Fairstead House

An independent day school and nursery for boys and girls
from three months to eleven years

Dear Parents,

I hope that you and your children had a most enjoyable half-term holiday.  It was lovely to welcome the children back, refreshed and ready for the adventures which lie ahead this term.  Years 1 and 2 were very excited this morning as they set off for one of their adventures; their trip on a steam train from Holt via Weybourne to Sheringham.  Over the course of the journey, the children experienced seaside holidays in Edwardian times, the 1930s and the 1950s.




This week in Reception, some new visitors have arrived to join the tadpoles.
The children have been very excited to welcome some Painted Lady caterpillars into the classroom and have loved finding out all about how to look after them. The children have also been super excited to watch the outdoor learning area undergo an amazing transformation!
The caterpillars and butterflies have been at the heart of all learning in Reception this week, and the children have produced some super writing all about the life cycle of the butterfly. They have also been keen explorers and have spent time investigating reflective symmetry using mirrors. The children then decided they would like to explore symmetrical patterns further and did a super job of creating their own butterflies! Please do come and see them on display.


Year 1

This week, Year 1 enjoyed showing each other their seascapes. A lot of effort had gone into their work and the children loved telling each other how they created them.

It appears that we have quite a few budding scientists in Year 1 as the children were researching whether different materials were waterproof or not. They also enjoyed the debating and estimating what would happen in the experiments.


Year 2

This week, Year 2 have been exploring a range of information leaflets in English. They worked with a partner to discover the common features of the leaflets, including a colourful layout, the fonts used, information written in paragraphs, opening times and a map. The children are looking forward to writing their own information leaflet about Great Yarmouth’s attractions, next week!


Year 3

Year 3 have continued with their learning by heart and performing this week. Toby has been so enthused by his reading recently and his study of non-fiction texts that he has started to write his own encyclopaedia of British animals. He read from his writing this week. George chose to write a quiz to test his class with, as he enjoyed his book Technology In The Battle Of Britain so much. Year 3 also enjoyed a culturally diverse selection of traditional stories orally retold from memory, with Hugo and Luca retelling Greek Myths, Gabriella and Giselle African fables, Julian and Annabelle Russian folktales and Isabella explaining how Chinese New Year began. Julian, Ella, Sophie, Prince, Michaela and Harley all learnt poems by heart to perform and Ashera tested us all with her knowledge of Astronomy.


Year 4

In Art this week, Year 4 have been working hard to complete their horse inspired boot designs. They are developing their controlled mixing skills, brush control and using other materials to create these wonderful works of art. We will keep you informed as to when Luana’s and Matilda’s designs will be displayed in town. Look out for the others displayed around school!



Year 5

Year 5 have come back this half term with enthusiasm! At the start of the week, the children competed against each other in a ‘slam poetry’ competition. Slam poetry is a form of ‘performance poetry’ in which contestants compete against each other, reciting their own work. In slam poetry, the poems have a ‘voice’ and offer a point of view or comment on a given subject. The children were tasked to write a poem about what they wanted to do in the future. The results were truly engaging and inspirational. As a result, the class enjoyed sharing their poems to the whole school in our ‘celebration assembly’




Year 6

Year 6 had two very important and informative visits from important members of the community. On Wednesday, Suffolk Fire Service came to talk about fire safety. The children were especially interested in the fire engine and all its gadgets. The opportunity to sit in the fire engine, and see inside, was the highlight at the end of the visit.
On Thursday, PCSO Grant Skeggs came to talk to the children about online safety and legal ages of responsibility – for example, buying alcohol. They were especially surprised to learn that the age of criminal responsibility is 10. He had trouble leaving them, because the children had so many intelligent and thoughtful questions to ask! Thank you to both services for the wonderful visits.


Match Reports

U11 Girls Cricket v Moreton Hall School

“On Wednesday 5th June, the U11 girls played a cricket match against  Moreton Hall.

We batted first.  Cecilia and Abisha were amazing at getting quick runs.  Lyla and Georgia communicated superbly and Molly and Zara were fast at running.  Then it was mine and Lara’s turn.  Lara hit a ‘4’ and we also scored quite a few short runs.  Ella and Ava hit some strong balls.

Next it was out turn to field.  We improved a lot throughout the match and Ella and Ava stopped a lot of ‘4’s.  By the end of the first innings, the score was 289-225 run to Moreton Hall.

In the second innings of batting, everyone was taking lots of risks and unfortunately we lost quite a few runs.  Ella, Ava and I all scored ‘4s’.

Finally, we fielded; our fielding improved enormously.  Molly, Zara, Lyla and Georgia all bowled brilliantly.  Lara and Abisha were excellent wicket keepers and Ava and I each caught someone out.  Ella was great by the boundaries at stopping the ball.

The final score for the second innings was 233-222 runs to Moreton Hall.  I was Player of the Match.  Well done, team and better luck next time!”

Lucy T., Captain

U11 Boys Cricket v Moreton Hall School

“This was the boy’ first ’20 over’ match and they decided to field first.  Moreton Hall  had two extremely strong opening batsmen, who managed to score 70 runs in the first five overs.  Once they retired, the fielding team managed to take a few wickets and slow the run rate.  

We batted well and defended our wicket,  but we did not make the most of running opportunities.  Our score improved but unfortunately it was not enough to beat Moreton Hall’s total.

Bad luck, boys, and better luck next time!”

Michael Radford, Deputy Head

House Assemblies

This week, we had our final House assembly. The House Captains were tasked to lead the session with the focus on a ‘celebration’ of the year. The House Captains were given a brief to design an activity to discuss and celebrate the achievements we have had throughout the year.
Sam B., the Buckenham House Captain, showed his entrepreneurial skills, deciding to create an award ceremony for members of the House to celebrate their contributions. He was extremely proud of his role as House Captain and his heartfelt comments have been inspiring to other members to aspire to lead the House in the future.

The Parents’ Association Summer Ball

I am sure that everyone who attended this event will thoroughly agree with me that it was a great success and a most enjoyable evening.  Our huge thank to the Parents’ Association and, in particular, Sarah Headland, Claire Thomas and Chris Heslop for all their hard work both before and on the night.  Apart form being a fabulous evening, the grand total of £1,830 was raised for the Parents’ Association funds.

Informal Tea-time Concert

I have just returned from tonight’s delightful Informal Tea-time Concert.  It was lovely to see so many of you in attendance!  The children really appreciate having an audience.  Two further Tea-time Concerts will take place on 14th and 21st June.

School Photographs

The whole school photograph took place on Tuesday morning and we were blessed with ideal weather for the occasion.  In addition, each class had a group photograph taken with their class teacher.  I look forward to letting you know when these will be available for viewing.

Last Year’s End of Term Prizewinners

Just a reminder, please may you return all trophies and cups won last year, cleaned and engraved if necessary, to the School Office as soon as possible.  We will require them to hand out at this year’s Speeches and Prizegiving which takes place on Friday 5th July at St Mary’s Church.

Kindness Cup

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Lola in Reception and Finlay in Year 4.


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Hugo, Catherine and Armand in the Nursery and Ava in Year 1.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton