Dear Parents,

The highlight of the week has been the fantastic costumes for European Day of Languages.  Miss Bryan has enthused staff and children with an assembly, lessons and many learning opportunities.  A huge thank you to her for all her preparation and effort to make the day so memorable.

As you will see from the events below, the children have thoroughly enjoyed today, and indeed their week.

European Day of Languages

What a fabulous day we have had this Friday at Fairstead House! Miss Bryan would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and carers working hard to get together such impressive and diverse costumes for our celebration of European Day of Languages. Miss Bryan started the day with an assembly about Frida Kahlo, who showed us how important it is not to give up even when we face challenges and that art can be another way to express ourselves just as we do with languages! As well as themed activities with class teachers, the children all had a languages lesson where we discussed why celebrating languages and different cultures is important and Miss Bryan was really impressed with some of the mature reasons given. Reception learnt how to count to ten in ten different languages; Year 1 and Year 4 learnt about the international travels of BusyBee; Year 2 designed t-shirts to celebrate European Day of Languages; Year 3 did a scavenger hunt about languages; Year 5 completed a quiz in teams and Year 6 had a taster Russian lesson! Thank you to all the children for making it such a special event!


This week, the children in Reception have been given ‘The Power!’
They have enjoyed learning an inspirational song to help them to strengthen their ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ and have celebrated their strengths and achievements by making medals. These were worn home with pride.

The children have also loved reading about Gerald, the giraffe who couldn’t dance. Everyone decided that if he just kept trying then he could achieve his goals. In the end, he was a super dancer! This was the message that the children have carried forward with them over the week and we have seen some super hopping, skipping, and balancing in P.E. and some great problem solving skills in maths. The children have also used their imaginations to create their own giraffes and have recalled some amazing facts. Please do ask them to share some with you at home.

Fairstead Fred has also been excited to start his adventures again. He is looking forward to sharing a weekend with you soon!

Ending the week celebrating ‘Languages Day’ and learning to count to 10 in an array of different languages was also a real treat. Thank you Miss Bryan!

Note: Please remember that if your child is staying for an after school club, they may bring in a healthy snack and a bottle of water.

Year 1

Year One flew to North America this week and they have been busy learning about the signs of Autumn, or Fall as it is called there. The children explored the autumnal objects they discovered at the weekend and together came up with a list of adjectives to describe them. They then decorated their own autumn leaves and choose suitable adjectives to add to them.

In their art and topic lessons, the children have been designing and making dreamcatchers. They absolutely loved hearing stories of how some people hang dreamcatchers above their beds to catch their bad dreams, allowing only good thoughts into their dreams.

Year 2

What an exciting week we have had in Year 2! We have been looking at the story mountain and working out what has happened at the beginning, the middle and the end of ‘The Deep Dark Wood’. We have thought about characters and setting, the problem and the resolution as well. Finishing our look at this text, we have created our own monster that we would like to have tea with and have written lots of adjectives to describe the monster’s personality and their looks. In maths we have been looking at place value and numbers to 100. The children have been looking at the spellings of digits to 100 and noticing the patterns. We have introduced bead strings and have made 2 digit numbers using every type of tens and units equipment we could find! Our look at the ‘Healthy Eating Plate’ started with sorting play foods into what went together and how we could group the foods. We had some very creative ‘sandwich’ groups, some roast dinner groups and some children had sorted themselves into salad. It was a wonderful introduction to the food groups and why the groups are important for our body. In art, we have completed our ‘Into the woods’ pictures, collaging the pieces together for a wonderful forest picture. On Friday, the children out-did themselves with amazing costumes representing languages around the world. Such an amazing week! Have a lovely weekend.

Year 3

It has been a busy week of learning in Year 3 this week. In English, we started reading ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. Here, our focus was on accurate character descriptions and creating an image for the reader with our choice of vocabulary. We have been inspired by Dahl and his use of language to really capture the reader’s imagination. In maths, we have been comparing and ordering numbers. We have also increased our range of representations and we have been comparing dienes to place value counters. We loved discovering more about, and identifying, exoskeletons, endoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons in science this week. In preparation for our Ancient Egyptian day next Thursday, we made accessories to wear on the day. In Spanish, we had a grammar focus this week on masculine, feminine, singular and plural. We also celebrated our two elected School Council representatives. Congratulations, Sophia and Yuru, we know you will represent our class with pride!

Year 4

This week, our Year 4 historians studied artists’ interpretations of the day to day lives of Ancient Egyptians. They identified what was happening in each scene and what could be learned from it. When feeding their evidence back to the class, Year 4 used sentence starters such as ‘my opinion is that’, ‘it seems that’ and ‘I agree because’. This supported them in analysing the secondary evidence more closely.

Year 4 also began making Ancient Egyptian headdresses for our much anticipated ‘Ancient Egyptian Day’, next Thursday!

In science, Year 4 used modelling clay to make the digestive system. They worked hard to show which organs are towards the front and back of the body, the ‘layers’ as it were, as well as showing how and where the organs are connected to each other. Once these were complete, Year 4 labelled the parts and wrote their functions. I was exceptionally pleased with the results, as were the children – well done!

Year 5

European Language day always brings out the best outfits! From traditional Russian outfits to Spanish dresses, we had it all – even a pangolin. As you can see, the class embraced the day and they went on to have a wonderful quiz in their language lesson where they learnt numerous useful facts such as ‘barbeque’ being a Spanish term.

In the afternoon, they realised that it was only three months till Christmas and so started to make their Christmas cards with the support of Mrs. Cooke. An industrious afternoon of drawing, colouring and cutting followed, in which they completed the lion’s share of the work. Now they just need to compile the varied parts into their personalised masterpieces.

Year 6

Can you believe that three weeks of the school year have already passed? The days are whizzing by! But what a finale to this week – the 20th birthday of the European Day of Languages. Year 6 looked amazing in their colourful and varied costumes and it was lovely to hear them share facts about their chosen country with Miss Bryan.

Talking of sharing things, teachers love it when children bring in items from home that promote a class discussion, especially when they are connected to a current topic. Well done, Ella, for finding a 101-year-old half crown to share with classmates today! We have been talking about pounds, shillings and pence in our history lessons about the 1930s. Since coming back to school, Year 6 have also brought in a model horse made from the lava of Mount Etna (Gabi), a golden key-ring from Frankfurt airport (Ashera), precious gemstones and an interesting piece of granite rock (Ashera and Bella), a selection of old and modern coins (Michaela), photos of pets (Ella and Gabi) and impressive artwork (Ashera and Bella). Keep it up, Year 6!

In science lessons, Year 6 have finally had a nice day to hang up their bug hotels in a little patch of south-facing garden, near the classroom. The children will check on them periodically to see if any visitors take up residence in the colder months ahead. They have also started their PowerPoint presentations about classification. Do you know the difference between a mollusc and a crustacean? An annelid and an echinoderm? Year 6 are looking forward to finding out!


In our drama lessons this week, pupils were given scripts to read through and rehearse in groups. Years 3 and 4 were given small sections from the much loved story ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by C.S.Lewis, and Years 5 and 6 were given a script inspired by Gervase Phinn’s book ‘A Wayne in a Manger’ which retells the traditional nativity with lots of funny antidotes and scenarios. As usual, much fun was had during our lessons, not just during the group rehearsals and mini performances, but through games and role play.

Half Term Holiday Club

We will be running a Holiday Club for the second week of half term.  If you would like your child to attend, please complete the booking form here and return to the email address on the form.

Have a lovely weekend,

Michael Radford