Dear Parents,

Matilda the Musical!  What a fantastic show with amazing acting, singing and dancing!  It has been an absolute privilege to welcome parents and family friends to watch the three performances.  I have spoken at length about the dedication and enthusiasm from the children, which has been fostered by the energy and drive from all staff here at Fairstead.  It really has been the highlight of the summer term and the children should be very proud of their outstanding performances.

This afternoon was also our street party celebration for the Queen’s Jubilee.  The front of the school was decorated with bunting and the children enjoyed their lunch outside.  The National Anthem was sung, with Mrs Melen providing the melody on the trumpet.  A perfect way to celebrate the end of the first half of the summer term.


Our Nursery insight comes from Ponies 1 this week, who have enjoyed getting in the early Jubilee spirit by having an informal tea party in the garden this afternoon. We have been doing lots of Jubilee crafts this week to prepare to celebrate, especially loving decorating new crowns for the Queen. We enjoyed it a lot more than our serious faces might suggest, and we hope she is really impressed!


It has been a very ‘royal’ week in Reception this week, and having a special lunch with the rest of the school today was a wonderful way to end our week of celebrations. The children have enjoyed learning and writing facts about Queen Elizabeth II and have painted some excellent portraits in her honour. In maths, they have explored subtraction by telling some super subtraction stories (most of which centred around crowns and corgis)! In the forest, there was a royal procession after creating some unique crowns using natural resources, and once back in school the children learnt the National Anthem and explored the meaning behind the words. Taking photos in the royal photo booth was great fun too! Thank you Mrs Freestone! The Busy Bees also planted a special flower in the Reception garden today which was bought from the Sandringham Estate when we went to visit last week. In addition to this, we would like to thank Jude’s great grandpa for coming in to tell us all about how life has changed from when he was a little boy and also to Martha’s grandma for sharing a wonderful story with us all. Have a wonderful half-term continuing the Jubilee fun and celebrations!

Year 1

We learned about Grace Darling’s brave rescue mission in our topic lesson this week. Our English and topic learning have really inspired our artwork. We created beautiful seascapes using water colours and oil pastels.

We had the most wonderful time at Fairstead’s street party to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee today. We enjoyed hotdogs and ice cream in the glorious sun. A huge thank you to Chef and her fabulous team!

Year 2

What a wonderful end to a great half term! The children have spent the morning making scary spiders for their play. We have painted spiders with hand prints, made woven spider webs and built spiders out of pipe cleaners – our classroom is overrun with creepy crawlies!! We had a wonderful Jubilee street party with yummy picnic foods and a lovely ice-cream treat. Have a wonderful holiday!

Year 3

In Year 3, the children have been fascinated by the living plants in our classroom. In our science unit, we have been learning about the transportation of water in plants. As part of this, the children set up various experiments to investigate how water is transported. The first experiment involved cutting a slit in a piece of celery so that one half reached the blue water and the other half reached the red water (using food colouring). They then predicted what would happen… Would the celery stay green? Or would it turn blue, red or even purple? The next experiment involved using white chrysanthemums and roses. We tracked the colour change and predicted which part of the plants would change colour first. Lots of children thought the stem or leaves would change first but others predicted that we would only see a colour change on the white petals. It took a lot of observation and patience but we did start to see colour changes. It took longer than lots of us thought it would. Another activity involved dissecting a lily to identify the different parts of the flowering plant. We were intrigued by the different parts and how delicate the structure was. Our favourite parts were the anthers and we had to be extra careful with the pollen. We also had the excitement of the ‘Matilda the Musical’ performances this week. What super effort from all the children in KS2! We ended the week with a brilliant celebration lunch for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Wishing you all a wonderful half term break and well done to Year 3 for working so hard this half term.

Year 4

In art, Year 4 have been learning how to make a card loom and attach the warp threads securely to allow them to weave the weft threads. They looked closely at different fabrics to identify these and have created a simple weaving using wool and raffia to build their skills. After half term, they will be using images of coastlines to inspire them and create more intricate designs for the coastal weavings. Watch this space!
Year 4 worked hard in their chorus role of the KS2 production and should be proud of themselves.
Have a relaxing half term, Year 4.


Year 5

What a busy week! We started with a wonderful trip to Dalham Hall Stud where we all learnt about the racing industry and how new horses are bred. As always, the children had a wonderful time and the highlight was being able to stroke the horses. They were disappointed at first when the horses did not come over to see them but, after they were led nearer, they gained the confidence to be fed and stroked. Hopefully you saw the images and video from the day on the WhatsApp group.

We also found time to continue working on our one-point perspective books and the children focused wonderfully on their cutting, folding and measuring to ensure all parts could work together. Isabella has already finished hers and you can see how effective they are.

However, the main event of this week was the production which you have hopefully all seen. I will not tell you about it as it will be written about elsewhere. However, I will say that I, as I am sure you are, am very proud of the performances they gave and hope they managed to sleep well last night. Today we have been for a French picnic and you will hopefully have seen images of that on WhatsApp by the time you read this. Have a great half term!

Year 6

It has been another action-packed week for Year 6. They wowed us with their performances in leading roles during the three evening performances of ‘Matilda’ and I’m sure that the children will remember the fun that they had for many years to come. In science lessons, Year 6 have been learning about static electricity and carried out six exciting investigations. Did you know that you can make your hair stand on end (thank you for helping us demonstrate this, Mrs Melen!)…separate salt and pepper…make little bits of paper jump around…use one balloon to repel another dangling on a string…make a strip of plastic hover over your balloon…cause a paper windmill to spin…and even bend water? There were gasps of surprise, uncontrollable giggles and a few escaped balloons but, by the end of Tuesday afternoon, everyone had grasped the concept of positive and negatively charged atoms! The children’s effort in the classroom was even accompanied by thunder and lightning outside…a memorable lesson indeed! In RE lessons, Year 6 have been researching Sikh beliefs and worship. The children learned that Sikhism has its origins in the Punjab region of India. On hearing this, Ashera recalled that she had some Punjabi dresses at home which she brought into school to share with classmates. Thank you, Ashera! The week ended with a lovely outdoor street party to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, with hotdogs and ice-cream for all and a huge thank you from Julian and Giselle, as Heads of School, for Chef and her team. Enjoy the holiday, Year 6, and look forward to your final half-term at Fairstead!


The Great British weather struck both our recent under 9’s cricket matches with Framlingham cancelled due to rain and Dame Bradbury’s abandoned because of lightning! We look forward to our remaining fixtures in the next half of term. Our U11’s were luckier with the weather completing a game against Riddlesworth Hall. The batting and bowling continues to improve with some super 4’s and 6’s hit. In a match where the opposition had players out of age group the boys and girls did amazingly to get within 20 runs of winning. I look forward to our remaining fixtures which include trips to Brookes, South Lee and Framlingham.
Mr Salt

Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing half term,

Michael Radford