Dear Parents,

I hope that you have enjoyed a productive week with your children whilst they access ‘Fairstead From Home’ learning.  In school, we were all disappointed that our planned ‘Street Party’ to commemorate V.E. Day did not take place today but I am sure that many of you will be having ‘socially distanced’ celebrations in your gardens tomorrow.  Certainly, when Mr Radford and I were delivering Reception’s learning packs today, we saw many Union Jack flags and bunting!  We would be thrilled to see any photographs of your family celebrations of this significant occasion.

As you can see below, the small number of children who are in School or Nursery at the moment made commemorative V.E. Day pictures using paint dabblers.  The children chose blue, red and white colours to go with the white paper to represent the Union Jack flag. Once the paint was dry, the children added a silhouette of a soldier.



It has been another wonderful week in Reception where the children have enjoyed visiting ‘The Pond’ and meeting Mrs Sanders’ tadpoles! They have also enjoyed seeing photos of Forest School, as there are some new visitors to the pond there, too!

The children have enjoyed designing their own ponds and had lots of fun moving as different pond creatures. They have explored the life cycle of the frog and recorded their own excellent froggy facts!

In Maths, the children have taken on the motto, ‘sharing is caring’ and solved some very tricky division problems at the sweet shop. Mrs Brown was very grateful for their help!

It is wonderful to hear how so many of the children continue to be excellent ‘Busy Bees’ at home and help their families.  Well done to you all!





Year 1

Year 1 have been creating some beautiful garden art, related to their topic on animals.


Year 2

Year 2 have had a lovely week learning all about Australian animals. They have been busy learning about the characteristics of all living things, including humans, and have classified animals into their animal groups. The children also chose an Australian animal to write a fact file about! In Art, the children have been learning about Aboriginal art and have been busy creating their own designs.


Year 3

In Year 3 this term, we are learning about Japan in our topic work. On Tuesday, the Japanese people celebrated Children’s Day, which they do every year on 5th May. It was originally called ‘Boys Day’ but thankfully this was changed to ‘Children’s Day’ in 1948 to include girls as well! The children have learned about some of the ways in which this holiday is celebrated in Japan, including hanging carp kite decorations up outside buildings. Harry shared a lovely traditional Japanese story with the class, ‘Peach Boy’, which we thoroughly enjoyed listening to.
In our topic lessons, we have also been learning about earthquakes and how Japan is particularly susceptible to these because of its location.

We have been thinking about how the Japanese can make their surroundings safer in the event of an earthquake. Alexander even decided to make his bedroom earthquake proof, just in case…!

We have been learning about plants this term in Science. We have been finding out about what the different parts of a plant do. Charlotte shared a photo with us of her water and mineral transportation experiment in which she used food colouring to highlight the system of vessels that carry important substances around a plant. The children have also completed some fantastic observational drawings of plants they have found. This week they have set up their own experiments in order to find out what the plants that they have grown need to thrive.


Year 4

In Science this week, Year 4 have used photos of a variety of animals and plants to create food chains. They have then demonstrated their understanding of each link of the food chain, by labelling the photos using scientific vocabulary such as: producer, primary consumer, prey, predator, top predator, herbivore, omnivore and carnivore.

George’s Food Chain is clearly labelled with arrows showing the direction of energy flow.


Year 5

Year 5 have been continuing their studies, albeit remotely. I have seen some wonderful examples of work from videos through to comic strips of Greek stories. The children have quickly adjusted to Google Classroom and there is a group who regularly turn up to meet on Zoom.  Hopefully, you will all join in next week! Today we finished our book ‘Skellig’ and we will use it in our English lessons next week. A new book will be started on next week. – I will unveil the title on Monday. I hope that the children have a relaxing weekend. If they need inspiration for the weekend, there are some wonderful art ideas on DB Primary from Mrs. Newman.


Year 6

Year 6 have been working hard with their on line learning this week. They have been studying negative numbers and long multiplication in Maths, Justice and Freedom in R.E and Healthy Living in Science. Their topic is the Blue Planet and this week they have been investigating how plastic is polluting our oceans. They did some beautiful creative writing in English this week describing a coastal scene and I was very proud of them all with the hard work they put into this. Here are some extracts:

‘The waves rolled towards the shore, the jagged rocks protected the beach like spears. Thousands of fish moved silently through the night water, propelled by sweeps of their tails.’
by James

‘The water sang a lullaby, lolloping gently onto the sand.
Sea foam bubbled on the beach as the lighthouse waited patiently for the night to begin.’
by Eleanor

‘The night-time stars winked at me….The smooth sand slipped through my fingers like an eel with butter all over it. Winding ivy coiled its way up the slick cliff.’
by Ava

It was lovely to see Richard and James enjoying their daily exercise!

Wellbeing Cafe

Mrs Karen Varma, who runs our popular online ‘Wellbeing Cafe’, is always delighted to receive photographs from the children of their adventures whilst in lockdown.  George has relished participating in the Home Pentathlon Challenge, whilst Harry is very proud of his chocolate mug cake.  Joseph looks equally thrilled with his gluten-free chocolate cake!


With my best wishes for a lovely Bank Holiday weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton