Dear Parents,

This has been another busy week with so many events to celebrate and share with you.  I would firstly like to thank the Parents’ Association for all their hard work and help in organising and setting up the Autumn Glow on Saturday.  It was a truly magical evening and thank you to all the families who were able to come along and join in.

Also this week, Years 3 and 4 had their first residential trip Burwell House and had the most amazing time.  The photos on Instagram provided a full story of all of the activities that took place – I am sure they will all sleep well this weekend!


Travelling into space has been the focus in Reception this week! Writing what to pack to take to the moon has helped the children to write sounds in sequence independently, and thinking of questions to ask Dr. Helen Sharman has helped develop speaking and listening skills. The children were very interested to find out all about Dr. Sharman and they have enjoyed drawing illustrations of her floating inside her rocket. Reading the story, ‘The Darkest Dark’ by astronaut Chris Hadfield inspired the children to consider their dreams for the future. It was wonderful hearing their ideas and aspirations. Creating ‘the moon’ using moon paint and watching the moon landing was a particular highlight. Camouflage was the focus in the forest and the children loved wearing their leaf print t-shirts to hide in their surroundings. Meeting ‘Leaf Man’ was an added bonus! Please continue to learn your lines for the Nativity over the weekend, as it will soon be ‘Showtime’. Thank you for all your hard work so far.

Year 1

We have continued with our Handa’s Surprise unit in English this week. We created our own story maps and then used them to retell the story using words and phrases from the text. In science, we took part in a very exciting experiment. Handa contacted us to say that a huge hole had appeared in her favourite raincoat. She asked us to find a waterproof material suitable for patching up the hole. We examined five different materials closely and made predictions about which one we thought might be waterproof. We decided what we had to keep the same to ensure that it was a fair test. We then tested our materials to see if they were waterproof. Two materials were proven to be waterproof: the plastic bag and the tin foil. We made sure that we let Handa know!

Year 2

Year 2 have begun looking at the next traditional tale in our series: The Gingerbread Man! We have read 5 different versions that follow the same story plan, but with different main characters, different animals and people chasing and different endings. We have mapped out the traditional story with clear images and repeated refrain, ready to write our own versions next week. I wonder who your child will have running away? In maths we have been looking at adding and subtracting using exchange. This has been a tricky week, but we have worked very hard and are really getting the hang of swapping a ‘stick of 10’ for 10 ones. Please do keep practising! In our topic lesson we have been using Venn diagrams to compare 2 or even 3 Gingerbread Man stories. We have participated in a directed drawing activity using the iPads and painted some wonderful backgrounds using organic shapes, ready for some Yayoi Kusama dots next week!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Years 3 and 4

Wow, what a week in Years 3 and 4! We had a wonderful time away on residential at Burwell House. The children had the opportunity to have new experiences and use many resources for the first time. Having not experienced it before, learning a new process and using the kiln in the enamelling workshop was a real treat. They made their own keyrings (which were sent home with their gift shop items) and we hope you’ve seen their handiwork. Batiking was a huge favourite and the children listened well to safety instructions to create a woodland design on their own bag (these will be coming home soon). A big part of our stay was learning essential map skills and navigating the beautiful grounds of Burwell House. Some of our children were natural map-readers and were chosen as ‘experts’ to support others. What an essential life skill! Many activities promoted team-building, communication, perseverance and collaboration. The children strengthened their relationships with each other and overcame challenges. Meals were served ‘family style’ and the children developed responsibilities for clearing away and leaving the tables spotless. We were really lucky to have such delicious food whilst we were away. The children loved staying in their dorm rooms with friends and even managed to strip the beds and leave the rooms clean and tidy. Hopefully the children will continue to develop their newfound skills. A brilliant trip was had by all and the children have definitely made lasting memories.

Please see our Instagram page for photos and updates whilst we were away. The story photos are all saved in the Burwell House highlights. Please ask your children to tell you more about these photos and their time away.

Year 5

This week, we have started to study square and cube numbers. It has allowed us to use modelling to understand what these terms mean. As the understanding has grown, so has their ability to explain their thoughts using the correct terms for precision and clarity. We have also been looking at solving problems that need them to apply their understanding of these numbers to find solutions to logic problems. I have been very impressed with how they have been able to use their understanding. Well done. I hope you all also read the match report where a group of year 5 pupils won their game against Brookes School!

Year 6

Year 6 have had a busy week! On Tuesday afternoon, they had a practice interview with Mr Radford (in preparation for forthcoming entrance tests…have I mentioned them?!) and they each shared a portfolio of certificates and notable achievements that they had prepared at home. Later that day, Ashera, Bella, Giselle and Prince performed to parents at this week’s tea-time concert in the PA. They impressed us all with their beautiful singing! Wednesday brought a fixture and tournament at Brookes Cambridge and Old Buckenham Hall. Well done, Prince, for scoring two goals and being named ‘Player of the Match’. This week’s letter-writing task, in English lessons, was to ask Mr Radford if Year 6 could contact a famous person and invite them to spend a day at Fairstead House! The children had to explain the reasons for their choice and how the whole school might benefit from the celebrity’s skills and talents. On Friday afternoon, the children shared their models of ‘an Anderson shelter in a wartime garden’ which they have thoroughly enjoyed making in Mrs Newman’s Art/DT lessons. The photos below show how they built the internal structure before adding the corrugated card; notice the model beds, tables and chairs! Well done, Year 6! Another great week!

Music and Drama

Rehearsals for our up-and-coming performances are well underway! Everyone is working so hard and the excitement is building! No scripts will be allowed in the rehearsals from Monday so please have your lines and lyrics from memory. Please also remember to bring in costumes next week, all items should be named and in a named bag. We would also welcome clothes hangers if you have any to donate to our drama department.


This week we have played and won matches in 3 different sports!

U11 Hockey v Brookes School
On Wednesday, we took a mixed hockey team to Brookes for a match. It was wonderful to see the children participating in great spirits and applying the skills we had been teaching. We were playing on grass, which was a new experience, but the children rose to the challenge, showing perseverance and determination that paid off in the end. The final score was 4-0 to us, with goals scored by Charlotte, Grace and Prince. A wonderful match to watch and umpire as it demonstrated so many of the skills and principles we encourage at Fairstead House.

U9 Football v Brookes
Despite the weather, our U9 boys put in a brilliant team performance in their match this afternoon.  Some strong running and powerful shooting put us comfortably ahead in the game with Fairstead 5-0 up at half-time.  With the teams muddled together in the second half the game was much more competitive, with boys from both schools having a greater chance to express themselves. The second half finished a thrilling 4-4! Well done to everyone for some great teamwork and resilience in the rain!

U9 Netball v Brookes
Six determined girls from years 3 and 4 went to Brookes to play a game of netball.  From the start, it was clear they were determined to win, and win they did, 8-0! This was made possible by some excellent team work and movement on the court.  From moving the ball up the court to passing it around the circle, they showed some wonderful skills.  In the end, two goals each were scored by Virginia, Lily, Lola and Lefkianna. We are very proud of how the girls performed and they definitely deserved the win!

School Council

Fairstead House School Council are pleased to announce that on Friday 10th December 2021, the children will be invited to wear a Christmas jumper to school to support ‘Save the Children’ charity.
More details will follow in next week’s Newsletter.

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford