Dear Parents

A particular highlight of the week was taking Reception children for their first Forest School adventure.  We were blessed with a glorious day and we all had a wonderful time.  We started off by exploring the whole of ‘our’ forest area and all the rules for forest school days were explained.  Children then enjoyed making a collection of a wide variety of leaves, seeds and all manner of interesting things.  They are all looking forward to their next visit!



IMG_44861-Forest 2



Nursery has been exploring the letter ‘P’ and they have painted treasure maps and made sand footprints.  They have enjoyed using different textures and materials whilst learning all about pirates.

1-44-Newsletter 7 0441-56-Newsletter 7 056


George showed Reception some astronaut space food which he had brought back from the Space Centre he visited during Half Term. The food was dehydrated ‘so that it wouldn’t be so heavy when it travelled up to space in the rocket’ – so George told the children!

The children wanted to add a picture of a Giant to their display. They decided that it would be good to draw around Miss Benton as she is so tall!


Year 1

This week Year 1 has focussed on China.  The children have made Chinese dragons and lanterns.  They have been finding out where China is and how far away it is.  They have used atlases to locate different countries’ flags from around the world and then they designed their own flag.

1-04-chinese dragons and using atlases 0041-13-chinese dragons and using atlases 013

1-20-chinese dragons and using atlases 0201-25-chinese dragons and using atlases 025

Year 2

In their music lessons this term with Mrs Kothari, Year 2 has focussed on a simple accompaniment style, the drone, and practised performing melody and accompaniment parts. They have found out how the drone is an important part of traditional Indian music and learnt about Indian instruments, as well as performing a number of Indian songs with drone accompaniment. This week, Abiram brought in Tabla drums from Sri Lanka. Year 2 have applied their learning about the drone and really enjoyed playing the drums.

1-Tabla Drums 002

Year 2 has been continuing their Anglo-Saxon History and Literacy and have been looking at the saga of Beowulf.  Year 2 sequenced the story, planned their own retelling, improved their writing by sharing it with a friend, wrote their final version using different kinds of sentences and then they recreated the full Anglo Saxon Mead Hall experience through oral retelling and role-play of the epic poem. Year 2 used descriptive details in the Beowulf text to make masks for the role-play and used their DT Skills to evaluate and improve their mixed media work.

1-Beowulf Masks 001 3-Beowulf Masks 003

Year 3

Year 3 has been exploring the inverse relationship between multiplication and division.  Colin is justifiably proud of his achievements!


Year 4

Year 4 has started their new Science topic of States of Matter.  In these photos the children are demonstrating solids where the particles are closely packed together, liquids with the particles more loosely joined, and gases with the particles spread out and free to move.


Here they are investigating whether air has weight. They balanced two balloons on weighing scales, burst one (with much squealing!) and found out that the balloon which they did not burst tipped the balance scale down. The children concluded that the air does, indeed, have weight.


Year 5

As part of their Literacy studies, Year 5 has thoroughly enjoyed the start of the new genre ‘Myths and Legends’. After reading and learning about different examples of Myths, including the impressive ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’, the children have created and illustrated some fantastical mythical creatures of their own with much excitement. They will be lurking in the corridors of school soon!

1-P1080681 1-P1080683

Year 6

In their DT studies, the children’s wood work projects are coming to an end and the results are brilliant.  The final part of the task was to add a photo, correctly sized to fit the frame.  The children will be taking their work home soon and hopefully new photos can be added to the frames.


Year 6 visited King’s Ely during Friday afternoon as part of an INTEL computing day.  They took part in a range of activities that involved using a variety of software and apps to explore programming and other technologies.  This event was held courtesy of Tablet Academy.

Match Reports

U11 Netball v Moreton Hall
It was a chilly afternoon on Wednesday when we travelled to Moreton Hall for a High 5 Netball match. Moreton Hall shot well from the beginning, scoring two goals in the first 5 minutes. Our shooters, Phoebe and Emma-Louise, took a bit longer to warm up but also scored two in reply. We then scored another before the quarter ended. In the second quarter, Moreton Hall defended a lot better which made it difficult for Fairstead House to pass to the shooters. Charlotte and Samantha did well in circle defence but the Moreton Hall players were better rebounders. At half-time, Moreton Hall were winning by two goals. Fairstead House picked up their play in the third quarter, scoring three and Moreton Hall scored zero. The final quarter was quite tense as Fairstead House were only ahead by one goal. Moreton Hall’s players were simply better attackers in the last quarter and so scored more goals. It was unlucky for Fairstead House to lose by 1 goal as the result could easily have been the other way around. Well done to all the girls and our Player of the Match, Phoebe.

Shahn Woodyatt

 U11 Football v Moreton Hall
With depleted numbers due to sickness, our remaining boys travelled to Moreton Hall for their first fixture this half term.  Parental support was tremendous and boosted the team’s confidence.  We played well and moved the ball effectively through the field.  However, Moreton Hall had one particularly strong player, who had the skill and speed to beat most of our team and he was determined to score.  Jonathan played fantastically well in goal but was unable to stop such well placed shots.  Moreton Hall took a lead and we continued to fight.  We managed to create some scoring opportunities but their keeper was very agile and confident.  Although we managed to score one goal, Moreton Hall were ahead.  The match was close and our fixtures against Moreton Hall are always played with such positivity and encouragement.  The final score was 8 – 1 but the boys should be very proud of their efforts as the score does not reflect their performance.

Michael Radford

Next Fixture:

Wednesday 2nd March  – U11 Football v Friends (Home)
All boys in Years 5 and 6 will be taking part.

Real Tennis

You may be aware that Newmarket has one of only 26 real tennis courts in the country.  We have been lucky enough to have been invited to a forthcoming open morning on Saturday 19th March.  Our local club are very keen to introduce the other Sport of Kings to the next generation.  We hope to be offering a real tennis after school club in the summer term thanks to the generosity of The Dedanists’ Foundation  at our local club.   Please visit their website: or pop into the School Office for further details.

Parents’ Evening

This term’s Parents’ Evening will be held on Thursday 10th March.  Please contact the School Office to arrange an appointment with your child’s teacher.

Please note that there will be no Play Rehearsal or Touch Typing Club on that evening.  Football Club will go ahead as usual.

Refreshments will be available in the Front Office for you to take to your appointment.

Cupcake Sale

The next Cupcake Sale will be Friday 4th March.  This will be hosted by Year 4 parents.  All cupcakes will be 50p.  Thank you for your continued support with this.


Further to my Parentmail yesterday, please be aware that we have been struck by a rather virulent sickness bug this week.  May I remind you to keep your child at home for 48 hours following their last episode of sickness.


Birthday Cake

This week we wish a happy birthday to Emily and Erin Appleby, who celebrate their 4th birthdays.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton