Dear Parents,

It has been wonderful to read about your children’s exciting online learning this week and to see the lovely photographs you have sent from home.  Please do send in your fabulous photographs of your children at home, and any stories of unexpected joys that online learning has brought your family.


This week, the children in Reception have been very busy assisting the police as the Wolf from the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs,’ has been wanted for questioning! The children have made some wonderful posters for the police to display which have resulted in the Wolf being stopped in his tracks and spoken to about his actions! Well done, everyone!
In Maths, there has been a big focus on numbers six, seven and eight and these have been explored in a range of fun and practical ways.  Particular favourites have been; creating seven colours of the rainbow and exploring number bonds to eight, using playdough spiders with matchstick legs!
The children ended the week, eagerly preparing for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend. Binoculars have been made and bird feeders prepared!  Please find more information here: should you wish to join Reception in the fun!

Year 1

Year 1 have been learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction books in English this week. They sorted their own books into fiction and non-fiction piles and learned about the features of each. In Art, the children have been drawing observational pictures of their favourite dinosaur and in their Topic lessons they have been sorting dinosaur teeth according to the dinosaur’s diets!


Year 2

Year 2 have been working with great enthusiasm this week! We have been exploring the similarities and differences between fiction and non-fiction texts. One of the best activities was in our Zoom lesson; each child had to read one line from a fiction or non-fiction book of their choice and we had to try and guess the genre! It was a fantastic session and we can really hear the difference between the two now.

In Maths, we have moved our focus to exploring ‘Position and Direction’. This week, we have been doing the ‘Hokey Cokey’ and moving around grids, turning toys and working out direction based on which way our toy was facing. This was a perfect link to our Geography session- moving from one London landmark to another on a map, using compass directions.

We have also created amazing starburst line drawings in our Art session and school rules posters in PSHE.


Year 3

This week, our Year 3 Geologists were given a variety of rocks and minerals and started their rock investigation. We are hoping to identify each of the rocks over the next couple of weeks; this week they described how each of the rocks feel and used their magnifying glass to see if they could spot any unique markings. Next week, we will be testing the rocks permeability and see if they contain any carbonate.

We read the book ‘The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish’ and at the end of the week the children had to write a recount in the form of a letter from Dad. They wrote all about how he was feeling being swapped about and used lots of different adverbs to make their writing interesting and vivid.

Year 4

In English this week, Year 4 have continued to develop their explanation writing skills by explaining how Wallace and Gromit’s contraption, ‘The Tellyscope’ works. They are using the features of explanation writing with greater confidence and are beginning to include causal conjunctions.
In Maths, the children have been calculating the area of compound shapes and were challenged to draw a scene made up of rectilinear shapes, to a specified area.
Our Religious Studies lesson required us to think about the meaning of ‘abstaining’ and the importance of abstaining within particular religions. The children were tasked with finding a creative way to demonstrate what ‘abstaining’ means, without writing or using the word abstain. Some children returned clips of themselves performing mimes with the use of props to enhance their demonstrations.
In Art, Year 4 have created volcano ‘installations’ in their homes! By thinking creatively about the materials they have such as sheets, towels and clothing, they worked from a range of volcano photographs to recreate the scenes. They were reminded to tidy away their volcano installations, once they had been photographed! Great work, Year 4!

Year 5

From studying fractions through origami through to finding inner peace, the children have had a packed week. They have finished writing their stories that were driven by characterisation and we have been able to share good practice thanks to pupils sharing their work. We have also looked at how we can make deductions about past civilisations based on the artefacts their culture left behind and how this method of discovering history is especially important when we cannot read the writing from the culture, notably the Indus Valley.

Year 6

It has been another busy week for Year 6. In Maths, they have been using short multiplication strategies to calculate money problems and have discovered that there are several approaches to long division…’bus stop’, ‘chunking’, using factors and the traditional approach that most of us were taught when we were at school. No wonder it’s called ‘long’ division! In English lessons, Year 6 have been learning about relative clauses and pronouns and writing a story entitled ‘No Time to Lose’! with the opening line: ‘Everything would be alright if only there was more time, but it was already getting late’. Mr Peace is looking forward to reading them! In topic lessons, they have found out about the Richter Scale and recalled their knowledge of earthquakes, using vocabulary such as ‘tectonic plates’ and ‘magnitude’. If you have ever experienced an earthquake, Year 6 would love to hear your story!  And finally, we had an interesting debate about black market racketeering in the late 1940s…bananas sold from suitcases and petrol hidden in cans labelled ‘liquid fertiliser’.

Modern Foreign Languages

The children have continued to impress in their Modern Foreign Language lessons this week.
Miss Bryan had very difficult decisions to make but the Stars of the Week were Jess  in Year 3 and Nicole in Year 4 for French, together with Ashera in Year 5 and Claudia in Year 6 for Spanish.  Well done, children!


It is wonderful to see the children continuing their music lessons at home!  Many children have individual music tuition in a wide range of instruments. As well as the instruments pictured below, lessons are available for flute, clarinet, saxophone, banjo, ukulele, singing, and many more!

If you are interested in your child taking individual music lessons or would like further information, please contact our Director of Music, Mrs Karina Warburton, on


Online Learning

As the latest Government announcements suggest that schools will not be re-opening in the near future, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support with the children’s online learning.  All class teachers have told me how delighted they have been by the support given to them by parents and it is due to the close working relationship shared by parents and teachers that the online learning has been such a success.   I would like to pass on the sincere thanks and appreciation of all my staff to you.

For the children to fully engage in their lessons, they should always have their cameras turned on so they can interact with their teacher and their friends. In addition, please may I also request that you remind your child that teachers expect the same high standard of behaviour from the children at home during a Zoom lesson as they would in the classroom.   Please check that your child is seated at a desk or table throughout their lesson, is paying attention to their learning, not eating and does not leave the lesson without the teacher’s permission.

Thank you once again for your support in assisting us to ensure that the children glean the very best from their lessons until we are allowed to welcome the children back to their classrooms once more.


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Charlotte in the Nursery, Hanna in Year 1, Jasper in Year 3 and Giselle in Year 5.

I was very sorry to have to postpone  ‘Tea with the Head’, which was planned for today, but I am very much looking forward to chatting with many of you next week.  If you would like to book a slot to speak with me, please do so here: 

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton