Dear Parents,

It’s been another action-packed week at Fairstead House, with Years 3, 4, and 6 having been out on trips to Hunstanton and the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Next week is yet another busy week, with Year 5 and 6 taking part in Bikeability training on Monday and Tuesday, and Key Stage 2 having a theatre trip to London on Wednesday! On Friday 13th we will celebrate art of various forms with a whole school ‘Art Day’. Thank you in advance to the FHPA for organising and arranging tomorrow’s Summer Ball; we are all very excited and it promises to be an enjoyable evening!


This week’s Nursery update comes from Ponies 2, where there is a flurry of new life growing as we learn about lifecycles. We have been watching our live tadpoles for four weeks and we’re excited that this week many of them have grown their back legs. We also have been watching a Mummy Blue Tit building a nest and lay some eggs, through our bird box camera, which is located next to our classroom window. So far there are six eggs, we cannot wait for them to hatch. Finally, today our live caterpillars arrived and we cannot believe how tiny they are. So hopefully in a few weeks time we will have frogs, birds and butterflies in the classroom.

Continuing on from our Healthy Me week, Ponies 2 have been practising brushing their teeth, using our larger than life models. The children have realised that they have to take their time to make sure that they clean the whole tooth using circular motions to remove food and plaque.

Nursery and Reception

The children in Ponies 2 and Reception were very excited to learn that their fitness sessions are going to continue from ‘Healthy Me’ week until the end of the summer term. This week, they enjoyed two additional fitness sessions with Mrs Toynbee and Mr Salt, and are already looking forward to more fun next week!


There was more excitement when the children discovered the title of their new topic, ‘Ticket to Ride’ and there have been some super suggestions about where they might be travelling to over the coming weeks! There have also been many conversations this week about places which are special to the class. We spoke about how special Fairstead House School is and why Newmarket, and the forest are also special places to visit. Being joined by Zakariyya’s mummy to celebrate Eid and learn all about Ramadan was a wonderful addition to this week’s learning. Thank you so much for coming to visit us and also for the delicious dates and rice pudding!

Year 1

We began our ‘Multiplication and Division’ unit this week. We started by counting groups of ten before moving on to use our problem solving and reasoning skills to solve problems within the 10 x table. Next, we learned to recognise equal and unequal groups and then had a go at making our own equal groups using concrete apparatus. Finally, we added the equal groups together to find the total; this is called repeated addition.

In science, we have been continuing to make observations of Fairstead’s oak tree. We learned all about the signs of spring and then used our viewfinders to look carefully at the oak tree to see how it has changed since winter. It was lovely to see the tree ‘coming back to life’ and its bright green leaves emerging. We also saw some catkins hanging down!

Year 2

Year 2 have been working hard on our Great Fire of London topic. We have been reading excerpts of Samuel Pepys diary and learning about how diaries can also be historical records. We have been reordering a cut up diary passage, identifying features of diaries and learning about the importance of personal pronouns. In our maths lessons we have been exploring the properties of 2D shapes- ask your learner about some of the amazing vocabulary we have been learning! Today, we sorted shapes into a Carroll Diagram by symmetry and colour properties. Very tricky indeed! We have completed work on our mosque stained glass pictures and they have worked out beautifully. As promised, please see the photos below for our Tudor house art.

Years 3 and 4

Years 3 and 4 have had the most exciting week with a trip to Hunstanton to kickstart our new topic, ‘Captivating Coastlines’. We started the day by exploring Hunstanton Lighthouse. Looking at the coastline from above, we estimated the distance from the cliff edge to the lighthouse and looked at similarities and differences between photos of the lighthouse in 1891 and 1901. Walking along the beach at ‘Old Hunstanton’, we thought about how the sand dunes were formed and looked for evidence of landfall along the coastline. Looking more closely at the cliffs, we examined the different layers of rock and thought about how they were made. A short bus ride later took us to ‘New Hunstanton’. Here, we looked at the different sea defences including the sea wall, the groynes and the promenade itself. After a packed lunch on the sea front, we were very excited to visit the Sea Life Centre. We started our time at the Sea Life Centre with a special workshop and a closer look at the rock pools. Following a trail around the centre, we had questions to answer and facts to find out along the way. There were lots of favourite sections including the penguins, seals, sharks, turtles and anemones. We felt a sense of awe and wonder in the tunnel where we were surrounded by the underwater world. We will use these experiences to write poetry later in the term. What a day to remember and a fantastic way to launch our new topic!

Years 5 and 6

Year 5 have continued to study percentages and have linked them to decimals and percentages. It was great to see the link click with the children on Thursday and we have continued to develop their skills on Friday and we will continue next week. This week was a different week as we had Years 5 and 6 together on both Wednesday and Thursday. One the Wednesday, we looked at the Mappa Mundi and used it to find ideas that we could research. They used that research to create a non-chronological report and composed it on Publisher. This was a great way for them to demonstrate and develop their research and presentation skills as well as learn new ideas and facts, whether it was what people thought about elephants, through to the Jason and the Argonauts search for the golden fleece. This will also have helped them prepare for the delivery of their research about the Mappa Mundi on Friday. They have also continued their rehearsals and I am sure they are telling you all about it!

If you have not already returned your Residential medical form, can I please ask that this is returned as soon as possible, and Year 5, hopefully you have now received an email telling you about two exciting future trips revolving around horse racing.

Year 6 Art Trip

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their art visit to the Hockney’s Eye exhibit at the Fitzwilliam Museum today. They viewed a range of his artworks in a variety of styles and mediums. They were particularly interested in his larger pieces painted over several canvases and were impressed by the layering and simple mark making in his iPad art. Everyone found inspiration in Hockney’s work and are looking forward to bringing this inspiration to their art lessons this term. As always, Year 6 were a credit to Fairstead House, thank you. Mrs Newman

U9 Cricket v Riddlesworth Hall

A select group of Year 3 and 4 pupils went to Riddlesworth in the wonderful sunshine this afternoon to take on their cricket team. Each team had an innings which allowed the pupils to show off their skills at fielding, bowling and batting. It was great to see the wonderful spirit they showed and the support they gave each other. Some powerful strokes were played allowing us to gain several 4s as well as snatch a few quick 1s due to the pupils’ confidence and communication. At the end of the match, our team walked away victorious. However, even more importantly, they could leave knowing they had done their best and worked as a team.

Years 3-6 Matilda Theatre Trip – Wednesday 11th May

The children in Years 3 – 6 are all looking forward to the theatre trip to see Matilda at the Cambridge Theatre in London on Wednesday 11th May.

We will be leaving School, by coach, at 1130 and will return by approximately 1900, traffic permitting. We will keep parents updated via WhatsApp on our journey home.

The children will need a home packed lunch and tea with drinks (enough to last the day) and also a snack which will all be eaten on the coach. No nuts, chocolate, glass bottles or fizzy drinks please.

Children are permitted to bring a portable device, or another form of entertainment (e.g. book, notebook, top trump cards or magazine) for the coach journey but this will be your child’s responsibility.

As a treat, School will provide a drink and a small packet of Haribo for the interval.

School Council – Sunflower competition

During this morning’s celebration assembly, School Council announced that there will be a class sunflower competition. Each School class, and Ponies 2, have planted two sunflower seeds and they now have the responsibility to nurture the seeds in the hope of producing the tallest sunflower! Thank you to Evie, Sophia and Yuru for designing the lovely sunflower posters.
Mrs Varma

Have a lovely weekend,

Michael Radford