Dear Parents

It has been wonderful to see such creativity throughout the school this week and it is my pleasure to share it with  you in this Newsletter.  As ever, please take the time to come into school and appreciate all the artwork and the hard work of the children.  Our thanks go to our specialist Art Teacher, Mrs Newman, for her huge variety of inspirational ideas.


This week in Reception the children had a wonderful surprise! The wolf from the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story had been captured on camera over the weekend, in school! The children were so excited to study photos of him around different parts of the school and they loved going on an adventure to try and track him down. They spoke to lots of members of staff and children to share their news and to see if anyone had witnessed anything. Unfortunately, he wasn’t still around but the children did find out he had eaten all of the ice cream in the kitchen!
The children decided that they would like to set a trap filled with ice cream to see if they can catch him. They will be setting the trap on Monday, so please watch this space to see what happens!
The children have also enjoyed listening to and acting out a new story – ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.
The children have had great fun exploring and estimating the amount of porridge eaten by Goldilocks using different sized spoons and bowls.  They have also been learning our number bonds to 10 and doubling numbers to 10 using numicon and bears.
A real highlight was making the bears some porridge to replace what Goldilocks had eaten. Each bear had their own porridge with a different topping and the children were delighted to taste test them all! Jam was the clear winner although they were all delicious.

1-Rec 2-001  1-Rec 3

1-Rec 4-001

Year 1

This week in Year 1,  the children have been exploring numbers by focusing on odd and even numbers.  In English, the children have used adjectives and connectives to describe the aliens which they created last week.  Please do come and have a look!  They have also been exploring the textures of the planets in our solar system and in  particular at the surface of Mars.  Using controlled mixing and adding flour and crushed cereal to their paints, the children have represented Mars’ rusty, rocky surface.

1-DSC00272  1-DSC00274




Year 2

In Science, the children have begun investigating which material would be the most suitable for the bottom of their school shoes. They considered the desirable properties for the sole and recognised that they were looking for a material that was flexible, bouncy, waterproof and strong. This week, they were trying to work out which was the bounciest material, by dropping a variety of  balls (rubber, plastic, polystyrene and sponge) from different heights to establish which would bounce the highest!

In English, the children have been using their knowledge of the Arctic and Antarctic to write riddles about their favourite animals. They will be using these to enter the Young Writers ‘Little Riddlers’ competition.

1-IMG_0032 (002)  1-IMG_0033


1-IMG_0030 (002)


Year 3

This week in History, Year 3 have been looking at historical events from different points of view. They discussed how the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings might feel differently about the raids visited on one group by the other and explored how a recount would sound if told by the victor, compared with one by the loser. The children took on the roles of interviewer, both Viking and Anglo-Saxon, deciding on the questions that might be asked and how they might be answered. The Vikings were all keen to repeat the exercise – Anglo-Saxons being ‘very easy to beat, and they’ve got lots of gold’; while the Anglo-Saxons were very indignant that the Vikings felt they could just sail over here and help themselves. Musings that some of the Vikings would like to stay did not go down with the Anglo-Saxons.

1-Year 3 1-Year 32


1-Year 33  1-Year 34


Year 4

In Art, Year 4 have been designing and making their own Viking helmets.  This week, the children used a mould and papier-mâché techniques to create their models.  The are looking forward to adding their own individual features to their helmets, such as cheek guards and nose guards, in the next lesson!

In Science this week, Year 4 have been learning about how fossils are made. They then had great fun making their own fossils with Plaster of Paris.




1-DSC00257  1-DSC00260



Year 5

Year 5 are reading ‘Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief’ this term, linking their learning across English, Geography, History, Classical Greek and Art. With specialist teaching from Mrs Newman, they are designing and decorating their own replicas of Greek vases in Art. They researched style, effect, line and colour in non-fiction books initially.

1-Vases with Mrs Newman 004  1-Vases with Mrs Newman 010

1-Vases with Mrs Newman 009  1-Vases with Mrs Newman 008



Year 6

In Art this week, Year 6 have been studying the designs and features of Ancient Greek vases and pots.  The children have modelled their pots from clay, using thumb pot and coil techniques.

1-DSC00285  1-DSC00288



Sports Matches

U11 Netball 
Due to the cancellation of the U11 macthes, it meant that the children enjoyed an extra training session this week. The girls have been learning to work together to block out the opposition and are beginning to learn how to get the ball past, around and even under tall defenders but they were particularly excited about developing their umpiring skills.

1-IMG_5118  1-IMG_5113

U9 Girls Hockey v Old Buckenham Hall School

The U9 girls played their first hockey match this season.  It was a brilliant opportunity for the girls to learn to work together as a team and practise their techniques.  They were delighted to take an early lead and their spatial awareness and passing improved considerably as the match went on.  Unfortunately, Old Buckenham Hall proved stronger and the match ended 2-1.  The Player of the Match was Ella and well done to all the girls!



U9 Boys Rugby v Old Buckenham Hall

The U9 boys had their first rugby match and played with great enthusiasm.  They learnt to dodge the opposition, pass more accurately and touch down with two hands.  They worked well together as a team and it was a closely fought match but Old Buckenham clinched a 4-3 victory.  The Players of the Match were Abiram and James.  Well done boys, a fine achievement!


In Music this week, Year 2 enjoyed using the tuned percussion instruments (Glockenspiels, Metallophones and Xylophones) to improvise melodies, using various Pentatonic scales accompanied by simple drone accompaniments.
1-IMG_0621   1-IMG_0626


1-IMG_0624 (002)


Technology Club

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has signed up – I am delighted that so many students have signed up this term! We have been playing with Virtual Reality which everyone seems to enjoy!  We are hoping to do some Virtual Spacewalks soon. This week, we started using ‘Osmo’, an interactive coding product to build code, to control an on screen character. Another group built ‘Fairstead Fred’ – our very own Voice Bot whom we could ask questions and get a response from.   We tried this using Google Home and Google Assistant (which showed the power of voice although playing songs is still a favourite in the club).   If you wanted to play with Voice at home, the Google Home Mini is a very good place to start!  Unfortunately, I am away next week so there will be no Technology Club on Thursday.

Mr Matt Stannard, 4PS Marketing

1-Tech Club


National Horse Racing Museum – Twilight at the Museum Event

‘Twilight at the Museums is a FREE after-hours event for families, where museums and collections across the county will open their doors for a variety of torch-lit and illuminated adventures. For the first time, Palace House Newmarket is delighted to be joining in the fun. Remember to bring your torch!  Please click here for further information.’

Informal Tea-time Concert

On Tuesday 30th January, we have our first Informal Concert in our Spring Series.  Thirteen Instrumentalists will be performing on various instruments in our Performing Arts Centre. Our wonderful Music Prefects will be serving refreshments from 4pm.  Family and friends are very welcome.

School Musical Instruments

We have 3 lovely cellos and a trombone available for pupils wishing to try them. Free trial sessions at break times are open to pupils who are interested in learning violin, cello, clarinet, flute or trombone! Do encourage your children to have a go.

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Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Nicole in Year 1 and Izzy and Isabella in Year 4.


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Theo in Year 3.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton