Dear Parents

A highlight of the week for all was undoubtedly the triumph of the U10 football and hockey teams.  The boys played against Walden Prep and the girls took on both Walden Prep and Brookes Cambridge.  It was lovely to witness the children’s absolute delight at their well-deserved successes.


Children in the Early Years were thrilled to see a policeman arrive at Fairstead House this week.  The policeman showed them his police car, sounded his siren and chatted to them about life in the Police.

february 034 Nursery 4





The children in Reception thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Forest School this week.  They had huge fun exploring and creating dens.

IMG_7902 IMG_7921


Year 1

In Year 1 this week we have been concentrating on the phoneme ‘i’ and the different graphemes which can represent it.  In Numeracy, the children have been exploring odd and even numbers and the patterns the children can make with them.  In our topic, Year 1 have been exploring the sense of smell!  The children have enjoyed focusing on the Elmer books on World Book Day and have written the beginning, middle and end of the stories.

sorting toy adjectives 004 phonics 007

smell testing 005 smell testing 007



Year 2

In Phonics this week, Year 2 have been writing their own poems using seven different graphemes of the /ai/ phoneme. They had to read, recognise, and identify rhymes and then enjoyed making up humorous verses; snakes eating cake, snails delivering mail, and being irate at the fete are just some of their ingenious ideas. Can you do better than Year 2 and find the 8th grapheme for the /ai/ phoneme?


Year 3

Year 3 celebrated World Book Day by taking part in a scavenger hunt. They had a list of things, from an elephant to a king, from a happy ending to a moral or lesson, to find in a wide selection of books. They have also written a four page mini book version of a story they know well.

Year 3

Year 4

Year 4 continued their work on ‘States of Matter’ this week by exploring the changing states of water.  The children identified that water can be a liquid, solid and gas.  They had fun observing water changing state and understanding the science behind the changes.

P1100395 P1100398

Year 5

To recognise World Book Day, Year 5 spent a very entertaining morning with Caroline Lawrence, author of the very popular “Roman Mysteries” series as well as other books.  Ms Lawrence gave the children a presentation about her books and explained how her stories were inspired.

Luc, who is one of her biggest fans, was given a signed book by Ms Lawrence for being her “star pupil” due to his intelligent and articulate answers to her questions.

P1100389 P1100392



Year 6

To round off this term’s History, Year 6 have been looking at key events in World War II. They have put them into a timeline of the war, and considered how each one was a turning point in the conflict.

Year 6Year 6 (2)


Sports Matches

On Wednesday, an Under 10s team played football against Walden Prep at home. The unusual pairing of Year 4 and 5 boys proved to make a strong team, with a sound defence and the midfield and forwards working well together. The final 3-1 score line was a fair reflection of the possession and shots on goal. Well done to Toby, Declan and Finlay for scoring. A good match, well done boys.

Mrs M. Ley

Boys 2 Boys 5


On Wednesday 1st March, the U10 girls played a triangular tournament against Brookes Cambridge and Walden Prep. The first match was Brookes Cambridge against Walden Prep, which gave us a good chance to see the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition. Brookes Cambridge won 2 – 0 .
Our first match was against Brookes Cambridge.  We started with lots of enthusiasm and energy. With lots of strong passes and good defending from Abisha, Jeanne and Georgina, we were able to score lots of goals and win 4-1. Chloe and Lucy worked well in attack converted our success into goals. Throughout the game we learnt to spread out, keep the ball moving quickly and work as a team in order to score.
Our second game was against Walden Prep and we played another strong match. This game happened to be a lot tougher as the opposition were all crowding around the ball and all tackling one person; however, we still went on to win 2-0.
Player of the match chosen by both of the other teams was Chloe for her speedy dribbling and accurate scoring, even on her knees, which she did for most of the match! Player of the match, chosen by Miss Price goes to Elizabeth for holding the team together in defence.  Well done, all!

By Elizabeth (and the U10 girls team)

Coding Club

Over the last two weeks, Coding Club children have taken a bit more of a ‘hands on’ approach after learning some of the basics in Python and Inputs and Outputs and testing Pythons times table skills.

Armed with a Raspberry Pi, a Breadboard (these have lots of holes and allow the children to plugin LEDs) resistors and sensors connecting them without soldering. First of all, we set about controlling a single LED with the Raspberry Pi by outputting low and high signals, we varied the colour and then added an additional LED and made our own set of police lights.  This week, we took it one step further by using a PIR (motion sensor) as our Input and an LED as the Output. We wrote a simple control program on the Raspberry Pi and then split into groups to assemble our circuits. After some great dexterity and guesswork as to what colour the LED would be we tested them and I was delighted that both worked! We even had a Fairstead House Green LED!

Now, we want to take the motion detection one step further and the children have had some really great ideas so hopefully we can continue to share out creations with you.

If you do have any questions about Coding Club, any suggestions or would like a copy of any of the code we’ve written I would be more than happy to share this with you – Saskia can give you my contact details.

Coding 2

Mr Matthew Stannard – Coding Club Leader

Informal Tea-time Concert

On Thursday 2nd March, the second of our Spring series of Informal Tea Time Concerts took place in the Performing Arts Centre. Fourteen pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 performed various solos on Piano, Violin, Clarinet, Flute, Descant Recorder and Drum Kit to an appreciative audience. Many of the soloists performed for the first time and special thanks must go to Mr Radford for accompanying Alexander on the guitar to create a lovely duet. I must congratulate all the performers for participating in such a valuable and enjoyable event.
Our next Informal Tea Time Concert will be on Thursday 16th March at 4:15pm. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served from 4pm.  Everyone is welcome!

IMG_1006 IMG_1007 (002)


IMG_1001 (002) IMG_0997

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Fairstead House is now registered for the 2017 March Maths Challenge from Mathletics which will take place from 6th March to 19th March so please do start practising!

Miss Chloe Price, SENCO & Director of Sport

Car Park

Drop Off

It would be extremely helpful to all if you could please make the most of the ‘drive through’ system in the morning when Mr Radford and I will escort children from your car and safely into school.  Please keep the car park area clear for parents of the very youngest children in school.


For parents using the drive through system, please stay in your car and we will make sure that your child is brought to you.

Art Aprons

Please ensure that your child has a named apron in school at all times so that your child does not arrive home covered in paint!

Crucial Crew

Year 6 will be taking part in the Crucial Crew activities in Mildenhall on Monday.  This is an annual event and always proves very worthwhile.

Film Night

A reminder from the Parents’ Association that tickets are on sale from the School Office for the film night next Friday, when Moana will be shown.


Birthday Cake

This week, we wish a happy birthday to Isabella in Year 2.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton