Dear Parents

The highlight of my week was, undoubtedly, watching our children compete in the Gresham’s annual cross-country championships today.  This is a prestigious, highly competitive event in which thirty seven schools take part from all over East Anglia.  There are four races (U11 boys, U11 girls, U9 boys and U9 girls) and over 200 children in each race.  As you can imagine, this is a huge feat of organisation and, watching the children spring into life at the start was quite a spectacle!  I was incredibly proud of all the children but particular mention must go to Ella S. in Year 5, who came second in the U11 girls race.  We were also extremely delighted with the success of our U9 girls, Claudia (finished 14th), Fleur (finished 34th), Darcey (finished 24th), Sophie (finished 27th), Kitty (finished 104th) and Ella (finished 12th), who finished second overall as a team.  Well done to all the children and my thanks to the many parents who travelled to Gresham’s to support the children.

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It has been a wonderful week in Reception.
A real highlight was celebrating ‘National Poetry Day’ yesterday, with some very excited children.
As the theme of this year’s event was all about ‘Changes,’ the class popped on their wellies and went on an adventure, sitting amongst the trees and leaves. This was their inspiration for creating a fantastic class poem all about Autumn!  Do come in and read it!
This week, the children have also enjoyed reading the story, ‘My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh’.  The children have had lots of fun representing their families using playdough; they have used positional language to discuss the location of their family members and created some super repeating patterns, just like the ones in the story!

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Rec 2 1-Rec 4

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Year 1

We have been looking at 2D shapes, learning their names, their properties and going on a treasure hunt to see how many we could find around the school. After our spelling café, we produced some super work in the style of Kandinsky; squares with concentric circles.  Mrs Scott told us we had created ‘abstract art’! What a way to end a wonderful week!

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Year 2

This week, Year 2 have linked their English work to their learning in History. They learned all about the life of P. T. Barnum, co-creator of The Barnum and Bailey Circus and the inspiration for The Greatest Showman film! The children used a fact sheet to answer questions about Barnum and then created biographical posters about him.

Year 2 4  Year 2

Year 2 3


Year 3

Year 3 have been following in the footsteps of American explorer and travel writer, John Lloyd Stephens and British artist, Frederick Catherwood this week in their creative curriculum topic Chocolate. They have learnt about primary and secondary sources and then studied Catherwood’s paintings of the ruined city of Copan, assessing their reliability as historical source evidence.

1-Giselle Explorer

Year 4

Year 4 have been working on measurements this week and have begun to tackle the strategy of expanded decomposition for subtraction.  In Art, the children have now nearly completed their Mayan masks and please do look for these as they will shortly be displayed around school!

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Year 5

This week, Year 5 have been consolidating and extending their learning of measurement. The children have been busy converting measures from mm to cm and m; recognising and applying specific strategies. Once mastered, the children applied their knowledge to work out the perimeter of rectangular shapes.  Their learning was reinforced by going outside into the school grounds. The children thoroughly enjoyed measuring the length and width of specific areas, calculating the perimeter. Our mental maths this week focussed on problem solving. The children had fun competing against one another to reach a target number using dice as the stimulus.

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Year 6

Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful Mandarin lesson this week. They have been studying the Moon Festival by learning the Moon Festival song, designing their pattern for moon cakes, writing the Mandarin symbols for Moon Festival, and tasting pomelo, a Chinese harvest fruit.

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Sports Matches

U9 Girls Netball v Old Buckenham Hall

“On Tuesday 2nd October, the U9 girls played Netball against Old Buckenham Hall.  I was very impressed by Ashera, who scored in the first 30 seconds.  Bella and Giselle showed some good defending skills and won the ball back several times.  During the next quarter, Ella made some good catches and I scored six goals.  The last quarter of the game was difficult and nobody scored but Annabelle made some excellent passes.  Overall, the team did really well and we won 7-0.  Well done team, keep up the good work!

Harley T., Captain

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U9 Boys Hockey v Old Buckenham Hall School

On Tuesday 2nd October 2018, Fairstead House U9 boys played a hockey match against Old Buckenham Hall.  We started with the ball and made some tremendous passes but they quickly got the ball.  They entered the ‘D’ strong but Luca and I got the ball and tossed it away.  In the last 5 minutes, Julian scored a goal.  The final score was 1-0 to us.  It was our first match as a team and we did some excellent passing throughout the team but I think we need to work on our positioning.  Player of the Match was Julian.  Well done, team – keep up the good work

George C., Captain


U11 Girls Hockey v Langley Prep School

“On Wednesday 3 October 2018, Fairstead U11 girls played Langley Prep School for the first time.
We won the toss and chose to have the first push-back.  We swiftly passed and dribbled the ball down to the D, where Ava and I tried to put the ball in but the goalkeeper was too good and saved it.  Abisha did some amazingly strong hits back up to the D and defended the goal exceedingly well.
We had some great defending from Zara, who was always there to tackle.  Georgia was using the space well and always prepared and Eleanor did some great goalkeeping.
Cecilia then moved up into midfield, where she worked outstandingly well with Lyla, who was doing strong hits down the wing.
Within the last 30 seconds of the match, Langley Prep managed to slip the ball into the goal and the end score was 1-0 to Langley Prep.  Abisha was voted player of the match due to her incredible shots.
It was one of the tightest matches I have ever played in and everyone should be proud of their effort and teamwork.  I feel that we improved dramatically during this match and next time we need to focus on guarding the space and short corners.  Well done, team!”

Lucy T., Captain



U11 Boys Rugby v Framlingham College

On Wednesday 3rd October, Fairstead House U11 boys played Framlingham College.  They started with the ball; however, we made some excellent passes, especially from Sam, Abdullah and Jack.  Then Ben made a superb run and got us a try.  After a while, they got two tries but Madoc dodged a few of their players and managed to get us a try.  In the last minute or so, I succeeded to get past their defence and I scored a try to make the score 4-3 to them.  Harry made a fabulous run and got us a try.  In the last 2 minutes, they unfortunately they got a try but our heads didn’t go down and, thanks to Abdullah, I got the ball and made a run to make the end score 6-6.  For our good effort we got sweets!  Well done, team.

Junior V., Captain



Class Music Instrumental Projects

This term, pupils in Years 2, 3 and 4 are taking part in a Class Instrumental Project during one of their two weekly class music lessons. Years 2 and 4 are rotating between fife, cello and percussion and Year 3 are rotating between ukulele, fife and percussion. The next rotation will be at half term. In the meantime, the pupils are enjoying performing together and developing their instrumental skills. The Year 3 Ukulele group will be performing in the Informal Tea Time Concert on Tuesday 9th October in the Performing Arts Centre.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental learning at Fairstead continues to develop apace. This term, we welcomed two new teachers, Mrs Kathryn Cocks (Vocal) and Mrs Nicola Brazier (Cello and Piano) to our wonderful team. Please do continue to encourage and support your children to practise daily and help them remember to bring their music and instruments to their weekly lesson!

Parents’ Association Meetings

The next PA meeting is Thursday 18th October at the Bedford Lodge after school drop off.  Everyone is warmly invited to attend for coffee, cookies and a constructive chat!

Autumn Glow – Saturday 17th November

This year, the very popular annual Autumn Glow event will be held on Saturday 17th November in the school grounds.  I know that the Parents’ Association are currently recruiting parents to help on the morning to set up and to help in the evening.  Any offers of help would be greatly appreciated!

Head’s At Home

Many thanks to those of you who joined us for tea on Wednesday afternoon.  As a direct result of one of the conversations, we have changed the timings of our Friday afternoon ‘Little Foals’ session to ease congestion in the car-park for you all.  Our next ‘At Homes’ are on the 7th November and 5th December.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Head Lice

Please be aware that Head Lice have been reported in Reception.  Please check your children’s hair carefully and treat appropriately.

Cup-cake Sale

On Friday, Years 5 and 6 will be hosting a cup-cake sale after school.  Please bring your spare change with you!

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by William in Year 1 and Cecilia in Year 5, who will be awarded her cup on Monday as she was representing Fairstead at Gresham’s today.  Well done, children!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Othelia in the Nursery, Lottie in Year 2, Sophie in Year 3 and Ava in Year 5.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton