Dear Parents,

This week has been a tremendously busy one with so many highlights that there are too many to mention!  As you will see below, the learning that has taken place has celebrated the first half of the summer term and promises for a very exciting second half.  Please enjoy reading about Reception’s visit, Year 2’s party, Year 5’s French picnic and Year 6’s recreation of museums!


It has been a wonderful week to end a wonderful half term in Reception. The story of ‘The Frog Prince’ has stimulated a real interest in our own Royal Family, and so this week the children have loved finding out lots of interesting ‘royal’ facts. The children have been so excited to learn all about Queen Elizabeth ll, and designing her a new crown and painting her portrait were fun challenges for all. The children’s beautiful portraits, along with hand written questions, have been added to a very special book for Her Majesty and sent to Buckingham Palace in the post today! In Maths, the children have been focusing on developing their spatial reasoning and have enjoyed many different shape related challenges. It has been great fun and exploring tangram puzzles provided a super opportunity for team work. As pond dipping was met with such enthusiasm last week, the children visited Wicken Fen for more fun this week. The children have been invited back again in the future due to their excellent behaviour and enthusiasm. Well done to you all! Have a wonderful half term holiday.

Year 1

Our English and science lessons have been combined this week, as we have been writing explanations about the life cycle of a sunflower. We adhered to our writing non-negotiables to ensure that our science writing was as good as our English writing. We used time connectives and lots of scientific language to explain the different stages a sunflower goes through in its lifetime.

Year 2

What a wonderful week we have had in Wonderland! Year 2 have been reading about the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. We have completed lovely comprehension activities and have been working specifically on sequencing and summarising. We have also looked closely at invitations and the information they contain. We found all of the important parts and created our own Alice in Wonderland birthday party invitations. Next, we planned a party using the skill of list writing, and finally, we wrote the instructions for a ‘Guess Who’ party game, focusing on imperative verbs and instruction words. In maths, we have introduced fractions, looking at halves and quarters of shapes and amounts. Our creative time has been spent finishing our Mat Hatter 3D hats and working hard on our Alice production. Thank you to all of the families who have been practising – keep it up!
The highlight of our week has been our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on Friday! We came to school dressed as either a character from the story or another fictional character for the day. We had a photo shoot (check us out on Instagram), played a game of croquet, followed our instructions to play ‘Guess Who’ and had a selfie photo booth! In the afternoon we had a wonderful session working on our Alice play and wrapped up our afternoon with a picnic tea, complete with a cup of ‘tea’ (which turned out to be a tea cup of jelly!). It was a fantastic day, thank you to all of our families for the wonderful costumes and fun!
Have a lovely half term.

Year 3

This week in our science lesson the children enjoyed working in pairs to create a game that uses magnets. The children either used a magnet and a metal ball to create a maze, or a magnet and several paper clips to create a fishing game. They all had a go playing each other’s games and we discussed how their game uses magnetic force to attract materials.

In PSHE we talked about good choices we can make over the next week, suggestions included helping parents cook and clean up dinner and putting litter in the bin. The children had to think of habits to keep our bodies healthy, for example, exercising regularly, brushing our teeth twice a day and drinking water.

Please look at our film clips here and here.

In Spanish this term the children have been learning how to say shapes and colours in Spanish alongside exploring work by the Catalan artist Joan Miró, who made abstract paintings inspired by his dreams. This week the children made their own pictures based on their dreams and Miró’s bold use of shape and colour before writing sentences in Spanish to describe their own pictures using phrases such as ‘Arriba hay…’, ‘En el centro hay…’ and ‘Abajo hay…’. They produced excellent artwork and very accurate sentences. Here are pictures by Isabella, Abishaun, Otis and Virginia. Well done for all your hard work on this topic Year 3!

Year 4

In maths this week, Year 4 took to the outdoors for some problem solving. They worked in pairs to locate hidden clues and use their problem solving skills to find the correct digits of a passcode, to ‘escape the forest’! I was impressed by their enthusiasm and team work. Also in maths, Year 4 have been using protractors to measure and draw angles. They are developing their accuracy well.

In humanities, the children worked in groups to create their own bids for the FIFA World Cup! They used FIFA’s criteria to ensure they included reference to how they would deal with environmental issues, how they would ensure all players played fairly, how they would make all spectators and players feel welcome and how they would use funds to provide for the community. There was a lot to consider, but each group presented their bids effectively. The children chose appropriate music intros to play and provided short scenes and several visual props to entertain the viewer. FIFA will have a tough choice deciding the winner!

Well done to all those that completed their research projects and submitted them on time. I look forward to reading them during half term. Enjoy your half term break, Year 4.

Year 5

What a half term it has been! It seems to have flown by and now half term looms. As I write this, I am remembering all of the great work that the children have completed since Easter. We have almost finished studying our last ancient civilisation, after which we will be comparing different civilisations and using all that they have learnt. I have always been impressed with their desire to produce their best in all subjects and it is rewarding to see that the quality of writing is consistent across all subjects, not just in writing. The Joseph rehearsals are coming on apace and I am certain that you will enjoy the show when it finally arrives. The children certainly seem to be enjoying the rehearsals and have done a great job at learning all their lines. I could mention more high points as the children have been wonderful this half term.

In the morning, they also performed their scenes that they had prepared in French. All their language skills in ordering and serving food were on display as they enacted the scene in a traditional French café and, in one case, a creperie. We finished this half term with a trip to France. Passports and tickets were supplied and we left in the minibus. Unfortunately, we did not make it all the way but Exning was a great substitute. While there, we all partook of a French picnic. Brie, pain, Orangina, crepes and chocolat chaud to name but a few of the quintessential French foods. There were even some hardy souls who tried snails! Then, as no picnic is complete without games, we played Boules. The children seemed to love their time, as you can see in the photos, and it was a wonderful end of term organised by Miss Bryan. I hope they all have a wonderful half term break before we make the final dash to the summer holidays and year 6, when they can finish their memorable journey at Fairstead House.

Year 6

Year 6 became museum curators this week, creating their very own ‘museum in a box’. You may recall from previous newsletters that they made their own dinosaur bones, buried them in a desert-like terrain and dug them up again! Having cleaned their fossils, they now had to display them, adding information posters, drawings, maps and clipart images to bring their museums to life. On Friday afternoon, as an extra challenge, the children used their knowledge of electric circuits to light up their museum, and do note that the Lego figures have returned as visitors! This extended project and finale to recent work in science lessons about ‘Great British Scientists’ has given Year 6 a fascinating glimpse into the life of palaeontologists and the effort of scientists to increase our awareness of extinct species and hidden treasures beneath our feet. They are very proud of their museums and the photos show their work in progress over the past week.


You will now have received an invitation to come and watch our summer musicals. We are very excited to be doing this and look forward to seeing you there!

Years 3-6 – Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dream Coat – In class music, songs have been worked on and learnt and I must say how delighted I am with the progress the pupils have made so far. On Thursday, Mrs Cocks our singing teacher put everyone through their paces and created lively choreographed routines for several of the songs. Lots of energy and commitment was seen from pupils and by the end of the rehearsal everyone felt as if they had been put through a vigorous physical workout! Copies of the lyrics have been given to pupils to take home and memorise. See the slideshow here.

Years 1, 2 and Reception – ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – We were delighted to have Mrs Bell, a parent, join us in our rehearsal today with pupils from Years 1&2. Mrs Bell is a trained and experienced actor and has worked in theatres and television. She worked with a small and very excited group of pupils today, helping them to project their voices and make their characters come alive. So much fun was had today by everyone! I am so pleased with how our musical is developing, well done! In class music, we have been working on learning the songs and dances but help is needed with memorising scripts over half term. See the slideshow here.


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Cups & Trophies

After half term could you please start to return all cups and trophies won last year, cleaned and engraved if necessary. These need to be in School before Friday 2nd July.

Half term Homework

All the children have been sent home with an A4 sheet of paper and, if they wish to, we would like them to design a new front cover for the Homework Diaries for next year.  The design should be an image from around school with no wording please.

The winner will be selected shortly after half term.


A reminder that registration closes at 8:40 in the morning. If your child arrives after this time they will be marked as late, and will also miss part of the morning routine.


You will have received details of the EGM, taking place on the 16th June. In order to attend the EGM you must register using the link which was provided in the original email.


This week we wished a Happy Birthday to Rosalind and Mia.

Wishing you all a lovely refreshing half term break,

Michael Radford