Dear Parents

A highlight for us all this week was Year 5’s class assembly on Wednesday which was a celebration of the life of William Shakespeare including skits from each of the different genres of plays. The children were excellent and the assembly was greatly enjoyed by all. Lily, the teacher, had a class of girls and they shared all of their learning about Shakespeare with us and the boys, in true Shakespearean style, played the parts of the characters. The assembly was a climax to Year 5’s study of play scripts in their Literacy sessions.




Children in the Nursery are relishing learning their initial sounds.  Here, Arthur and Charlie are proudly exhibiting their slithering, snakey ‘ssss’!  Super colouring skills!


This week in Reception, the children have been busy making dinosaurs out of clay. They tried to think about how many horns they had, the texture of their skin and how big their feet were!  The children were fascinated by the school kiln!  The dinosaurs had to spend the whole night in the kiln and when they came out they were rock hard!  They have also been making dinosaurs out of hand prints.
George Cook has set the children in Year 2, Year 1 and Reception a challenge: to see if they can beat his score at the dice rolling and addition game!

02-IMG_1085 09-IMG_1124

Year 1

This week, Year 1 have been focusing on 3D shapes.  The children enjoyed sorting the shapes into those with flat or curved faces and were able to identify those with both.  They have used the mathematical language of vertices, edges and faces.  The children have also been looking at days of the week, months and seasons and have been ordering these.  Today, they made whales out of yoghurt pots and clay snails to accompany their text of the week, ‘The Whale and the Snail’.

1-21-3D shape work on the carpet 022


Year 2

Inspired by their trip to West Stow Anglo Saxon village, Year 2 have begun to make their own non-fiction books about Anglo-Saxon life. They have been using their History, Computing and Literacy research skills to ensure that their books are as exciting and accurate as possible for their prospective audience. The front covers show a wide variety of their interests; some have chosen to depict the Anglo Saxon buildings they observed in West Stow, some have written in runes, some have contrasted boys’ and girls’ lives and others have shown scenes from stories like Beowulf.

1-Anglo Saxon Book Covers 005

Year 3

Continuing their work on forces in Science, Year 3 children have been testing the strength of different rubber bands. They have worked out that the stronger the band the less it will stretch. They added weights, 100g at a time and measured the new stretch each time.

1-Year 3 Newsletter

Year 4

Year 4 have been continuing their study of rocks, by testing their permeability. They discussed how to make this a fair test. The children had to use the droppers carefully to put equal amounts of water on each rock and using a magnifying glass, observed the results.


Year 6

Year 6 have been carefully painting designs of monsters from Greek myths, to make Ancient Greek shields.


What is the weather forecast for the weekend?  Year 6 have been using iPads and green screen technology to create a weather forecast in their computing lesson.  Their presentation skills were put to the test and the finished videos are very impressive.  They will be shared on DB Primary soon, so please try to watch them!

4-Year 6

Match Reports

U9 hockey v Moreton Hall
The Under 9 girls played their first hockey match on grass against Moreton Hall on Wednesday. The girls started with lots of energy but lacked a bit of the confidence they had showed in Games lessons. Francesca and Chloe worked very hard at the start as our two forwards, with some help from Elizabeth in midfield. Gradually all the girls began to get more involved and we had several close goal opportunities. The skills of Moreton Hall’s forwards put them into the shooting circle several times in the first two quarters and they scored two good goals. In the second half, Fairstead again picked up on confidence and Chloe’s persistence was rewarded with a goal right in the corner. Phoebe showed some great potential in her first game as goalkeeper and she saved several goals. The final score was 4-1 to Moreton Hall. Well done to Francesca, whom Moreton Hall chose as our Player of the Match.

Shahn Woodyatt

U9 Rugby v Moreton Hall
Apologies for the confusion with the match on Wednesday – the football fixture was in fact a rugby one!  However, it was great fun to see the boys playing well and trying hard.  We will look forward to our match next Wednesday, which is a football one!

Next week we have U9 and U11 football matches:
U9 Football v King’s Ely, Away, 2pm start


U11 Football v Finborough, Away, 2:30pm start. Will be back fairly late due to the distance and later start – approx. 4:45pm


Please note that there are no girls’ matches next week.

Classical Greek


This week, Gorgons class have been learning about Greek capital letters. They have used the names of the Greek gods and goddesses who appear in The Iliad, which is the focus text for this term, to help them learn and remember the capital letters. They used their formidable research skills to discover the English name for the Greek gods and goddesses and then used that information to decode the Greek capital letters. Once they had mastered these, they made a figure of an unknown deity and had to use its attributes to name them.

5-Frederick and Zeus


Literacy Power Hour

One class, who are studying Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Why the Whales Came’, decided to try and replicate part of the story by making boats.  They were unable to use wood, but some clever paper folding skills sufficed and all were able to float.  In addition, they also used some coconut shells and made sails.  The story has not yet introduced whales but, with the recent news of the whale stranded at Hunstanton, it is very apt.

2-Year 6 (3) 3-Year 6 (4)


Cadogan Hotel

Whilst I am sure that no parents park next door, we have had a letter from the Cadogan Hotel asking us to remind you not to be tempted!


A reminder that, in accordance with our Medicine Administration Policy, we are not able to administer Calpol (or similar pain relief) in school.  Please do not put the ladies in the Office in an awkward position by asking them.  In addition, we are able to administer prescribed medicines only if they are to be taken 4 times a day and a medicine form has been filled in (available from the Office).

Cup-cake Friday

Many thanks for all your support for last week’s Cup-cake Friday.  We raised a wonderful £106!

Next Friday’s Cup-cake Sale is hosted by Year 3 so please make sure you come along and enjoy some half term treats!


This week we say happy birthday to Lawrence and William in Year 3 and Nicole in the Nursery.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton