Dear Parents

What a joyous afternoon we have had welcoming so many grandparents into school!  They enjoyed a lesson with their grandchild, a tour of the school, a rousing and moving cantata and finally an afternoon tea in the Hall, where some of our musicians entertained our guests.  My personal thanks to Mrs B., Mrs M., and Mrs A.-M. for making it all possible.

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This week the Foals and Yearlings have been mainly focused on keeping cool and happy in the heat, so we’ve spent lots of time splashing, scooping, and pouring in the paddling pool! The Yearlings have learnt a new counting song – five little sandcastles – and made some related sensory collages.  The Ponies have enjoyed cookery lessons this week and making their own sunglasses to wear in the hot weather!

Foals Today 1-Foals Today 2

1-Today 1  1-Today 2


In Maths this week, Reception have been counting money. The children set up a shop and had to pay for items and work out the correct change.  Our afternoon in the forest was a hot one this week! The children were surprised by how much cooler it was under the shade of the trees.  As part of our topic work on journeys, we have been making space rockets and aliens out of clay. The models are now on display in our classroom. Do come and have a look.

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Year 1

This week, Year 1 have been focusing on time in Numeracy.  They all showed a good understanding of o’clock and half-past in both analogue and digital form.  They extended their knowledge by looking at quarter past and quarter to and they found the analogue easier than the digital!   We found the weather rather too hot on Wednesday afternoon so we cooled down by paddling; this was enjoyed by all immensely!   In Science this week, we have been looking at the habitats of woodland, pond, sea and soil and exploring what animals we would find in these habitats.

maths on time 007-001  habitats 012

maths and cooling down 017


Year 2

Year 2 have been taking advantage of the good weather this week and have been discovering local food chains. They have observed them closely, thought of their own questions and recorded their findings. They have then researched food chains from their topic text, ‘A Strange Place to Call Home’ and made their own food chain based on their favourite animal from one of the harsh habitats.

Year 3

On Thursday morning, Years 3 – 4 took part in the Primary School Games at Newmarket Academy.  They competed against 12 local schools.  The children enjoyed a variety of activities, including hurdles, vortex throwing, relay, rugby (Pop and Try) and basketball bounce amongst others.  We were very impressed with the effort and the team spirit displayed by the children over the long morning.  We were delighted to come first in the hockey (Push and Go) activity!

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Year 4

As part of Science this week, Year 4 investigated how electricity works. They learned about circuits and had great fun creating circuits of their own!

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Year 5

Year 5 are continuing their study of bubbles.  This week they have thought of their own questions to investigate, ranging from ‘does adding food colouring make different coloured bubbles?’ to ‘does hand soap make better bubbles than fairy liquid?’.

P1100845  P1100843


Year 6

This week, Year 6 enjoyed a visit from two local Police Community Support Officers, PCSO Bailey and PCSO Gedney.  The Officers talked to the children about the importance of Internet safety and how to stay safe when online.  On Wednesday next week, Year 6 will be visiting a microbiology lab in Snailwell.  Our thanks to Mrs F. for organising this visit.


Sports Matches

U9 Girls Rounders v Glebe House School

“On Wednesday 21st June, Fairstead House U9s played Glebe House School, who are very near to Hunstanton so they travelled quite a long way.  They won the toss and chose to field.  I scored the first half rounder and Ella scored a whole rounder which was also the first.  Glebe’s fielding was very good and they were especially good at stopping the ball and getting it back to the bowler and stopping us.  When we got on to field we were all ready to go.  Well done Izzy and Lara for their great fielding and for Zara for also doing great fielding but also for making some great throws to second base so we got people out. 

We had a chance to bat again and in the 2nd innings everything got better.  All our batting improved which was too strong for Glebe and lots of us scored rounders.  Well done to Abisha, Jeanne, Evie and Georgia for doing some great hits.  Glebe weren’t that quick this time on getting the ball so we had lots of half rounders at second base.  Our fielding was so much better this time and we were getting nearly all of the balls back to Abisha in the batting box.  They were hitting a lot more balls than the other innings and some rounders got away.

In the end we lost with a score of 13½ rounders to 15 rounders.  The player of the match chosen by Glebe was Ella for scoring 3 whole rounders for Fairstead.  Also well done to Samantha and Fern for doing great umpiring. Well done team and better luck next time.”

Match Report by Lucy in Year 4

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U11 Cricket v Felsted School

“The U11 boys played a hard ball cricket match against Felsted School.  We lost the toss and they decided to field, so Nathan and I padded up.  We were doing well with quick runs but unfortunately I tried to defend the ball and missed it!  So Luie came into bat and they were doing brilliantly with some 4s.  Nathan went to hit the ball and it dropped so quickly that it hit the wickets.  Next Finlay came in and was doing ok but got bowled out after a couple of runs.  Luc came in next and was doing quick singles until Luie got out after a long time.  We tried hard and got 108 runs.

Next, we were fielding and Luie opened with some accurate bowling.  I was bowling next and I got somebody out.  Luie and I bowled 4 overs each and then Nathan and Paul bowled and it’s one of the best times I’ve ever seen them bowl, it was so accurate.  Toby, harry and Sam were a tremendous help and Sam was a brilliant wicket keeper.  They needed 5 runs off the 15th over; first they hit a single and then Nathan bowled one slightly to their right and they smashed it for 4.  Unfortunately that was the end of the game and Felsted won with 4 overs to spare.  Thanks again to the Year 4s, Toby, Harry and Sam.

Well done team, it’s been a good season and than you for all playing for Fairstead!”

Match Report by William (Year 6).


This week is national Drowning Prevention Week.  All of the children in Years 1 – 4 were taught strategies to keep safe in the water and how to deal with the shock of falling in cold water.  Please ask your child to share their knowledge with the rest of their family!

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Dates for your Diary

Monday 26th June at 1.30pm – Yearlings, Nursery and Reception’s Sports Afternoon

The children have been practising hard and we are looking forward to seeing you all there, irrespective of whether your child normally attends Nursery on a Monday afternoon!

Tuesday 27th June – Parents’ Evening

Please telephone or e-mail the School Office to arrange your appointment with  your child’s teacher.

Wednesday 28th June, 3.00pm – Summer Celebration Concert

All children in Years 3 – 6 are taking part in this concert.  I have had a preview this afternoon and can assure you that you have a very special treat ahead of you!

Friday 30th June, 2.00pm – Speeches & Prizegiving at St Mary’s Church

All children from Reception to Year 6 will take part in this very special end of year service.  Refreshments will be served afterwards and please collect your children after the service.

Monday 3rd July, 2.00pm – Sports Afternoon on the Severals.

You are welcome to bring a picnic and take up your positions form 1.00pm.

Holiday Club

Just a reminder that Summer Holiday Club will take place throughout the summer holidays until the last two weeks. Please find a booking form here.

Trophies and Cups

Please could all children who were awarded a cup or trophy at last year’s Prize Giving please bring their award back to the School Office as soon as possible.


Please note that unfortunately there will be no Coding Club on Monday 26th June.  On Tuesday, Board Games, Mathletics and Classical Greek will not go ahead because of Parents Evening.  On Friday, Rugby Tots and Cricket will also not take place because of the Speech Day & Prize-giving Service.

Loom Bands

Year 6 are doing an amazing job making and selling their loom bands to children, staff and parents in their bid to raise money for a grand piano. Their altruistic initiative is commendable and I look forward to sharing with you the total raised at the end of the term!

Kindness Cup

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Lily in Year 6 in Finley in Year 2.  Well done, both!


Birthday Cake

This week, we wish a happy birthday to Louis in Reception, Harry in Year 1 and Chloe in Year 5.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton