Dear Parents,

This week the amazing performances of Alice in Wonderland and Joseph have been a delight to watch, and we have been thrilled to be able to invite so many parents to see their children in the performances and dress rehearsals. It is a superb team effort by all the staff but huge thanks and appreciation go to our marvellous Mrs Warburton.


What a wonderful week it has been in Reception. The children performed as the most magnificent ‘mini-beasts’ in the production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. They then thoroughly enjoyed eating delicious cakes after the final show, to celebrate their first school performance! A big ‘well done’ to everyone and thank you once more to your parents for all the super costumes!

In maths this week, football was at the forefront of everyone’s minds! Ordering footballs onto the pitch from one to twenty was a super challenge, as well as practising number formation to twenty.

At the end of the week the children visited Banham Zoo, which they had been eagerly awaiting! Before leaving, they wrote some fantastic rules to ensure everyone remained happy and safe.

Once at the zoo, the children enjoyed sharing their super Spanish animal vocabulary. The staff there were very impressed and also found time to comment on the children’s exceptional behaviour. Well done to you all. It is hard to believe that we only have one week left together in Reception. Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun!

Year 1

The children have had a busy but exciting penultimate week in Year One! They started the week by watching KS2 perform Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat. The children were entranced during the show and felt truly inspired! It was also a huge treat being able to meet the horses in the Rothschild Yard! Pre-Prep’s production of Alice in Wonderland was a great way to finish the year. Despite the rain, Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to show off their singing and acting talents. A huge well done to all of the children involved.

Year 2

Year 2 were magnificent in the Alice in Wonderland production! What an amazing cast and such confident performances. Thank you to all of the families for helping your child to learn their lines and for providing such lovely costumes.

We have continued our look at time, counting time in 5 minute increments and continuing to focus on the ‘to’ times. Please do check the time regularly and discuss the two different ways we can say each time (ie quarter past 2 or 2:15).

In literacy, we have taken a close look at ‘The Jabberwocky’ nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll. What an interesting use of language! We read a section from ‘Through the Looking Glass’ with Humpty Dumpty to help us understand what some of the words meant. We then created our own versions of a vorpal sword, the Jabberwocky, a Tumtum Tree and a Jubjub bird. The drawings were fantastic!

Year 3

This week Year 3 relished the opportunity to work in pairs to create a scene in a puppet show. We combined Alice in Wonderland with Tilly and the Time Machine to create a wonderful adventure. The children each created a scene which included an exciting setting and interesting characters that Alice meets. I was incredibly proud of how brilliantly the children worked together and shared their lovely ideas with their friends. We are looking forward to putting it all together next week!

The children also enjoyed participating in a drama afternoon with Year 4. The children played charades and played a game where they had to move around the room in different ways (spot the ‘move like a teacher’ photo..). We were impressed with how well the children worked together to create an improv piece; the children thought of some creative ideas and performed well in front of an audience!

Year 4

This week, Year 4 completed their learning of ‘Sound’ in science, by exploring which materials would make the best sound proofers. They began the lesson by discussing and predicting which properties would absorb sound the most and how to conduct fair tests. Some incredibly thoughtful suggestions were made. The children were aware that the thickness of the materials must remain the same, that the sound source must maintain an equal volume and that the same data logger must be used to ensure fair tests were conducted. Year 4 concluded that cotton wool was the best sound proofing material, due to its flexibility and pockets of air.

In English, Year 4 have revisited writing character descriptions and have written descriptions of the main character, Solomon, from our class reader, ‘The Fastest Boy in the World’. For this, they had to draw upon their inference skills to describe his appearance, personality, feelings, likes and dislikes. During our editing lesson, there was some extremely creative use of metaphors, personification and expanded noun phrases, and Year 4 expressed how selfless Solomon is and how desperately he dreams of being an Olympic runner.

We also had an enjoyable drama lesson with Year 3 this week – please click here to see!  The children worked independently to mime specific actions. They worked in groups to create short scenes inspired by given phrases and performed these to the rest of the children. There are some budding actors in our midst!

Year 5

Joseph. That is the main focus of this week! There is not much I can say to add to what you saw on Thursday other than that I was so impressed with the performance the children put on. They showed that the hard work and effort had paid off, allowing them to entertain and amaze the audience.

However, we did achieve other things in class in addition the performance. A tennis tournament happened on Thursday morning at which the children showed how they could use the skills taught over the year. All the children took part and, by the end, had grasped the complicated serving sequence. The other sporting event was the Year 5 and 6 high jump event. They all tried their best and pushed themselves as the bar crept higher and higher. I attempted to capture the moment in a picture but, unfortunately, they were all blurry. With the last week almost upon us, we have a lot to look forward to, starting with Hill Top on Monday. It will be a week to remember.

Year 6

It has been another busy week for Year 6: dress rehearsals and performance of Joseph at the National Horse Racing Museum (You were all amazing! What a voice, Claudia!), watching the super Alice in Wonderland performance in the garden of Palace House, a KS2 high jump competition (Well done, Darcey!), an U11 cricket fixture against Sancton Wood, a tennis tournament at Newmarket Tennis Club (1st Finlay, 2nd Dylan and 3rd Jos) and, earlier today, Finlay entertaining us all on his banjo! Year 6 have cracked on with their model hovercrafts and, as long as we make electrical connections secure, it won’t be long before they are all on the move!

The children will be looking forward to their final week at Fairstead with mixed emotions, starting with a trip to Hilltop Outdoor Centre on the Norfolk coast on Monday. It’ll be an early start – we are leaving at 7.45am! Year 6, please remember your comfortable outdoor clothes (wear clothes that can get dirty!), waterproof coat, trainers and packed lunch so that we are ready for whatever the summer weather and Hilltop staff throw at us!


In Art, Year 6 completed their 1950s inspired projects. Some excellent sculpting and collage skills were demonstrated this term as you can see from the photos! From cloche hats and pork pie hats to coronation crowns and atomic bombs, there has been a huge range of 1950s inspiration. Well done, Year 6.

Alice in Wonderland

This week, pupils in Reception, Year 1 and 2 gave three magical performances of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in the picturesque walled garden of Palace House. The children should be justly proud of their achievement and the comments from parents and staff have been overwhelmingly complimentary. It is rare to see children of this age perform with such assurance and maturity. The children sang beautifully and danced with spirited enthusiasm. The parental support with script learning at home and the stunning costumes provided by parents have helped make this a very special occasion for the children. A special thanks should go to Mrs O’Leary and Miss Clark for making the stunning head dresses and props, and to all the staff for their support in the final rehearsals and performances. Congratulations to everyone for making this a very memorable musical production.

Karina Warburton
Director of Music

Joseph & His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

It is amazing to think that over 50 years ago, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice took a simple biblical story and created a vibrant all singing, all dancing exuberant musical. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat musical is without doubt much-loved by children and adults.

Last night in the Rothschild Yard at the NHRM, pupils from Years 3 to 6 gave an outstanding and memorable performance to an audience of parents picnicking on the lawn, in the warm evening sun. Congratulations to all the pupils for performing with such energy, commitment, enthusiasm and maturity, and to have a live band accompany the songs and dances lifted the musical to another level. A special mention should be given to ‘Pharaoh’ for his wonderful Elvis Presley style singing and dancing, and to ‘Joseph’ who sang Close Every Door with heartful passion and emotion. This really has been a truly memorable week of musical productions at Fairstead.

Please click here to see a video of Claudia’s wonderful singing and here to see footage of both musicals!

Speeches & Prizegiving At St Mary’s Church

Please ensure that all children are wearing blazers on Tuesday morning for Speeches & Prizegiving. As Coronavirus restrictions are still in place we will only be able to have a limited number of parents attending at St Mary’s Church.

We will, therefore, only be able to invite parents of children who will be presented with a prize. An email to these parents will be sent separately.

We hope you all understand the position we are in under the circumstances and would like to thank you for your understanding.

Speech & Drama in September

Hello All,

This academic year has been tricky for students and parents alike and I am so thrilled that so many of my students have continued with their drama either via Zoom or in person.

Exam results at Fairstead have been fantastic and this is not only to do with the children themselves but also to all supportive parents and guardians. Thank you. A reminder too that exams aren’t everything and many of my students do drama as a form of release and for fun as well as for building team skills and confidence.

I need to know about any new students by no later than August 1st – of course I shall try to take new students on but in order to arrange my various timetables at so many schools, it is incredibly helpful to know how many are continuing or starting so I can arrange travel to other schools and towns.

If you wish to enrol – I take students from Reception onwards – email me on

Have a lovely summer,

Jonathan Woolf

Move-up morning

On Wednesday, children will be spending the morning with their new class teachers; please find the list of class teachers below.

Reception: Mrs Sanders
Year 1: Miss Drayton
Year 2: Mrs Allen
Year 3: Miss Hunt
Year 4: Mrs Newman
Year 5: Mr Everitt
Year 6: Mr Peace


You will receive your child’s summer term report early next week. This will be uploaded to SchoolBase and parents will be emailed to be notified that the report is available. Any parents who wish to discuss the report with class teachers will need to contact them using their email addresses to book a virtual 10 minute meeting.

Have a great weekend!

Michael Radford