Dear Parents,

You can imagine the excitement in school this morning with the flurry of snow making everywhere look quite magical.  All children relished making snowballs and enjoyed the best of the snow before it thawed.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Reception’s lovely Nativity play this morning and I know all Reception parents will also enjoy watching this at home next week with your families.

We are now looking forward to our ‘Carols by Candlelight’ concert next Thursday.  Please may all children come to school with a bright hat, scarf and gloves.  If the children have any battery operated lanterns, please do bring them.  We are still searching for two more fire pits and any donations of logs would be very welcome!

Collection is at approximately at 4.45pm, after the appearance of a seasonal visitor. A reminder that collection is on foot only.  Years 3-6 should be collected from Gate 3, Reception from Gate 2 and Years 1 and 2 from Gate 1.

Further to a comment made during our AGM on Tuesday, I can now confirm that the latest IAPS guidance (2nd December 2020) states that their ‘recommendation is to avoid performances in front of an audience’.  Some parents have mentioned trying to watch from over the wall.   Please note that all children will be facing the front of school, so your view would be rather limited.  If you do decide, however, to watch, then please ensure that you remain socially distanced at all times.  Thank you.


Today, was a very special end to a wonderful week in Reception.
The children were very excited to perform, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ today in their outdoor area. The children performed with confidence and joy, and they look forward to sharing their special performance with their families very soon.
After all the festive fun, the children were excited to receive a very special delivery!
Everyone enjoyed decorating (and then eating!) their very own star shaped biscuit to celebrate their super musical morning.
Mrs Sanders was also very proud of everyone for their resilience at the forest this week. The children were excited to discover that this week is ‘National Tree Week’ and they had great fun learning about, and spotting, evergreen and deciduous trees. The cold, wet weather didn’t stop any of the fun and the children happily used the trees in their games. Hide and seek was a particular favourite!

Year 1

Year 1 have been full of the Christmas spirit this week. In English, the children planned and wrote letters to Father Christmas. They used their very best handwriting to politely ask for a special gift for Christmas and then posted their letters to Father Christmas’ Grotto in Reindeerland!


Year 2

Year 2 have had a very busy week! We have been learning about imperative
(bossy) verbs and how they play an important part in giving instructions. In Maths, we have been concluding our addition and subtraction work with 2 digit subtraction. We were exploring the concept of ‘exchange’ and how we can exchange a ten for ten ones (units) to help us subtract. Year 2 have also been reading about Sir Ernest Shackleton. We discovered that he was an incredibly courageous, optimistic and determined explorer. We were sad to find out that he never made it to the South Pole, but made three incredible journeys to Antarctica. We have also been reading the story of the Nativity from the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Matthew. We were very surprised to read the differing accounts of the birth of Jesus! We then contrasted the two accounts with the story that we know so well (a blend of both Matthew’s and Luke’s accounts). We then read, ‘Christmas’ by Jan Pienkowski, marvelling at her silhouette cut outs of the Nativity story and the detail of her artwork. We created our own stained glass versions of the traditional nativity scene in the stable, using silhouettes and tissue paper. In Science, we have created a ‘Fair Test’ experiment to see which liquid (hot water, cold water, white vinegar and oil) would dissolve a candy cane fastest. It was an amazing experiment! The results were quick and sparked some incredible discussions.


Year 3

This week, in Science, Year 3 have continued to study the topic of Light, using mirrors and reflection.  We explored how mirrors work. The children enjoyed redirecting beams of light using mirrors and then experimented with reflection by playing some mirror games. We discovered that it was hard to complete the activities due to the way that mirrors reflect the light – everything is reversed!

In English, we have been continuing to find out about non-motorised forms of transport in our non-chronological reports topic. This week, the focus has been on types of sledges (dog sledges, children’s sledges, skeleton sledges and bobsleighs). The children have been using their comprehension skills to research and make notes about the different sledges and have been practising their speaking and listening by presenting their information to the rest of the class.

In RS, the children have found out more about Diwali and how it is celebrated. We had a go at designing some of our own rangoli patterns.
These patterns are made outside people’s houses during Diwali, using a range of materials including flour, sand, rice and grains. It is believed that the patterns will bring good luck and are used to honour the goddess, Lakshmi.

Year 4

This week, it was a delight to watch Year 4 perform their chosen poems, which they had independently learned by heart for their English homework. I was impressed by how well they had memorised the words, their use of clear expressive voices and use of effective actions. Well done!
In Science, Year 4 learned how Antoine Lavoisier and Joseph Priestley ‘discovered’ oxygen. They then discussed what would happen to a flame if it had no oxygen. The class predicted that a flame inside a small jar would burn out more quickly than a flame inside a larger jar, because there is less oxygen. To prove this, they observed three candles inside different sized jars, predicted burning times and timed how long each took to burn out. There was complete silence, as the children watched intently the candle in the largest jar burn for 2 minutes 9 seconds. They were very pleased with their predictions!


Year 5

In Art this half term, Year 5 have explored the beauty of water with cross-curricular links to their class topic of rivers. The class observed the colours and tones found in water; looking past the blues and identifying subtler shades of green, grey and white. They also studied the shapes and patterns created on the water’s surface. By using a variety of techniques and media, including wax relief, stippling, water colour, oil pastels and collage, Year 5 created some wonderfully ‘watery’ effects. Finally, the children worked collaboratively to create a mixed media ‘class river’. The final piece, I think you’ll agree, beautifully reflects the fluidity and motion of water.


Year 6

In English lessons, Year 6 have been looking at the features of diary writing. They had to choose an event – such as a family day out (real or
imagined!) – and write two accounts from very different perspectives.
Year 6 looked at exemplars, written by children of the same age, and highlighted words and phrases that they might choose to use in their own writing. Year 6 also know that it can very helpful to use personal experiences and the writing of famous authors as a starting point; in fact, we call this ‘magpie-ing’ in class because, like a magpie, we ‘steal’ attractive vocabulary and ideas to make our own writing even more interesting. Before writing, however, Year 6 enjoyed a little bit of classroom drama by telling each other about their chosen event and switching from one point of view to the other. Lots of giggles and laughter all round!


This week, we have enjoyed listening to pupils from Year 1, 3 and 4 perform in Assembly. Next week, pupils from Year 2 have the opportunity to perform in Assembly in Monday and Years 4-6 on Tuesday.

Mrs Karina Warburton, Director of Music


French and Spanish

This week in Modern Foreign Languages, Years 3 and 5 were bringing together this term’s learning to produce some excellent written work on the topic of food and families. Year 4 began work on their salsa dance routine and Year 6 finished watching and discussing our French film. In Spanish, the ‘Estrellas de la Semana’ were Virginia in Year 3 and Charlotte in Year 4; in French, the ‘Etoiles de la Semaine’ were Gabriella in Year 5 and Claudia in Year 6. Well done to all our stars!

MIss Kathryn Bryan, Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

After-school Clubs

Just a reminder that there are no After-school Clubs (except Prep Club) during the last week of term.  After-school Care will be available as usual until 6.00pm.

Holiday Club

Our Christmas Holiday Club will be running as usual during the holidays.  Please find a booking form here.

Scarves, Gloves and Hats

Now that the cold weather is well and truly upon us, please may I remind you to ensure that your child has a school hat, scarf and gloves to wear outside.  These items are available from our uniform shop, Mr Cricket. Thank you.

Next Week

Monday 7th December – the KS2 House Cross Country competition will take place.

Tuesday 8th December – Christmas Lunch for all.  We are all looking forward to enjoying our annual, festive feast.  Also on Tuesday will be the KS2 House Christmas parties.  Children in KS2 are invited to wear a Christmas jumper (if they have one) or to don a Christmas accessory.

Wednesday 10th December-  KS2 House Tag Rugby will take place.  Please ensure that your child has their Games kit in school that day.  Thank you.

Friday 11th December – Reception, Years 1 and 2 Christmas parties.  Children in these years are invited to come in wearing party clothes suitable for a morning at school and playing outside.

Term will finish at 12 noon for all children.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Jessie M. in Year 2 and Lilly in Year 3.  Well done, children!

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children, as we all enjoy preparing for the festive season ahead.

Lynda Brereton