Dear Parents,

Last time I was writing the newsletter, the school was abuzz with music and dancing from the FHPA’s Valentine’s Disco, which was a big hit!  Thank you to everyone who supported the event and indeed the parents for signing up.  This week, yet more dancing has taken place with the Danceathon, to raise money for Newmarket Day Centre.  We are still waiting for a few more sponsorship forms to be returned and then will announce the total, but so far the sum raised has been very impressive.  Once again, thank you for all your support.

The children have returned from the half term break with enthusiasm and a ‘ready to learn’ attitude, which has been wonderful to see around the school.  As you will see from the details below, learning at Fairstead has been varied and fun, with photographs showing many smiling children!


Celebrating ‘Twos-day’ was a wonderful way to start the week in Reception. In Spanish, the children enjoyed singing songs and learning new vocabulary linked to the number two, and in P.E. they had fun working in pairs to develop their throwing and catching skills. In literacy, the children created story maps of Jack and the Beanstalk and then used these to write captions linked to the story. In maths, the children discovered the names of a variety of beans and then used these to create some super patterns. Planting their own individual bean seeds was met with enthusiasm and the children are eager to see how tall these will grow. The children also thoroughly enjoyed sharing all their super dance moves during the Danceathon. A big thank you to Miss Drayton and Year 1 for organising the event. Thank you also to our ‘surprise reader’ this week, who shared a beautiful book written by a member of her family. What a treat!

Year 1

This week in art we learned about the French artist Henri Matisse, who was known for his use of colour and shape. We studied a number of his well-known pieces of art before focusing on his most famous collage, ‘The Snail’. We used brightly coloured pieces of paper to create our own snail collages. We were so proud of our collages as we felt that we had done a good job at replicating Matisse’s style!

On Wednesday, we had a wonderful time taking part in the 6 hour ‘Danceathon’ to raise money for Newmarket Day Centre. In total, we danced for 90 minutes – what an achievement!

Many thanks to you all for all the money raised so far.

We are extremely grateful for your support.

Year 2

Welcome back! It sounds like you had a wonderful break. This week Year 2 have been learning about money. We have been making amounts, identifying coins and working to find multiple combinations of coins for a given amount. We have also been comparing the Arctic and the Antarctic. We have read about Shackleton and his brave journey and have been thinking about how difficult that journey would have been. A huge thank you to Year 1 for organising the danceathon, we had an amazing time!

Year 3

It was fantastic to welcome the children back after half term and start off some exciting new units in various subjects this week. In maths, we started our new statistics unit and had lots of fun reading, interpreting and creating pictograms, bar charts and tables. We really enjoyed representing our data in lots of different ways. In English, we started our new unit of non-chronological reports. We started by analysing our class WAGOLL – ‘what a good one looks like’. Here, we identified the key grammatical and structural features that we will need to include in our own non-chronological reports later in the half term. In science, we started our new unit of forces and magnets. We started by identifying different pushes and pulls and particularly looked at forces in sport. From the photos below, can you identify the sport we are playing and see whether we are pushing, pulling or both? We also start our new unit of PSHE – healthy me! We found out why exercise is so important for our heart and lungs and also thought mindfully about the amount of sugar in different foods. The highlight of the week was definitely the Danceathon. We had the best time dancing with our friends to the music whilst raising money for the Newmarket Day Centre. Well done, Year 3, your dance moves impressed us all!

Year 4

Year 4 returned to school this week full of energy, as always. In science, they started their new topic, ‘States of Matter’ and began by identifying solids, liquids and gases. Interesting questions were raised about sand, sugar and cream. They learned the properties of each state and this made it easier to categorise.
In PSHEE, Year 4 developed their design and collaboration skills, when invited to the ‘Funniest Potato Person’ competition. They were challenged to create ID cards for their potato characters, including details of their jobs and hobbies. Some super teamwork was demonstrated!
Year 4 then considered their friendship groups and completed friendship charts. This encouraged them to think carefully about how they feel about different friends and why.

Year 5

This week Year 5 have been able to finish off their writing from before half term. I was very impressed with how they returned to school; they could still remember our theme for writing and also the features we had been learning. They certainly hit the ground running! It has resulted in some excellent letters trying to persuade Hal’s parents to let him have a dog. They are all now primed to ask for what they would like from you so be firm! Hopefully, they will now explain, not pester. I thought I would take a break from pictures of them doing science experiments although I hope to share some next week as we investigate the extension of springs due to a force. Some of you will already be thinking about Hooke’s law from your days at school!

Year 6

Wednesday saw the most exciting event of the week…the Danceathon! In their 12.00-12.30pm slot, Year 6 wore themselves out, dancing to a selection of Kidz Pop tunes and seeing how many balloons they could keep up in the air at one time! No wonder they were desperate for a drink of water as soon as they sat down for lunch! Thank you to everyone who sponsored the children and helped to raise a huge sum for the Newmarket Day Centre. We are still happy to collect donations on Monday when the final total will be announced. In lessons, Year 6 concluded their English unit on playscripts by performing a selection of scenes that they had written themselves and they worked very hard in maths lessons on fractions, decimals and percentages. Well done, Year 6!


U11 Netball – triangular tournament v Finborough and Orwell Park

A Team (wearing red in the picture)

On Wednesday 23rd February the Under 11 A team played netball against Finborough and Orwell Park.

We played Orwell Park first. We started with first centre and got passing amazingly accurately and that was followed by a few goals. Giselle did some strong passes and catches. Elsie did some ‘insane’ scoring along with Ashera and Gabi who defended their players incredibly well. This allowed us to take more possession of the ball in the game. The final score was 13-0 to us, and I was voted player of the match.

The next match we played Finborough. We again started with first centre, and we all got into space allowing Giselle to quickly pass to us. Elsie did some very strong passes which were great because their players could not intercept them. Gabi stuck with her player well and prevented her player from scoring. This helped a lot. Ashera was incredibly helpful as she was always in the right space when we needed her. The final score was 7-0 to us and I was voted player of the match.

Well done team keep up the great work!

Ella W., U11 Sports Captain

B Team (wearing green in the picture)

On Wednesday, the netball B team went to Finborough to play in a triangular tournament. It was wonderful to see them play as they showed how much they have developed over the term. It was clear that they were thinking about their positions and their marking which made it a lot harder for the opposition to pass. In addition, our team were moving around the court, using the space. Our scoring started slowly but soon our shooters had adapted to a higher hoop than they were used to. This resulted in both Charlotte and Lottie scoring. In defence, there were some fingertip touches that deflected the ball, allowing for a turnover. From the side line, I was very impressed with how they gelled as a team over the course of the day, leading to a win over Finborough after a close defeat to Orwell Park. Congratulations are due to this team!

Mr Everitt

U9 Netball v Riddlesworth Hall

Five of your girls went to play Riddlesworth Hall this glorious Friday afternoon. They played wonderfully and showed great drive and determination. It was obvious that they have been thinking about the drills we have done in training and, over the course of the game, their movement around the court developed, as did their confidence. It was a close fought match with a final score of 9-7 to Riddlesworth Hall, but our girls can be happy with their great performance. They represented themselves and the school well. Congratulations to all.

Mr Everitt

Performing Arts

Informal Tea Time Concert

Congratulations to everyone that performed in the Tea Time Concert on Tuesday 22nd February. What a wonderful range of musical styles, including a traditional Spanish dance-like piece, a mysterious and moody contemporary piece called ‘The Detective’ and a jazzy ‘Intercity Stomp.’ We also enjoyed listening to a piano duet performed by Mrs Duffety-Fuller and Bert, as well as a piano performance by Toby Fells’ Mum. Well done everyone!
Our next concert is on Tuesday 8th March.


This week our ensemble groups started rehearsing together, and here we have a super string duet playing, and a piano trio (the pianist was behind the camera!).

Matilda the Musical

Our class Music and Drama lessons are full of energy and most of the big songs have now been choreographed. Well done everyone!

Mrs Warburton

Parents’ Association

This week your children will have brought home a letter from the Parents’ Association about table sponsorship for the Summer Ball, which is on the 7th May 2022. Please contact either the school office or email the PA directly at if you would like to sponsor a table, or offer a raffle or auction prize.

Have a lovely weekend, and we look forward to seeing your outfits (KS1) and props (KS2) for World Book Day next Friday!

Michael Radford