Dear Parents,

One highlight of week was undoubtedly my visit to Burwell House, where Years 3 and 4 were enjoying their two night residential trip.  I joined the children for lunch on Thursday and it was a delight to hear all about their adventures and the activities that they had undertaken.  The children particularly enjoyed the responsibility of taking turns in serving lunch, clearing up and laying the table for the next meal.  I think they were amused by the experience of serving me my lunch! All the outdoor activities had certainly given the children a very hearty appetite; I have never seen them eat so much!  The children experienced challenges and exciting activities such as map reading and trails, orienteering and team building events culminating in ‘The Great Egg Escape’!

The children participated in arts and craft activities such as batik, enamelling, corn dolly making and natural sculptures.  The most challenging and confidence building of all, however, was actually staying away from home and being independent.  The overall verdict of the children was “exciting, adventurous and fun”!

Another high point was my visit to Reception this afternoon and hearing their rendition of ‘The Power of Me’.  They knew the song perfectly and their actions were a joy to watch.  Do ask them to perform it to you!

P1110253 DSC00102



DSC00090 DSC00111


DSC00110 DSC00115


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This week, we have enjoyed taking on different roles in our very own hospital.     We had an extra special treat today, as we had a visit from a real Doctor! We were able to ask her questions to find out all about her role. It was lots of fun and very interesting.
Cheeky Chick has been extremely cheeky this week in Reception; he has been gobbling up words in Phonics and flying into different positions in Maths. We have loved working with him.
Well done to Bob for achieving our first silver Mathletics certificate in Reception this week; keep up the fabulous learning everyone!
‘Show and Tell’ will begin from this Monday, and children will be able to bring in one item per week to share with their friends. Please note that this item should not be a toy!  We will keep the items in our special ‘Show and Tell’ box, and we will send them home as soon as they have been shared.
A gentle reminder: please could all consent forms for visiting our Forest School be returned to school by the end of next week?  Thank you very much.

Doctor 1 doctor 2

Doctor 3 Doctor 4

Chick 1 Chick 2

Year 1

This week, Year 1 visited Ely Museum where they had a great time exploring the different toys from the past and making comparisons to those today.  They were also able to comment on the different materials used in toys of the past. It was commented on by the staff there that the children are a credit to our school and I was very proud of their behaviour and their participation.
In Maths this week, we have been looking at adding in 10s up to 100 and, with regards to centuries in history, were able to order 1940 -1990.
In Science, we tested a range of different materials to discover whether or not they would prove waterproof.  The children made some good predictions but were surprised by some of the results!

ely museum 021 ely museum 014


ely museum 019


Year 2

This week, Year 2 have been working hard to develop their cursive handwriting.  In English, the children have continued their studies of Mr Grinling, ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’ and have used ‘Kung Fu Punctuation’ to help act out the capital letters and full stops.  Do ask your children to demonstrate this to you; it is such fun!

In Maths, the children have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes, identifying ‘spooky sides’ and ‘villainous vertices’.  They have used these properties to sort of the 2D shapes into Venn and Carroll Diagrams.

IMG_3533 IMG_3532

Years 5 and 6

In PSHEE this week, Years 5 and 6 combined to continue the ‘Me, Myself and Relationships’ topic.  The children were asked to think about the variety of emotions we may feel. The children enjoyed discussing and sharing their opinions with each other; identifying that a huge range of emotions may be felt in one day.  Showing empathy for people in new situations was a key focus.

PSHEE Feelings in new situations 010 PSHEE Feelings in new situations 011

PSHEE Feelings in new situations 013


Year 6 have been studying the textures in the rainforest and using mixed media to represent feathery, furry and shiny textures.

This week, they have started drawing their chosen creatures from different levels of magnification.

P1110254  P1110255


Sports Matches

The U9 Boys played hockey away at Old Buckenham Hall.  There was much improvement from their previous fixture and the team played with enthusiasm and excitement, passing the ball confidently and applying their new found skills.  Unfortunately, the opposition proved too strong but it provided the boys with more experience and boosted their confidence. They are looking forward to their next match.  Well done, boys.

image1 (003)

Michael Radford, Deputy Head

“On Tuesday 5th October, the U9 girls played Netball at Old Buckenham Hall. It was a thrilling game with a lot of goals scored from both teams. We had definitely improved a lot from our last game and though out the game. We all worked hard to defend and mark our players and our shooting was very impressive. The final score was 11-7 to us. Player of the Match, chosen by Old Buckenham Hall, was me and the most improved player was Izzy M for her incredible marking and intercepting in defence.”

Ella S., Year 4

Well done, girls and thank you once again to our enthusiastic parents who come along to support every week.  Your support makes such a difference!



Informal Tea-time Concert

In our first Informal Tea Time Concert this term, we enjoyed listening to various pianists and a violinist perform to an appreciative audience. Special mention must be made to our young banjo player, Finlay C. Well done to everyone who performed. Our next Informal Tea Time Concert is next week on Tuesday 10th October at 4:10pm. Tea, coffee and cakes will be served from 4pm in the Performing Arts Foyer and family and friends are very welcome.


Technology Club

Over the last two weeks at Technology Club, we’ve been exploring a number of different technologies. The favourite seems to be Virtual Reality – the children have been using an Oculus Rift to explore Bear Island, Disneyland, the Wonders of the World and even flying an X-Wing! Other technologies have included augmented reality such as Google Glass and using it to take photographs of the club. We have used devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo to let us explore Voice Search.  Now, we are looking at using the Internet of Things (IoT) to build our own robot and we are hoping to be able to let it explore the classroom soon. If you’d like to join us in exploring this technology or have any questions then please do feel free to contact me.

Mr Matt Stannard, Technology Club Leader, 4PS Marketing

Please note that there will be no Technology Club on Thursday 19th October.



Harry Potter Warner Studios Visit

As our guided-reading class book for this Michaelmas term, Year 5 and 6 are reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. Year 5 and 6 have been offered the opportunity to study story structure and techniques to enrich, improve and encourage writing in a lesson taught by a qualified teacher in the inspiring environment of the Harry Potter film sets. Afterwards, we will have a tour of the Studio. The children will need to wear school uniform with blazers and we will take coats with us. We will be leaving school at 08.40 promptly. We will be back before the end of the school day. Please could you provide your child with their school water bottle? We will take these with us and have our morning snack when we arrive, before we are taught our Literacy lesson. School will be providing packed lunches. There is no need for spending money or electronic devices.

Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Celebration will take place on Wednesday 18th October at 9.00am in the Performing Arts Centre.  Coffee and refreshments will be served in the foyer of the PA from 8.45am.  All children from Ponies upwards will be taking part.  A gift of a non-perishable item such pasta, tinned food, dried fruit, etc, would be gratefully appreciated and will be donated to Newmarket’s Open Door charity.

Cupcake Sale – Years 3 & 4

There will be a Cupcake Sale on this Friday, hosted by Years 3 and 4.  Please do bring your change!

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton