Dear Parents

It has now been two weeks since we were joined by our new Head Chef, Ms Charlie Bilner, and I am sure that you have heard glowing reports from your children about the new menus and how delicious everything looks and tastes!  Ms Bilner is thoroughly enjoying getting to know your children and introducing exciting new menus.  She is passionate about sourcing ingredients from local suppliers; the children particularly enjoyed Musk’s sausages this week and the highlight for me was slow roasted brisket with homemade vegetable gravy, Yorkshire puddings, spring greens and Fenland carrots.  The new menu will be on the website next week so please do take a look and I know that Ms Bilner will appreciate your feedback.


It has been a very exciting week in Reception, with some welcome additions to the class.  The children have been mesmorised by the tadpoles which arrived on Tuesday morning. They have loved observing them and have produced some beautifully written amphibian factsheets. They have also enjoyed independently creating their own frog life cycles.
In Maths, the focus has been doubling and the children have been confidently using ‘Numicon’ to solve doubling problems. One of the ‘problems’ caused lots of excitement, as the children imagined the frogs ‘doubling’ in the classroom over the weekend!
The children have also been very keen to create their own ‘frog’ songs and explore topic related vocabulary in Spanish. They also enjoyed visiting the forest; searching for signs of Spring in a different environment. It has been great fun!
Thank you to Mr Nelson for ending the week by sharing his favourite story with the class.

1-Red 2  1-Rec 4


Year 1

We started off with Mrs Scott setting us some very difficult money problems in Maths.   Then we planted avocado seeds and we are watching their progress very closely as Mrs Scott has made it a competition between our houses in the class as to which house looks after their plants the best. Our classroom was then made into a Rainforest roadside stall, so we went shopping and we shopped until we dropped!!

After swimming, we had a relaxing time tasting all the lovely fruits we had purchased from the rainforest stall and they were delicious.

1-Year 1 5 1-Year 1 6

1-Year 1  1-Year 1 2

1-Year 1 3


Year 2

It has been another busy week in Year 2 with the children continuing to focus on a number of ‘Anansi’ stories in English. They had great fun rewriting part of the story, ‘How Anansi Got His Stories’ to incorportate their favourite animals. Year 2 also took part in a West African tradition- telling stories around a campfire!
In Maths, the children have moved onto solving addition and subtraction word problems. Some of the problems were particularly tricky so perseverance was key!
The children have also created factfiles about their favourite animals this week and they are now on display around our map of the world in the classroom! Please do drop in to take a look.

Year 2 Year 23

Year 36 Year 45


Year 3

This term, Year 3 children are studying ‘Plants’ as their Science topic.  This week, they have planted pak choi plants in order to investigate what factors are necessary for plants to grow.  In pairs, the children planned experiments to answer questions such as whether a plant could grow without light.  The children measured the height of their plants and made careful first observations.  During their second observations two days later, they were surprised to find that some plants had grown 2cm in height and produced more leaves and that other leaves had turned yellow!

1-P1110847  1-P1110848




Year 4

In Science this week, Year 4 continued their study of light by investigating mirrors and reflection. They played two games to find out how well mirrors could reflect. One involved mirror writing and the other was to walk along a wavy line using only a mirror to help them. They were not allowed to look at their feet, and they had to use the reflection of their feet and the line to walk carefully along it. It was not easy – as Miss Hodgkinson found out when she had a go!

1-DSC00472  1-DSC00470


Year 5

This week, in Science, the children have been learning about the force of gravity. The children recognised that ‘what goes up must come down’. The children measured the force of gravity acting on objects using a force or Newton meter and investigated whether there is a relationship between the mass and weight of an object.

1-P1110836  1-P1110840



Years 5 & 6

Years 5 & 6 have been developing their problem solving and reasoning skills. The children were quizzed with ‘true, false or sometimes’ statements in which the children had to fully explain and reason their answers, giving examples. A number of domino puzzles also proved to challenge their problem solving skills. Well done to all who persevered!


Year 6

Year 6 have been making their own success criteria for their writing this week. They have been re-reading their stories that are a continuation of a pre-existing chapter from a novel. They enjoyed classifying the content, purpose and organisation, as well as focusing on the style and checking their spelling, punctuation and grammar.

1-Success Criteria photos 001  1-Success Criteria photos 002


Sports Matches

U11 Girls Cricket v Framlingham College

The U11 girls played their first cricket match this season with confidence and composure on the field. The first innings saw Fairstead fielding against their opponents. The girls bowled very well and retrieved balls quickly to throw back to the bowler, managing to get an impressive 7 wickets!  Our batting was equally confident with the girls ‘going for’ every shot and ‘notching up’ runs. Unfortunately, heavy rain stopped play and the final pair were unable to complete the game. The girls were very disappointed not to have a final score, however, they should all be very proud of their performance.

Ms D. Meyer

U9 Boys Cricket v Framlingham College

Fairstead lost the toss and batted first. Each pair had two overs. The strong winds made the bowling difficult and many extras were awarded. Fairstead managed to score 51 runs. Framlingham started to bat but the heavens opened and play was stopped. It was a perfect time for match tea and a chance to warm up. When the rain stopped, the batting continued and they scored 61 runs. There was still time for a further over for each pair so Fairstead batting and increased their score 71. When Framlingham batted they were able to strike a few balls over the boundary and extended their lead to 91. Both teams played well but bowling need to be more accurate for our next match.

Mr M. Radford

Art in Key Stage 2

Key stage 2 children have been working hard on their Environmental Art projects; a topic inspired by Elizabeth in Year 6.  The children’s work is now complete  The children have been particularly creative in their use of materials; really thinking hard about the shapes and qualities of plastic required for their desired effect.  it really has helped to highlight the importance of recycling and using less plastic where possible.  Thank you to everyone who sent in plastic items for use!

1-P1110845 1-P1110854



Technology Club

Building Robots

We’re back up and running after the Easter break and the school has very kindly purchased some Crumble Kits. Like the Raspberry Pi, a Crumble is a micro computer which allows you to design and build all kinds of projects; we are building robots which follow lines. We also have ‘add ons’ that should allow us to turn our creations into fancy light up machines! The first stage is to build the robots, something I am particularly glad the pupils are undertaking as there are a lot of bolts and wires to make sense of. Hopefully, next week we should be able to finish our builds and fire them up with batteries before starting programming.

If you have any questions about Technology Club then please do let me know.

Mr Matt Stannard

Tech CLub 2 Tech Club 3

Tech Club 1-Tech Club 4


Parents’ Association Cup-cake Sale – Friday 4th May

The Parents’ Association will be holding a Cup-Cake Sale next Friday after school, hosted by Years 3 and 4.  Hopefully the weather will be a little kinder to us then!

School Photographs

A gentle reminder that the deadline to order your child’s school photographs is tomorrow.  Please click here to order.

After School Pick-Up

Please ensure that when children have dismissed by their teacher into your care that they remain with you at all times.  Pease do not allow them to go into the car park unattended or into the Nursery playground.  Thank you.

Car Park

If there is not a space for you to park at either drop off or pick up then please exit the car park and try again rather than parking in the staff car park which, as I am sure you understand, prevents staff arriving for work from parking.

End of Year Prizegiving Service & Speech Day – Friday 6th July

Unfortunately, we are unable to have use of St Mary’s Church on Friday 29th June as planned; however, I am delighted to announce that this year Prizegiving’s & Speech Day will, very appropriately, take place at St Mary’s Church on the last day of term.  School will finish after the service.  More details to follow.

Sports Kit

A reminder that your children need to have a complete kit in school at all times to enable them to take part in school games.  If your child does not have a complete kit in school (including a change of socks), they will not be able to participate in games or matches.  Thank you for your understanding.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Georgina in Year 6 and Jessica in Reception.  Well done, girls!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Harvey in the Nursery, Gabrielle in Year 2 and Eleanor in Year 4.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton