Dear Parents,

This week I have been thrilled to see fixtures taking place again, with U11 and U9 matches against South Lee school.  The match results are below, and although the teams didn’t come away with victories, it was wonderful to see children participating in fixtures once more.  There are fixtures next week as well, so please check your emails for the details and return times.

Another exciting part of the week was a visit from Stampy and Nibbles, two lambs.  The Reception children were so excited to meet them and feed them, and the photos are adorable!

At the end of the newsletter you will see some important dates for your diary.  These dates will start to be added to the SchoolBase diary, so please check regularly to view the different events that are taking place.


The life cycle of the frog has been met with lots of enthusiasm in Reception this week. Having some very special classroom visitors has really brought the topic to life and the children have thoroughly enjoyed spending their time beside the tadpole tank and discussing their observations with one another. Finding out and sharing lots of ‘froggy facts’ was great fun and Mrs Sanders was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and beautiful handwriting! In Maths, finding out which shape ‘didn’t belong’ in the group, and explaining why, has been very interesting. We have some very observant children in Reception! Meeting ‘Nibbles’ and ‘Stampy’ during Outdoor Learning and helping to feed them was definitely a highlight this week. Mrs Sanders was very impressed with the children’s calm and sensible behaviour during such an exciting time. Well done, everybody!

Year 1

Year 1’s learning has been focused on lighthouses this week. In English they have been reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Rescue,’ which tells the story of Mr Grinling, a lighthouse keeper who loves his job but is getting old and tired and very, very forgetful!

The children were sad to hear that Mr Grinling had lost his job after forgetting to switch the lighthouse light on. This also meant that he would lose his home too. The children decided to put themselves in his shoes and think about the 5 things they would want to take with them if they had to leave their homes. The children were excellent at showing empathy with the character, and many were able to list in a sentence what they would pack in their suitcase, using commas to separate their choices!

In their ‘Plants’ unit of work in science, Year 1 learned the difference between seeds and bulbs and then planted their own seeds. They can’t wait to watch their sunflowers and broad beans grow!

Year 2

Year 2 have been working very hard on our times tables this week! We have been working with the 2, 5 and 10 tables to draw pictures to match a sum, work out greater and less than, write multiplication ‘stories’ to match the question, and working on missing number problems for example: __ X 5 = 30. We have tried very hard and are really proud of ourselves! Our challenge is to begin applying our understanding to word problems and to recall our facts very quickly. Next week we will learn about division as the inverse of multiplication.
In literacy, we have been learning alternative spellings for the /ee/ sound, working on sentence structure and applying our understanding of adverbs to our writing. We have also been taking an in-depth look at ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which has been reimagined by Emma Chichester Clark. We have been applying our reading comprehension skills to the first couple of chapters, focusing on the vocabulary, the sentence structure and looking for cause and effect.
In science, we have been observing the changes occurring in our four plants. As predicted, the plant that has received no water in a week is not looking well at all! The plant in the cupboard is much taller but not as dark green. The plant in the fridge is looking droopy and not quite as robust. Our control plant, which is receiving water, light and warmth, is looking great! We will make our final observations next week. I wonder what they will look like then?
Our playing card art activity has been an incredible success! We have turned a photo of ourselves into a King or Queen playing card – the results are just fab!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 3

In science this week, we compared and grouped materials according to whether they are magnetic or non magnetic. We used iron filings to reveal the invisible magnetic field and tested objects around the classroom. We observed that although all the magnetic items were metal, not all metals are magnetic. Click here to see a video of us exploring magnetic fields.

In maths this week we interpreted and created various tallies, pictograms and bar charts. The children gathered data and worked hard to create a well presented bar chart.

For our topic this week we created a timeline to show the how the football has changed over the years; we learnt that ‘back in the day’ footballs were made of real leather and nowadays they are made of a synthetic leather. We watched some videos to see how Adidas uses machines to create hundreds of footballs and compared this to a company called ‘Alive and Kicking’ in Africa who hand stitch all their footballs. Next week the children are going to have a go at making their own footballs and test them too!


Year 4

This week, Year 4 began reading their new class reader, ‘The Fastest Boy in the World’ by Elizabeth Laird. Her inspiration for writing the story was from her experience of witnessing the first Ethiopian gold Olympic medallist return home in 1968 and her amazement at the Emperor sending a lion to the airport to greet him!
Chapters one and two are set in a small village in Ethiopia and introduced us to eleven year old Solomon and his family. He dreams of becoming a professional runner, however, he knows that his father will need him to work on their farm.
The themes within the story link closely to Year 4’s learning about the history of world sports and their importance to different people around the world.
In humanities, Year 4 compared the designs and materials of footballs throughout the centuries and then looked at homemade footballs from Mozambique and Benin. Although these footballs are made from tights, cloth strips and carrier bags held together with string, the children discussed the enjoyment they must bring to those that play with them.
Using a range of materials, the class were challenged to make their own footballs, as close as possible to the required ‘FIFA law 2’ circumference size of 68-70cm. Once made, the children took their footballs outside for a bounce test and to assess whether they could be passed in a straight line from player to player. There was a clear winner of the bounce test!
For Year 4, this was very much a fun task, however, they did appreciate how fortunate they are to have access to well made footballs and football pumps. Click here to see them testing their homemade footballs!

Year 5

It may have been a shorter week this time but it does not feel it: we have packed in a lot! The highlight was probably the first fixture that we have been allowed to play in a long time. It was wonderful to see the year 5 girls taking part in their first cricket match and you will be able to see more details and pictures in the match report. In addition, we have finished our book ‘Carrie’s War’. It was almost like saying goodbye to friends, and the children have shown they understood the characters, how they feel and what they think, by writing letters, diary entries and character descriptions. We also discussed whether the author stopped the book at the right point. Most of the class wanted one more conversation between Carrie and Albert. Next week, we will be starting our new book.

We have started our next and final civilisation -The Kingdom of Benin. Some unusual words have already arisen but we will be using them as we study the topic. As well as the Kingdom of Benin, we will also be looking at the geography and history of Africa in a wider context. Our study of civilisations has highlighted the importance that trade plays in civilisations and we have continued to look at how different items are traded around the world from gold through to coffee, and even insect resin (we still are not sure what it is used for – send us your answers on a postcard?). Of course, I have not even mentioned ‘Joseph’ but I will leave that to your children to tell you the latest.

Year 6

Year 6 have been finding out what life was like for teenagers in the 1950’s, especially when it came to fashion and music. The arrival of juke boxes in coffee shops and teddy boys on street corners were outward signs of younger people’s desire to have a more exciting and colourful life than their war-weary, ration-conscious parents…even with the ‘Suez Crisis’ and ‘National Service’ on their horizon. Mr Peace brought in his retro record player and Year 6 took it in turns to become DJ’s, taking 45rpm records out of their sleeves, placing the ‘A side’ face up on the turntable and ensuring that the needle was positioned correctly on the disc of their choice. A special thank you to Finlay who brought in some LP’s from home, including ABBA’s ‘Arrival’! Mr Peace was impressed with the children’s knowledge of hits such as ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong, ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen and ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by The Buggles! Lots of fun was had, with some of the children even saying ‘Move over, Spotify! Vinyl’s back!’


U11 Girls

On Wednesday the U11 Girls team played a paired cricket match against South Lee.  It was a very cold day, with hail at times, but the girls batted and bowled very well.  They managed to score some runs, but South Lee had a few strong batters who managed to win them the game.

U9 Girls and U9 Boys

On Friday, both the boys and girls played cricket at South Lee.  The paired games were great fun, with every child batting and bowling.  It was a close match at times, but South Lee managed to score more runs with some excellent batting.

Virtual Disco

The PA have arranged for a virtual disco to take place on Friday 28th May at 6.30pm – details will follow so save the date!

Music Department Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 29th June 2:30pm – 3:30pm ‘Alice in Wonderland’  – All pupils from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are taking part in a performance of songs and musical dance. Venue: Palace House garden, National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket.

Thursday 1st July 6-7pm ‘Joseph and the Technicoloured Dreamcoat’ – All pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 are taking part. Venue: Rothschild Yard, National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket.

More details to follow!


This week we wished a Happy Birthday to Gabriella and Toby.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Michael Radford