Dear Parents,

The highlight of this week for me has undoubtedly been welcoming Year 3 and Miss White and Year 4 and Mrs Newman back to school this week.  It was a joy to watch the children’s evident delight at being back with their friends and teachers.  Their happiness and excitement was echoed by their teachers, who were both equally thrilled to be with their class again.  Next week, we look forward to welcoming Year 5 on Monday and Tuesday and Year 2 on Thursday and Friday.


This week in Reception, the children have enjoyed climbing aboard their boats and going sailing. ‘Starlight Sailor’ and ‘The Paper Boat Story’ have been two books which the children have loved reading this week.
The stories have inspired some wonderfully creative writing and some beautiful art work.
The children have enjoyed writing postcards, telling Mrs Sanders all about their adventures at sea. Making lighthouses and finding out all about them has helped keep everyone safe and eating ice lollies has been an added treat!
Please remember to familiarise yourselves of the daily fun planned for next week! Details can be found on Tapestry.





Year 1

Year 1 have had such fun this week. In Maths, the children were allocated a number each and played physical addition and subtraction. We laughed a lot!  In English, the children looked back at all the lovely things they had done in Year 1 and wrote about some of their favourite things.
In French, the children had great fun writing about what activities they would do during the week when on holiday. They very much enjoyed the ice-lollies Dr. Brereton brought them to cool down as it was so very hot!


Year 2

Year 2 have been enjoying taking part in lots of investigations in Maths this week and have been honing their problem solving and reasoning skills. In English, the children wrote stories about AJ the Apatosaurus’ adventures in Newmarket, that were packed full of action and adventure! They also had fun writing ‘blurbs’ and designing front covers for their stories. Year 2 finished the week off with a game of bingo on Zoom. Much fun was had by all!











Year 3

The highlight of the week for Year 3 has undoubtedly been the two days spent back at school on Monday and Tuesday. It was great for the children to have the opportunity to see each other in person once more.
Activities were linked to our Science and Humanities topics and included: quizzes, a science competition to make a seed case that would stay in the air for the longest amount of time, yoga, rounders, fruit-based art, making traditional Japanese theatre masks, outdoor maths work linked to a Japanese fairy tale and watching part of the Japanese anime film, ‘Ponyo’.

The children have continued to work brilliantly at home this week. As part of their English work on insects and explanation texts, Charlotte wowed us with some fascinating facts about ants and shared a great video of an ants’ nest she found in her garden.

Year 4

Year 4 returned to school this week, for their two days of ‘creativities’. It was such a pleasure to see them enter with beaming smiles; they were extremely happy to see their friends.

During this time, the children demonstrated their acting skills by performing short scenes to each other. They enjoyed some physical activities outside and some cooler Art activities inside.

The highlight, however, were the children’s rockets that they made from fizzy drinks bottles and corrugated plastic. We launched these on the field and measured how far they travelled. Sophie and Toby were the joint winners with a distance of 17 metres each! The children hypothesised that the amount of water in the rocket would affect the distance it travelled. They suggested we try a rocket with no water and one almost full. So we did! They were surprised that the empty bottle did not travel at all, but this led to some interesting discussion.

A very enjoyable two days!


Year 5

A change this week as the pupils looked at the chemistry of the Ancient Greeks and how it changed into alchemy. Whilst the Ancient Greeks were focused on alchemy, many useful inventions came from their experiments, including the printing press.  After the children had written some wonderful Haikus based on the four elements, they then had a go at printing at home.

As the term was drawing to a close, the Maths has focused on using the skills they have learnt and applying them to a range of problems. I have been pleased to see how the children applied their knowledge and remembered what had been taught. I have seen their problem solving skills develop even with the unusual situation of home-learning. I am impressed how many children have risen to the challenge of working independently.  I am sure that it will pay dividends in future years.

We ended the week by interpreting music and writing a narrative piece based on an extract from the Firebird suite by Igor Stravinsky. As I write this, we have not started yet so I can only wait with anticipation of what will be produced. I look forward to seeing the children in school next week and I wish you all a good weekend.

Year 6

Year 6 have been working hard on their ‘Anywhere Island’ project this week inventing a new creature and thinking about its classification and characteristics. They have also been solving some mystery Maths problems. On Monday, they successfully made biscuits using chef’s own recipe. I am very impressed with the way they are now measuring and weighing ingredients and reading the recipes. They have also successfully finished their Crest Science Challenges with the last two this week, involving designing a boat to take weights without sinking, and testing materials to see which was best at repairing a hole in a bucket. On Wednesday morning, the class took part in the High Jump competition. It was a close run event, with eventually a win by Ava who cleared 1.16m and Abiram, who was second, at 1.14m.
The weather has been extremely hot this week so instead of our informal rounders match on the Severals we had a fun afternoon with the school sprinkler and hosepipe. Finally, on Friday, the children enjoyed the new school paddling pool!



Key Workers’ Children

This week, the children in the Key Workers’ bubble have all been working hard.  Here is some artwork made with tissue paper by Alex and his sister, Annabelle, and a dinosaur helmet by Fenella.




Speech & Drama

‘Hello – what an interesting academic year this has been. I am so looking forward to seeing your children in person from September.

There are some exciting changes afoot for next term!  I will now be teaching Drama on Wednesdays rather than Tuesdays.  We are also looking at the possibility of two Drama Clubs, split between Years 1 to 4 and Years 5 to 6.  If you think to may be interested in Drama Club for your child, could you e mail me as soon as possible.
I want to make the drama more specific to age groups.
Updates too – LAMDA exams which were postponed in March and July now taking place (hopefully in September) via Zoom. Those families affected are being contacted personally.
6 spaces available for individual tuition – both exam work and non exam work – LAMDA Trinity and RADA Exams now available – do you want your child to build their self esteem – increase their vocabulary and prepare for secondary school interviews?
E-mail me on

Happy Summer everyone and keep safe

With best wishes,

Jonathan Woolf’

Head’s Awards of Merit

This week, Head’s Awards were won by the following children, for the lovely reasons given in this morning’s assembly. Well done, children!

Reception – Roan and Harry

Year 1 – Jessica, Jessie, Lara, Amelia and Laila

Year 2 – Lilly and Otis

Year 3 – Pearl

Year 4 – the whole class!

Year 5 – Perdita

Year 6  – Eleanor and Abiram

With my best wishes,

Lynda Brereton