Dear Parents,

This week we have seen the most fabulous display of artwork in the Performing Arts Centre.  The Art Exhibition demonstrated a wealth of skills from the children and their confidence using such a wide range of media.  I would like to thank Mrs Newman for creating the fantastic display and also for all her work in leading the art throughout the school. Having a specialist art teacher inspiring and teaching from the the youngest reception child right through to Year 6 makes such a difference to the progress they make and the quality of work produced.


Next academic year we will continue swimming with Years 3 and 4 However, Years 1 and 2 will not be travelling to the pool.  Instead they will be receiving an extra PE lesson and this will also enable the class teachers to dedicate more time towards topic work.  We would encourage parents to continue swimming lessons outside of school where possible.

Class Teachers

On Wednesday 29th June, the children will be meeting their new class teachers as part of our ‘Move Up’ morning.  This will be a great opportunity for the children to see their new classrooms and learn more about the next academic year.  The teaching team are looking forward to welcoming the children and I know there are many exciting activities and learning opportunities that have been planned.  The class teachers next year will be:

  • Reception – Mrs Sanders
  • Year 1 – Miss Drayton
  • Year 2 – Mrs Allen
  • Year 3 – Miss Hunt
  • Year 4 – Mrs Newman
  • Year 5 – Mr Everitt
  • Year 6 – Mr Peace

Art Exhibition

I am so proud of all the art work that the children from Reception to Year 6 have produced this year; in particular, the creativity and progression that was clearly evident. It was a huge pleasure to display it at our Art Exhibition on Tuesday and an absolute delight to share it with the children’s families. Thank you to those that joined us.
Mrs Newman


The Yearlings children have been having lots of fun, continuing the topic of ‘Animals’ through water play. A sensory tray was set up using water, different containers and animals for the children to explore together. The children developed their fine motor skills further by using the different containers to pour and scoop the water. The children displayed great imagination throughout this activity. Some of the children decided to wash the animals and others made them swim in the water. Yearlings also used amazing communication skills, talking about what they had discovered through using their senses. Some of the children were explaining how the water was “cold” and how it looked like “the sea”.


This week, the children were introduced to a wonderful story all about a boy called Billy and his very special bucket. The children have thoroughly enjoyed retelling the story in school, so please do ask them to share it with you at home too. They were also able to visit Billy’s shop and used their recent knowledge of British coins to buy a range of different sea creatures for their own buckets! In the forest, everyone had their own colourful bucket and enjoyed hunting for mini-beasts to share with Billy. It was wonderful to see such super ‘Exploradactyls’ in action!

In PSHE, the children took part in a Circle Time discussion which focused on how exciting change can be, and everyone is now looking forward to spending time in Year One next week! This topic linked perfectly to how the tadpoles in the classroom had grown and changed, and it was decided that it was now time for the frogs in the tank to find a new home.

Thank you to Mrs Newman for organising the school art exhibition where the children were proud to display and share their super art work, and thank you also to Monty’s mummy for visiting the class and being this week’s Surprise Reader. Sharing a story all about a very cheeky monkey was a very popular choice!

Year 1

In science we have been learning about the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the autumn time but evergreen trees keep their leaves all year round. We went on a hunt around the school grounds for deciduous and evergreen trees. We were thrilled to find examples of both!

We have also been busy planning, editing and writing diary entries in English this week. It was great fun writing in character and we all tried hard to use interesting adjectives to describe how our character was feeling. Some children used commas to separate their adjectives in sentences – very impressive!

Year 2

Year 2 started our week with a visit from Mr Evans, an actor who came to lead a drama session about the Great Fire of London! We discovered how to move like fire and how to create buildings with our bodies. Next, we became Samuel Pepys or Jane (the maid) to act out how the people would have been feeling. Finally we created a tableau with the King and all of the courtiers ready to receive Samuel Pepys with the grave news. It was a wonderful experience! In maths, Year 2 have been meddling with time!! We have discovered that time is a unit of measure and that a minute is the same length no matter how long or short it feels. We have been working on o’clock, half past, quarter past and the tricky quarter to. Next week we will work on 5 minute intervals and duration of time. Please do look at an analogue clock and see if your learner can tell you the time. We are all looking forward to our dress rehearsal on Monday. Please can we have any outstanding costume pieces in ready for the show. Remember to rehearse your learner’s lines this weekend! Have a lovely weekend.

Year 3

This week has been an action packed week of exciting and practical learning inside and outside the classroom. The highlight of the week was definitely our trip to Lidgate Farm in Isleham. Here, we supported our science learning and plants unit by seeing the fruit fields in action. The children thoroughly enjoyed finding the ripest, juiciest and biggest strawberries. They had to be extra careful about where they stood. They couldn’t believe how much our strawberries weighed at the end! Year 3 were fantastic representatives of our school and the public were impressed with their knowledge, attitude and behaviour. Our maths lessons have also been very practical this week where we have been making 3D shapes and identifying their properties. We also classified many shapes and had to use our reasoning skills to explain whether they were prisms or pyramids. An excellent week of learning, Year 3!

Year 4

Year 4’s final science topic for the year is ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’. The children have learned that vertebrates can be classified into five groups; mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. They learned how to classify these using a variety of characteristics such as number of legs, warm or cold blooded and gives birth to live young or lays eggs. They then conducted an ‘invertebrate hunt’ and found specimens of arachnids and insects. Using the iPads, the children photographed the specimens and classified them back in class using a classifying key. Finally, they drew labelled diagrams of their chosen invertebrates and identified characteristics including head, thorax and abdomen.

Year 6

This week, in Science lessons, Year 6 learned about symbols for electrical components – wire, battery, bulb, buzzer, motor and switch – then drew a circuit diagram for a series or parallel circuit that they created. On Tuesday, they loved visiting the Art Exhibition in the PA and were impressed with the quality of art and DT work across the school. Throughout the week, they have been recalling their Hollowford adventures and used a range of ICT skills to make a fun photo diary of their week in the Peak District. On Friday, Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their leavers’ lunch, courtesy of Chef and her team and, with only two weeks of the school year remaining, have started to think about their leavers’ speech. We said ‘Goodbye!’ to Michaela today, as it was her final day at Fairstead House School, and we all wish her the very best for the future!

House Cricket

Friday afternoon, our three Houses took each other on at cricket. The matches were for our Year three and four pupils and were very evenly matched throughout . Going into the final over of the final game all three teams could still win the tournament. It was great to see so many boundaries hit with some big sixes in the last game. Congratulations must go to Wedgwood who held their nerve in the final over to beat Buckenham by 2 runs and win the tournament. Game 1: Taylor bt Buckenham by 22 Runs. Game 2: Wedgwood bt Taylor by 8 runs. Game 3: Wedgwood bt Buckenham by 2 runs.
Mr Salt

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford