Dear Parents

As I write, I am following the progress of the children on their way back from Kew Gardens.  From what I have heard and the photographs I have seen, everyone has had a wonderful day and visiting the glasshouses has really brought their Rainforest topic to life.  The children explored the treetop walkway above the tree canopy and observed blossom emerging and seed pods bursting open.

The children also visited the Palm House, the Marine Aquarium, the Princess of Wales Conservatory and found out about life inside a badger sett.

Nursery & Reception

The children in Nursery and Reception arrived excitedly at school this morning in their sunshine holiday clothes with their suitcases ready for a flight to Brazil.  They had to wait in the departure lounge before they were called to the check-in desk to collect their boarding passes. Everyone had to journey through passport control and have their luggage checked before they were allowed to board the aeroplane.  The children received a safety brief from the airline staff and on board refreshments were served by cabin crew before we landed.

In Rio De Janeiro, everyone enjoyed taking part in a Carnival, complete with Samba dancing!

1-1-IMG_5469 1-IMG_5478





1-1-IMG_5488 1-IMG_5549


Year 1

This week, Year 1 have been exploring weight.  The children have developed their prediction skills to show understanding of the lightness or heaviness of a variety of objects.  They also had to estimate how many cubes an object would weigh and were very surprised to discover that Kitty’s and Joseph’s shoes weighed exactly the same!  The children have continued to look at the Rainforest, in particular its different layers and have continued their studies of sloths by creating flap books focusing on the characteristics of a sloth.

1-making pop up books on sloths 008 1-making pop up books on sloths 005

1-making pop up books on sloths 0071-making pop up books on sloths 004



Year 2

In their Connected Curriculum learning, Year 2 have continued to look at seeds and have discussed what living things need to survive, life cycles, food chains and how living things change over time and with the seasons. They observed plants in their local habitat of the school grounds and surroundings. They have applied their Science learning and used their D&T and Art skills to make a mixed media plant life cycle. Please come into the classroom to admire it!

1-Plant Life Cycle Mixed Media 014 1-Plant Life Cycle Mixed Media 008

1-Pipe Cleaner Bees 002










Year 3 and the Trip to Kew Gardens

Year 3 made the most of all the opportunities available to them at Kew but their favourite was definitely the treetop walkway!

Kew Gardens 2 Kew Gardens 3



Year 4

Year 4 completed their carnival floats this week and they have taken them home for parents to admire!  The children have spent time designing and then making their interesting and unique floats. We had a wide variety of designs including castles, birds, the bottom of the sea, friendship, space and various animal floats.

1-100_2041 1-100_2051

1-100_2050 1-100_2047





Year 5

As part of their History studies this term, Year 5 had been given a homework task to produce and act out one of the Greek myths to the rest of the class.  This week,  Lily, Samantha, Fern, William, Adele and Phoebe put on their wonderful play ‘The Golden Apple’. This group spent a great deal of time practising and brought in their own costumes and props to entertain us with a dramatic and lively performance.

1-100_2066 1-100_2072




Years 5 & 6

Years 5 and 6 enjoyed glorious weather for their trip to Darley Stud, where they were entertained handsomely! They learnt about the breeding industry, the importance of pedigree and the inherited characteristics of a racehorse.  The children were introduced to Dubawi and other famous Godolphin stallions.  They had a wonderful lunch and a tour of the stud in the afternoon where they saw mares and foals enjoying their picturesque setting.


Match Report

On Wednesday 25th May, the Under 11 girls played an introductory cricket match against Dame Bradbury’s School. Together with Dame Bradbury’s, we are one of few schools that have started to play girls’ cricket  so it was an exciting new initiative for the girls.  Fairstead went in to bat first and, after a slow start, we gradually began to connect with the ball and take single runs.  The girls’ confidence began to increase and several bounderies were scored. Dame Bradbury’s bowling and technique was good, which made it difficult for Fairstead girls to score.  All our girls bowled two overs each and put in their best effort and finished with 292 runs. The girls batted and fielded well and are keen to play more cricket. Thank you to Dame Bradbury’s for providing the opportunity for us to try cricket.  We look forward to more cricket fixtures in the future.

After the half-term break. we have a busy Wednesday (8th June) with three fixtures:
Under 9 Cricket and Rounders v Moreton Hall at Home
Under 11 Cricket v Riddlesworth Hall at Home (venue tbc)

The Queen’s 90th Birthday Party

How much bunting can we make for the Queen’s 90th Birthday Street Party?  Please can you help us by cutting out as many ‘triangles’ using this template as possible.  Please use any red/white/blue fabric you have available (either with or without a pattern on) – men’s old shirts are often a good source!  Any volunteers to help us machine the triangles to tape would be gratefully welcomed!

Bunting Bunting


Nursery & Reception’s Trip to Banham Zoo

Nursery and Reception are looking forward to their trip to Banham Zoo on Tuesday 7th June.  All children who attend Reception and Nursery and invited to the Zoo.  Parents are welcome to accompany their children.  Please let the School Office know if you would like to join us.

Please click here for further information: Banham Zoo Trip

Forthcoming Assemblies

We have the following assemblies to look forward to:

Year 2 – 15th June

Year 1 – 28th June

Nursery & Reception – 29th June

The parents of these year groups are warmly invited to watch their child’s assembly.  All assemblies begin at 9am and coffee will be served from 8.40am in the foyer of Performing Arts Centre.


Birthday Cake

This week and during half term we wish a happy birthday to Clare (Reception), Lara (Year 3) Elloise (Year 4) and Nathan (Year 5).

With my best wishes for a lovely half term break with your children.  The children have been working hard and will all benefit from a relaxing week.

Lynda Brereton