Dear Parents

This has been a quick but busy week, ending in glorious sunny weather.  The whole school celebrated Ascension Day yesterday with a very apt and insightful address from the Rev. John Hardy.  We have an exciting week ahead; our Years 5 and 6 are off on a residential trip to Hilltop, Norfolk, where they will have many adventures and challenges.  Hopefully the lovely weather will hold for them!


The children this week have been busy continuing with the Nursery’s Rainforest topic.  They have been making and playing with a ‘Rainforest’ made from an old Wellington boot box!  The children have also been playing in their water lagoon.

The children have enjoyed planting cress and red cabbage seeds.  They watered their seeds and are looking forward to watching their plants grow!

1-rainforest 007 1-rainforest 056

1-rainforest 062




In class this week, the children have been making collage pictures of a Rainforest. They have been thinking about the different textures and colours of the plants and leaves as well as the different kinds of animals that live in the Rainforest.
In Forest School, the children have been doing more bark rubbings to use in our Rainforest collages as well as some den building.  The children also experimented with making tree sculptures. They carefully moulded some clay onto the trunk of a tree and then decorated it to make a face or an animal. They are wondering if they will survive until next week!





Year 1

This week the children have continued with this term’s biology topic of planting and growing and each child has planted their own sunflower.  To support this work, the children made zig zag books giving instructions on how to plant seeds and what they need in order to grow.

It has been wonderful for the children to see that their coriander and chives, which were planted in the first week of term, have now grown!

The children have also been looking at the story book  ‘Jemmy Button’ this week, which is about a little boy from the rainforest.  The children divided into groups and arranged the pictures from the story into order, which led into disucssing time connectives and how to use them in their written work.

1-planting sunflower seeds & ordering JemmButton 024 1-planting sunflower seeds & ordering JemmButton 008

1-making zigzag books on how to grow a plant 027



Year 2

Year 2 have continued their investigation of The Mystery of Easter Island by studying the Easter Island Rapa Nui writing system of Rongorongo. Unfortunately, Year 2 have discovered that there is no one left who knows how to read this hieroglyphic script, which is written on wooden tablets. Fewer than 30 examples of Rongorongo survive today but Year 2 have used their Printing skills to design and make their own Rongorongo stamps, influenced by the style of the surviving signs and based on the religion, animals and plants of indigenous Rapa Nui. Here, Molly has made a sea turtle stamp and Cecilia a dolphin.  Tristan is working on his crayfish and Zara has nearly finished her centipede.

1-Molly rongorongo glue 0011-Rongorongo stamp making 010

1-Rongorongo stamp making 006-001 1-Rongorongo stamp making 011


Year 3

As part of their Rainforest topic Year 3 are looking at how plants grow. The children have discussed what plants need to grow and how the different parts of the plant work.  This week, they have been investigating how water moves around the plant and, using celery, kitchen roll and coloured water, have demonstrated how water travels up the capillaries (‘tubes’) inside the stems and that it travels up to the leaves.

The children have also planted their own sunflower seeds. We will watch them grow in school. Once they are big enough the children can take them home to plant out. Maybe we can find out whose flower grew tallest over the summer when they return in the Autumn!

1-Year 31-Year 3 2




Year 4

Year 4 have enjoyed designing and making carnival masks in Art and D.T. This is part of their cross curricular studies on Brazil and Rio De Janeiro.

1-100_1973 1-100_1993




Years 5 and 6

Years 5 and 6 have concluded their ‘Coastal’ topic in Geography this week by using their knowledge of sea defences to create their own coastal defence. Their mission was to protect a sand bank using a variety of materials, all of which had a cost to install. High tide saw a number of designs tested and destroyed!
As part of their English studies, Year 5 has explored narrative writing using the acronym STEAL (Speech, Thoughts, Effect on others, Actions and Looks) to create detailed character descriptions. The children enjoyed both independent and group work to improve their own writing techniques.

1-P1080801  1-P1080809






U11 Girls’ Rounders v St Mary’s School, Cambridge (Away)

On Wednesday, the U11 girls travelled to Cambridge for a Rounders match against St Mary’s and we were blessed with a lovely sunny afternoon. Fairstead started fielding first and had a great start by limiting St Mary’s to the occasional half rounder. Emma-Louise did a good job whilst bowling for the first time this term. Phoebe C took two great catches and Adele and Charlotte worked well fielding and backing up second post. St Mary’s finished their first innings with 4 rounders. We went in to bat and had a slow start but eventually picked up. We were lucky to be given several half rounders for no balls. Lily did well batting and scored a half rounder each time. We finished with 8 rounders in the first innings. In the second innings, St Mary’s picked up their batting but our fielding was still solid enough to prevent several rounders. Phoebe C again took a good catch. Phoebe M did well backing up third post. St Mary’s scored 5 and a half rounders in their second innings. When we went into bat for our final innings the girls seemed to find their second wind!  Phoebe C scored 4 fantastic rounders and Charlotte improved her batting. St Mary’s fielded better this innings and capitalised on our poor running between posts by stumping 5 of our players out. We finished our final innings with 7½ rounders. Fairstead scored 15½ rounders and St Mary’s scored 9½ rounders. Well done to all Fairstead players – a great improvement in fielding!

Shahn Woodyatt


Next week’s fixture will be U9 Rounders v Friends’ School at Home. The match will be played at the former St Felix Middle School grounds.


Years 1 & 2 Swimming

Please could you bring your child, their swimming bag and book bag directly to Newmarket Leisure Centre on the morning of Thursday 12th May for their swimming lesson, rather than to school. The minibuses are at Hilltop for Years 5 & 6’s residential trip, so we will enjoy a walk back to school after swimming.  Thank you.

Children’s Sun Protection

As the warm weather is now upon us, please may I remind you to make sure you send your children in to school with their sun hats and with sun cream already applied.

Free Night at the National Horseracing Museum

The National Horseracing Museum in Newmarket are hosting a free ‘Night at the Museum’ on  Wednesday 11th May from 17.00 – 20.00 (last admission 19.30).

There will be a chance to explore the collections, take part in children’s activities and learn about what will be available at the new National Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art. The café will also be open in the evening for delicious food.

Please click here for further details: Night at the Museum

Wildawood Holiday Club

Wildawood Forest School Holiday Club is now taking bookings for the May Half-Term.  Children can take part in a range of adventurous outdoor activities, including den building, woodland craft and much more!  Please click the link below for further details.

Wildawood Holiday Club

Cup-Cake Sale and ‘Rio’ Film Night

Next Friday (13th May), Years 1 and 2 will be hosting a cup-cake sale after school.  You can also purchase tickets for the PA’s Rio Film Night.  Tickets cost £5 per child and include popcorn and a drink.

The PA’s Fairstead House Ball

A gentle reminder to make sure that you have purchased your tickets for this event!  It promises to be a wonderful evening and we have had some amazing lots donated for the auction.  Please click here for ticket details: Parents Ball 2016

Hilltop Residential Trip

This week Years 5 and 6 are on a residential trip to Hilltop, on the North Norfolk Coast.  Please drop your children at school on Tuesday at the usual time.  They will need to have all their belongings packed, together a packed lunch for that day.  The children will not be leaving the school until 9.30am so could we please request that parents say their goodbyes upon drop-off.

Details of how to access the daily blog will be e-mailed to parents on Monday.

We expect to return at approximately 3.00pm on Friday and you may collect your children upon their arrival at school.


Birthday Cake

This week we wish a happy birthday to Yuxi and Ryan, both in Year 4.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton