Dear Parents

I have just returned from a wonderful day at the racecourse with Year 5, where we had an informative and fascinating insight into the world of horseracing.  We were taken into the weighing room, the jockeys’ changing rooms and the children even went into the sauna!  A highlight for all was being allowed into the Channel 4 Morning Line studio, where the children were captivated and silenced to see themselves on television!  It is due to be broadcast on the Morning Line either tonight or tomorrow morning.  The children visited the Parade Ring, choosing the best turned out in the Shetland Pony Grand National Race and then watched the race from the Royal Box!

1-racing-1 1-racing-2


The children have been closely following the developments in the new build and clearly have their own design ideas!

1-sept-3-41 1-sept-3-30





Reception enjoyed taking their Numeracy lessons into the Forest School and counting a variety of natural objects.

1-img_6485 1-img_6490

1-img_6494 1-img_6517



Year 1

In class this week, the children have been reading the story “Owl Babies”.   They discussed and wrote about the beginning and end of the story and then, using paper plates, began to make their own owls.


Year 2

In Literacy this week and within their Connected Curriculum topic Hide and Seek: Finding Children In The Past, Year 2 have been enjoying the classic familiar story Not Now Bernard . They have been sequencing the story individually, in groups and as a whole class. The classroom has been ringing with the sound of the whole class chorusing “Not Now, Bernard!” as they have read it together. They then discussed how Bernard’s parents could not notice he had been eaten by a monster in the broader context of the invisibility of children in the past.

1-not-now-bernard-sequence-003 1-not-now-bernard-sequence-007


Year 3

The introduction of the new £5 has intrigued the children this week. They started by investigating the differences between the old and the new notes; then discussing the security features and why they were needed. The example of the new note was lent to the class by the Office and (fortunately!) it survived being soaked. The children researched the history of paper money – first used by the Chinese in the 7th century – and discussed how and why money first started being used.


Year 4

Year 4 have continued to investigate tonal qualities using a variety of media.  Here, they are representing cellophane wrapped Fruit Sherberts, concentrating on light and dark.

1-year-4-art-001 1-year-4-art-004


Year 5

Year 5 discussed the theory of evolution this week and learnt how Darwin thought of his greatest theory in the Galapagos Islands. It was after studying the Galapagos finches and their adaptations that his ideas formed. Year 5 are investigating different kinds of bird ‘beaks’, first predicting then finding out, which one will be best for each food type.

1-100_2246 1-100_2258




1-100_2256 1-100_2247


Year 6

The Year 6 have relished their new found school responsibilities.  As well as a new Head Boy and Girl (see below), Fern and William are the new Sports Captains.  We also welcome new House Captains and Vice Captains, who will champion their Houses over the coming academic year.


1-fullsizerender-003 1-img_3430

This week, the girls U11 played netball against Riddlesworth Hall.  They played 2 small matches.  The younger team played particularly well, leading 4-0 at the end of the first half but we finished with a 6-6 draw.   Particularly impressive amongst our younger players who have limited Netball experience were Izzy and Lucy (who even stepped up to play in the older game).

The boys also travelled to Riddlesworth on Wednesday for a tag rugby match.  As it was their first game of the season, the boys played an extended mixed teams session, which encouraged them to hone their running, passing and tagging skills.

Head Boy & Head Girl and School Council

We are delighted to announce that our new Head Girl and Boy this year are Adele and Luie.  All children from Year 1 upwards then elected two children from each year to represent them on the School Council.  I am sure that they will make wise and sensible decisions!

1-p1090642 1-p1090666


Run the Walks

Children from Years 3 – 6 took part in the Newmarket “Run the Walks” today.  Running in relays, the children tore round the Severals carrying the baton for Fairstead House.  Well done everyone!


1-p1090734  1-p1090717


Emergency Contact Numbers

Please ensure that we have up-to-date emergency contact numbers in case your children are poorly at school.

Parents’ Association Meeting

The next Parents’ Association meeting will be held at 8.45am on Friday 30th September in the DT Room.  All parents are welcome to attend!

Netball Club

Please note that there will be no Netball Club this week.  Children who usually attend Netball Club may join in with Multisports.

We would be delighted to welcome all girls from Year 3 upwards to Netball Club!

Pick-up in the Afternoons

Please can we encourage parents who pick up both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children to make use of our free After School Care until 4pm for younger siblings and pick your children up together at 4pm.  This will ease congestion in the car park.  Thank you.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children.

Lynda Brereton