream’ unit. We have looked at persuasive writing (to try and convince me to try their favourite ice cream), instruction writing with imperative verbs and time connectives and we have designed the ULTIMATE ice cream dessert. We have linked in our statistics knowledge and have created a tally chart of favourite flavours of ice cream and then turned our data into a bar chart. There was no question that we then needed to make the ultimate ice cream sundae! The children had a wonderful time recreating their dessert with all of the ingredients that Chef had provided for us. Sports day was a triumph and all of the children were incredibly successful in their activities. Well done to everyone for such a great day! To wrap up the year, we read the story of ‘Miss Rumphius’. This story is about a little girl named Alice. Her grandfather encourages her to live life to the fullest; travelling to far away places and living by the sea. Alice is keen to do both of these things, but there is one final thing her Grandfather encourages for a life well lived. To do something to make the world a better place. Ask your learner what they are going to do to make their worlds a brighter place.
Have a wonderful summer holiday!

Year 3

Wow, what a final week of Year 3! We’ve had such a busy week full of fantastic events. We started the week off with a really fun day out at the beach to Old Hunstanton. The best time was had building sandcastles, playing games and a visit to the ice-cream shop. You can see from the photos how much fun was had. We completed our final maths unit of measure by measuring, comparing, adding and subtracting capacity. It was so brilliant to see the children combining all of their methods and strategies from across the year and applying them to this final unit. In science, we completed our unit of plants by having a final look at our bean experiment in different conditions. The children are still shocked to see the efforts the beans in the darkness went to to find light! Sports afternoon was a great success, thank you to Mr Salt. There were some particularly impressive jumps in the field events! We had our final swimming session and completed our coastal weaving, thank you to Mrs Newman. They look beautiful! Year 3 really have so much to be proud of have had made so much progress this year. Wishing you all the most wonderful summer in the sunshine.

Year 4

What a super last week of Year 4 the children have had! In Religious Studies, they learned about the significance of the three key symbols of Christianity, and in science they considered the changes to the local environment and suggested ways that changes to local habitats could be avoided.
In addition, Year 4 had fun on their KS2 trip to the beach, tried their absolute hardest at Sports Day and enjoyed their final class swimming lessons.
The children should be proud of their progress this year. It has been a pleasure being their class teacher and I wish them all well as they progress into Year 5. Have a wonderful summer!

Year 5

Our final week has finished and what a week it was. A wonderful start was had by all as we decamped to Hunstanton beach. Whether it was digging a hole to Australia, playing frisbee or having an ice-cream, there was something for everyone. This was followed up on Tuesday with a tennis tournament and then some diamond cricket matches and rounders with Years 3 and 4. In these games, there were the usual high-quality skills on display. This theme of sport continued into Wednesday when we held the high jump final. While Giselle from Year 6 won, Nicole made a strong bid for the title, followed by Grace. This led through to the chess tournament and, finally, Sports Day.

After all of that energy, we decided to have a gentler walk on Thursday, although it was still packed with learning. In this case, how to use a compass to orientate. We travelled from Reach to Woodditton, finding the direction of different features. The children learnt more about reading maps, interpreting the symbols and they could even fold up their OS maps neatly by the end. Not an easy task! The children were wonderful on this trip and should all be congratulated.

On Friday, they had their last day in Year 5. It was a day to celebrate all of the successes throughout the school. Hopefully, I managed to see you at prize giving. If I didn’t, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing how my old class continue to progress in Year 6. They have been worked hard this year and deserve a rest before they start again in September.

Year 6

What a finale to the year! A day out at the beach (plus an ice cream)… a tennis tournament and Nursery Sports afternoon (plus an ice lolly)… a high jump competition and a chess tournament and Sports Day (plus an ice cream)… and a 15km orienteering hike along Devil’s Dyke (not a single Mr Whippy van in sight, sorry children!)…and a memorable, happy-tearful Prizegiving in the church on the last morning of the academic year! Phew! Well done, Year 6 for the many certificates, shields, trophies,
gift tokens and awards that you received. They were thoroughly deserved! And a huge thank you for being such a wonderful group of children to teach in 2021-22. Have the happiest of summer holidays and good luck at Newmarket Academy, Stoke College, King’s Ely, Stephen Perse, The Leys and The Perse!

Informal Tea Time Concert

On Tuesday 5th July, we had our last Informal Tea Time Concert of the summer term. We heard a variety of instrumental pieces and songs ranging from pre Grade 1 to Grade 4. Congratulations to everyone that performed and a special mention should be made to Virginia who performed a beautiful own composition called ‘Seabreeze’ which enchanted everyone with its mysterious and almost meditative character, subtle chord progression and melodic melody. Well done everyone.

Drama 2022/2023

I couldn’t be more thrilled that many of my students who are leaving are continuing with me after Fairstead.
Students have in many cases reached Grade 5 in Acting by the time they leave Primary School and this leaves them with just medal exams to take prior to their A Levels!
Next term 15 students from FHS are taking further exams with a few taking their exams later this month.
So many students continue with me and improve their conversation, their public speaking, their interview technique, their knowledge of playwrights and literature.

I have very few places left for September but if your child may be interested in a 30 minute lesson weekly each Wednesday then please contact me as soon as possible and I shall answer any questions you may have. Children start with me in any year and the youngest are in Reception.

Have a well deserved break over the summer and look forward to seeing your children again in the Autumn.

Jonathan Woolf


Have a wonderful summer!

Michael Radford