Dear Parents,

One of the many highlights of the week for me was walking past the hall and seeing, first Year 1 and then Year 2, enjoying their Gymnastics lessons with Mrs Toynbee.  Year 1 were working on a very lively (and complicated!) Folk Dance and with great success!  Later, Year 2 were working on their dance, a ‘zombie’ routine to Thriller by Michael Jackson.  These were two completely different dances, but the two year groups approached them with equal enthusiasm it was a delight to see the gusto and zest with which all the children learnt their new moves!


This week, the children in Reception have loved ‘visiting the moon!’
By exploring non-fiction books and using the internet, the children have discovered some wonderful facts. Please do ask them to share some with you. The children were eager to share their knowledge whilst making their own representations of the moon using ‘moon paint!’
Everyone enjoyed the story, ‘Whatever Next!’ and the class loved thinking about what they would take to the moon, if they were ever to visit. The children wrote some super lists.
We took the story with us into the forest, where the children worked as a team to build their own rockets. They also made their own telescopes to explore space further.
In English, they considered where else they would like to travel to in their rockets and enjoyed writing simple sentences to share their ideas.
In Maths, the children have been focusing on recognising shapes with four sides and they have had lots of fun representing these and talking about their properties.  It has been another wonderful week in Reception.

Please may I remind to to ensure that your child has a freshly laundered napkin in school at all times?  Thank you.

Year 1

Year 1 have finally returned home to the United Kingdom after their wonderful trip ‘around the world’. Before returning to Newmarket, the children made one ‘final trip’ to London. The highlight of their London trip was getting to taste some traditional fish and chips!  In History, the children have been learning about the British monarchy and succession to the crown. They learned all about the members of the Royal Family and created their own line of succession in the classroom!


Year 2

Year 2 have spent time planning our alternative endings to Jackie Morris’ ‘The Ice Bear’ story. In our story, the boy has to make an incredibly difficult decision- to return to his bear mother or to remain with his human family. Ask your child what ending they have planned for the boy!
In Maths, we are continuing to add 2 two digit numbers using equipment and beginning to record this as column addition. We introduced the vocabulary word ‘exchange’ (swapping 10 ones (units) for a 10 counter because we cannot have more than 9 ones in the ones place value position). Thank you to all the families who are continuing to practise number bonds to 10.
We have also spent time talking about the human lifecycle as well as that of an Emperor Penguin lifecycle. The children had wonderful discussions about what humans can do in each phase of their lives! We learned that the 4 stages of a penguin lifecycle are: egg, chick, fledgling and adult. The children were amazed to discover that the adult male penguin balances the egg on his feet for the entire winter season?
In Art, we completed a directed drawing in the style of Ted Harrison.
When the paintings are dry we will post some pictures!
Lola’s family sent in some slides of Australia and a slide projector to show them on. It was such a treat to explore a different type of multimedia and have fun looking at wonderful pictures of a continent now familiar to us.
Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us!

Year 3

This week in Science, Year 3 have been investigating shadows. They designed and set up an experiment in groups to see what happened to the size of an object’s shadow when the distance between the object and the light source was increased. The children used their measuring skills, which they have been practising this week in Maths to gather their results. Many of their predictions were correct!

In RS, we have continued to learn about Diwali. This week, the children made some beautiful Diwali cards, featuring a Diwa lamp on the front.  They really enjoyed this activity and were very pleased with the results.

In English, we have moved on to our last area of study of this term, non-chronological reports. We are looking at non-motorised forms of transport. This topic has captured the children’s imaginations, particularly the BMX bike stunts we have watched!

Year 4

In English this week, Year 4 have explored poetry further. They began by writing descriptive ‘chocolate themed’ poems, using the senses to ‘paint a picture with words’. Following this, the children worked in small groups to learn chosen poems by heart. Using their speaking and listening skills, they enjoyed performing the poems to the rest of the class. Finally, Year 4 read ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. They explored how the poet used nonsensical lines to emphasise the magic. They then wrote their own ‘magic box’ poems. For homework this week, the class have been tasked with learning a chosen poem by heart to perform to the class next week. I look forward to seeing the children perform their chosen poems individually, using loud, clear voices and appropriate actions to bring the poems to life!

Year 5

This week has been filled with crime scene investigations, research into Tutankhamun, assessments, tag rugby, Egyptian writing and finding out about refugees. The children have done well to keep up with it. All of that will build into some great work in the lead up to Christmas. I was very impressed with how the children worked out the best way to find ‘Who stole Geoffrey’ and then analysed their findings (do ask them!). They applied all they had learnt to complete the task and worked calmly and with focus in their pairs. We will be finishing their forensic report next week.

We continued to plan our newspaper reports for the day after Tutankhamun’s tomb was found. To help them, they have done research and we have also looked at a wonderful book lent by Mrs. Cook. It has shown the detail of the tomb and the different chambers wonderfully. While we were looking at it, the children were asking questions that showed that they had been learning very well in previous lessons on ancient Egypt.  Well done, all.

In addition, we have been looking at why Christmas is important to Christians. So far we have talked about what Christians think of at Christmas and why Jesus came to Earth. This week, we looked at the fact that, when Jesus was a baby, he became a refugee when his family were forced to flee to Egypt to escape King Herod. This is not part of the Christmas story we often remember but it reminds us that many people can be forced to become refugees through no fault of their own. The children shared some wonderful and insightful thoughts about this.

Year 6

This week, in Maths lessons, Year 6 have been using the formula, V=LxWxH to calculate the volume of cubes and cuboids.
They drew and folded nets of the shapes to create 3D examples for a classroom display and then calculated the number of cubic centimetres each would hold. They were surprised to discover how many 1cm³ you can fit into a 10cm x 10cm x 10cm cube! Do you know the answer? Mr Peace reminded Year 6 of other 3D shapes – such as a triangular prism – and how to use their knowledge from previous lessons on area to calculate the volume. Year 6 are beginning to realise how many mathematical formulae are out there! Wait until GCSE Maths and Physics, I hear some of you say!

French & Spanish

This week in Modern Foreign Languages, Years 3 and 5 were working really hard with some challenging new grammar, whilst Year 4 became budding fashion designers of salsa costumes.  Year 6 continued their excellent listening work with the French film, ‘Les Choristes’. In Spanish, the Estrellas de la Semana were Jasper in Year 3 and Nicole in Year 4; in French, the Etoiles de la Semaine were Michaela in Year 5 and Dylan in Year 6. Well done for working so well!

Miss Kathryn Bryan


This week, in Music, we have continued with our Class Concerts. We have enjoyed listening to instrumentalists and singers perform a variety of songs and pieces to their class. This has proved very popular and many pupils have taken the opportunity to perform several times in class!

From next week, instrumentalists and singers have the opportunity to perform in Assembly:

Monday 30th November for Year 1,
Tuesday 1st December for Years 3 and 4,
Thursday 3rd December for Years 5 and 6 and Monday 7th December for Year 2.

If your child wishes to perform in Assembly, please remind them to bring their instrument (if needed) and music on the day of their performance.

Mrs Karina Warburton
Director of Music

Speech & Drama – January 2021

Thank you to all pupils, parents, guardians and particularly school staff for supporting me over the last difficult six months.

  1. I shall be teaching in person again at Fairstead House in January 2021.
  2. I shall be teaching 11 sessions.
  3. My fees remain the same for the fifth year running but I shall be putting these up from September 2021 in line with many colleagues.
  4. LAMDA exams will take place in person on dates already issued (March 27th March 28th and July 3rd July 4th).
  5. Specific musical theatre exams will take place dependent on Government guidelines – I shall inform you individually.
  6. Invoices will be sent out for the Spring Term in December but do not need to paid until the first lesson of term.
  7. Many parents prefer Zoom lessons at weekends and evenings – If you wish for these to continue let me know by e mail.
  8. Many parents have asked for extra sessions over the holiday period – again let me know if you wish to apply for these.
  9. As of this week and next (or already over half term) all pupils will complete their allowance of lessons for this term – some have received more but I am not charging for these.
  10. Hopefully the Drama Club will return in January but I shall liaise with Dr Brereton and let you know
  11. If any parents wish younger/ older brothers and sisters to start just let me know.

Mr Jonathan Woolf

Fairstead House Trust Limited AGM

Just a reminder that our AGM will be taking place via Zoom on Tuesday 1st December at 7.00pm and everyone is warmly invited to attend.  To register to join the AGM, please click here.

Scarves, Gloves and Hats

As the colder weather is now upon us, please may I ask you to ensure that your child comes to school with a school scarf, hat and gloves.  These should be purchased from our uniform supplier, Mr Cricket.  Thank you.

Christmas Holiday Club

Our popular Holiday Club will be running as usual and details will be emailed to you next week.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Gabriel in Reception and Oliver in Year 6.  Well done, boys!


This week, we wished a happy birthday to Zoë in the Nursery, Gabriel in Year 1, Yuru in Year 2, Annabelle in Year 3 and Bella in Year 5.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton