Dear Parents

Although some parts of the country may not be so lucky, we have been blessed with delightful weather to end the week and, as I write, I can see and hear the children enjoying the Spring sunshine.

Reception children were also lucky yesterday for their Forest School adventure. Their focus was on making houses for the three bears so that they could hide from Goldilocks! Much fun was had building houses of all shapes and sizes from natural materials. The children got so warm they then had to make a hat and scarf stand! As you can see, the (very generous!) puddle suits are a real hit! The children are already looking forward to next week’s adventure…





Nursery were delighted to welcome Emily and Erin back from Dubai this week and there was much talk about the temperature difference!

This week, Nursery children have been using their iPads to reinforce their phonic knowledge.  The children have also been making Mothering Sunday cards, which we are sure you will enjoy opening on Sunday!

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This week in Reception the children have been drawing and counting coins. They have been working out all the different coins that  could be used to make 10p, 50p and £1. Do ask your children how much change they think you should get next time you go shopping!


Year 1

This week the children‘s learning was focusing on Africa and their topic book has been Elmer and other related stories.  The children have drawn animals from Africa, and made friends for Elmer using paper plates and Elmer models using milk cartons.  Through this work, they discussed how Elmer was different from the other elephants and they celebrated their own similarities and differences.

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Year 1 are looking forward to visiting St. Agnes’ Church next week, bringing their learning in R.E. to life.

Year 2

Having talked with their friends on how to improve their writing, Year 2 have enjoyed using their teacher’s permanent ‘Sharpie markers’. They assessed their photocopied drafts using a personal success criteria created from their Literacy targets. Year 2 then added more exciting and accurate punctuation, descriptive words, direct speech, connectives to lengthen and join sentences and story language in a bright Sharpie colour. The end results are on display in the classroom and I recommend you read them!

1-1-Improving Beowulf Writing 0011-3-Improving Beowulf Writing 019


Year 3

As part of their Forces topic, the children devised their own investigation into friction, working out how to run a fair test to see what sort of surface had the most friction. They decided that pushing an object along a surface wouldn’t be fair, as some pushes were harder than others, so if the surface was a slope gravity could be used to get the item moving. They reasoned that there would be a greater friction the rougher the surface was.  Each decided which surface they thought would answer the question. They  tested each surface three times and put their results into a table using computer software.

Year 3 Newsletter

Year 4

Year 4 have been sewing in DT lessons this term. They had to put together a simple creature and design his/her body pattern, for their focused practical task. Now they are in the process of drawing their own patterns, designing their own creatures and sewing them together.



Year 5

Year 5 have been finding out more about gravity. They enjoyed walking on the Moon, Jupiter and Pluto discovering that each planet has a different gravitational pull. The children went on to use Newton Meters to measure the mass of a number of objects, recognising that ‘mass’ is a force, measured in Newtons.




Year 6

As a continuation of our DT work with wood, the challenge was to use lollipop sticks to make a useful holder.  Most children opted for a pen/pencil pot.  The designs create some wonderful shapes and they serve as effective containers.

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In Maths, constructing pie charts was the learning this week, relying on knowledge of fractions, percentages and degrees.  The children created surveys to ask different classes and then calculated the angle needed to represent their field of data.

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Match Report

U11 Football v Friends’.  Possibly one of the last fixtures for the U11 team this term and they were keen to play their best.  And indeed they did, with tremendous enthusiasm, confidence and passing that displayed their positions on the field.  Friends’ were very good and passed well, but our defence was strong and stopped any attacks.  When we had the ball, we moved through the field well, and made many scoring opportunities.  The final score was 1 – 5, a great victory for the team.  Well done.

Michael Radford

Next week U9 and U11 football teams play at Home against  Brookes Cambridge (formerly known as Cherry Trees).  There is also Mixed Hockey Away at Brookes Cambridge.

News from our Equestrian Team

Our Equestrian Team enjoyed great success at The Jays Stud last Saturday.  Our team achieved first place in the 60cm class, with Adele taking 1st, Ryan 3rd and Luie 6th.  Further successes were achieved in the 70cm, 80cm and 90cm classes, with Ryan narrowly missing coming first in the 90cm class.

If you would like to support our team, they are back at The Jays (outside Bury St Edmunds just off the A134) on 12th March from 9.30 am until 12 noon.  Do see Victoria De Sousa (Ryan’s Mummy) if you have any questions regarding the Club.


Crucial Crew

Year 6 are all looking forward to their visit to Crucial Crew at Mildenhall Stadium on Monday.  This is an interactive safety initiative based around key life skills including Internet safety and the teaching of resilience.

Treasure Island – 21st, 22nd and 23rd March

Ticket request forms for the forthcoming production have been sent out today. The School Office would appreciate your completed forms as soon as possible. Thank you.

We are on the search for props for Treasure Island!  Please could you have a look at the below link and if you have any of the props listed and would be prepared to lend them to us then we would be very grateful.

World Book Day

Although the children were not dressed as a character yesterday, books were, as ever, celebrated and enjoyed in school and inside each child’s book bag, is a World Book Day voucher. These are to be used by 27th March 2016.

Parents’ Evening – Thursday 10th March

Please sign up for your appointment with your child’s class teacher. This is in lieu of a  report this term and in advance of a more detailed report of the whole year’s work which will be given out towards the end of the summer term.

Fairstead Foals

A reminder that anyone with pre-nursery aged children is invited to join Chloe Benton from the Nursery and me in the Performing Arts Hall on Fridays, 2.30 – 3.30 pm. Refreshments are provided and your friends with similar aged children are warmly invited.

Rugby Tots

Could parents please note that there will be no Rugby Tots on Friday 11th March.  I am delighted at how popular this new club is and it is wonderful to see the children so involved!


Birthday Cake

Next week we say happy birthday to Isabella in Year 1 and Phoebe in Year 5.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend and Mothering Sunday with your children and looking forward to another action packed week ahead.

Lynda Brereton