Dear Parents,

This week the highlight has been the most fantastic display of carved pumpkins.  A huge thank you to all parents who helped their children carve and decorate pumpkins – they all looked amazing!  Also this week I was very pleased to attend the informal concert, where children of all abilities showed great confidence in performing their musical talents.


Tickets for Autumn Glow (Saturday 20th November 5-7pm) will be going on sale via Classlist in the next few days so watch out for these! There will also be an option to sign up to volunteer, FHPA cannot run events without the generous support of parents and any assistance you can provide will be much appreciated!

Operation Christmas Child – Shoe Box Appeal

We have sent home a leaflet for the Operation Christmas Child shoe box appeal.  If you would like to take part, please return your shoe box to School after half-term and we will arrange to deliver all the donations to the nearest drop off point.

The charity organising the appeal is called ‘Samaritans Purse’ and the idea is to fill and decorate shoe-boxes with suitable Christmas gifts for children less fortunate than ours, Comprehensive instructions (DO PLEASE READ!) and ideas for filling the boxes can be found on the accompanying leaflet, together with stick-on labels to indicate the suitability of the contents e.g. ‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’ in one of the following groups: 2-4 years, 5-9 years, 10-14 years.

School Council – Fundraising Update

We are pleased to announce that Fairstead House has so far raised £164 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thank you to all the children who participated in the fundraising and to everyone who contributed so generously to this very worthwhile cause.

Informal Concert

This term, we have seen the return of our much loved Informal Tea Time Concerts. It was an absolute delight to have pupils from Years1-6 performing on various instruments including violin, cello, flute, piano and voice to an audience of family and friends. Congratulations to everyone that have performed so far this term. We have several more concerts planned after half term on Tuesdays from 4:10pm and I will be in touch with parents of pupils performing.


It has been a wonderful week to end a wonderful half-term in Reception. The children have thoroughly enjoyed continuing with the theme of Harvest and the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. They have become amazing artists and created some super still life art work. Being enthusiastic ‘Exploradactyls’ and exploring weight and capacity in a range of different ways has also been great fun. The children are very much looking forward to visiting the Jarman Centre for Forest School when they return. They were very excited this week, to spend time preparing for their first visit.

A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who donated to Newmarket’s Open-Door Charity. The Reception children were extremely ‘busy bees’ and spent time at the end of the week sorting all the products ready for collection today. Your kindness and generous has been greatly appreciated. Wishing you all a very happy half-term!

Year 1

We were overjoyed to receive a letter from Percy the Penguin’s friends, Bertie and Martha, this week. They had seen the children enjoying hot chocolate at The Jarman Centre on DB Primary and were keen to try it themselves. We decided to write some clear and bossy instructions on how to make hot chocolate for Percy to take home to his friends. Of course, we got to try some hot chocolate first!

In science this week, we have been matching materials to their properties. We made posters by choosing suitable materials to match a range of properties including shiny, dull, rigid, flexible, transparent and opaque. We then investigated the ways certain materials could be changed by trying to twist, stretch, squash and fold them.

Year 2

Wow! Year 2 have had such an amazing week! Our DT project for this half term was ‘Perfect Pizzas!’ and this week has been chock full of pizza fun. To start the week we went on a data collection walk around the school. We stopped in so many classrooms and asked all of the adults and many of the children what their favourite pizzas were. We tallied the information on a chart and came back to the classroom to discuss our findings. There was a great deal of debate about why our answers were not all the same and why this is can be ok. We then took our findings and created pictograms to show the results. The children applied their understanding of greater than and less than to the results and answered lots of questions about their findings. Next, we designed our own pizza boxes. We researched pizza box prototypes on the internet and noted the colours, the illustrations and the wording on the boxes. We applied our findings to a net of a pizza box, creating wonderful designs that are sure to stand out among the boxes at Tesco! After carefully cutting, we folded the shape and glued the sides together to create a 3D box. Later on in the week we taste tested many types of breads that we could use for the base and wrote descriptive words to describe their texture and shape. We also followed a recipe to make our own pizza dough that we marvelled at as it grew- it tripled in size and was extremely sticky! We also used our understanding of the healthy eating plate to categorise pizza toppings and discovered that homemade pizzas are a very healthy dinner! We applied our design skills to creating an healthy pizza drawing and labelled our toppings too. On Friday, Chef made us some dough and we made our own pizzas following our design plan. We were so lucky to get to eat these hot out of the oven for lunch! What a treat. The children have worked so hard this half term and have earned their half term break. See you in two weeks!

Year 3

In Year 3 this week, we have been representing column addition using various concrete resources. We have been using dienes and place values to create concrete representations, drawing the manipulatives for pictorial representations and then using the formal calculation methods for an abstract representation. This concrete – pictorial – abstract approach has really improved our understanding and increased our confidence to calculate. In English, we created ‘Wanted’ posters for Mrs Twit and incorporated all of our descriptive language skills, rhetorical questions and use of layout. In science this week, we discovered why we need our skeleton. We found out that we needed it for protection, to support and for movement. In particular, we enjoyed finding out about the ball and socket, hinge and gliding joints. In topic, we started to create storyboards to describe the discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb. We loved finding out the roles Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon had to play in the discovery. This half term, we have worked so hard in Year 3 and really risen to the challenges of KS2. Have a wonderful, restful half term and we will continue our learning journey in November…

Year 4

It has been another busy week in Year 4. In maths, the children measured classroom items in centimetres, then converted the measures of length to millimetres, metres and kilometres by multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

In science, we completed our topic, ‘Animals Including Humans’ by learning about food chains. The children created food chain booklets including information such as the producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers and tertiary consumers. They also made notes of which animals are herbivores, omnivores, carnivores and detritivores.

I have tasked the children with making a ‘hanging food chain’ during half term to display in the classroom. Please see their homework books for information.

In PSHEE, the children discussed how our actions have consequences and how important it is to empathise with others’ feelings. We looked at some scenarios and discussed the behaviour of the characters and how this may have impacted on their peers.

Year 4 have worked hard this half term and are ready for a well-earned rest. Have a wonderful half term break.

Year 6

Seven weeks ago, Mr Peace set Year 6 a task: to choose an independent research topic of their choice and deliver an interesting PowerPoint presentation to the rest of the class in the final week of this half-term. On Wednesday, the children took their turn to stand at the front of the classroom and, using the interactive whiteboard, inform and entertain classmates with facts, images and quizzes about ‘Horses’ (Bella and Gabi), ‘NASA’ (Giselle), ‘Lizards’ (Ella), ‘Budgies’ (Ashera), ‘Mars’ (Michaela), ‘FIFA Football World Cup’ (Prince) and ‘The Story of the Universe’ (Julian)! It was lovely to see the children share their interests, speak with such confidence and manage the Q & A session at the end of each presentation.

Having studied the 1930s and early 1940s in history lessons this half-term, Year 6 ended the week with a retro game…conkers! It did not take long for the children to get their eye in and for the ‘crack’ of conker on conker to be heard around the playground. The children even came up with new terms…’a stringsy’ when the laces got tangled and ‘a helicopter’ when an accurate shot sent a conker whirling around their opponent’s hand! Year 6 readily admitted that the experience became very addictive so don’t be surprised if they challenge you to a game of conkers over the half-term holiday! Finally, to celebrate seven busy and enjoyable weeks, Mr Peace treated Year 6 to a Hallowe’en doughnut or cup cake! You deserved it, Year 6! Enjoy your break!


U11 Girls Hockey v South Ley

On Wednesday 20th October, the U11 girls and boys played hockey against South Ley school.

They had first pushback, but Julian quickly intercepted the ball. In defence, Gabi, Ashera and Lottie made some hard hits out of the D, with Prince making some exceptional runs up the line. By the end of the first half, it was 0-0. Bella and Giselle worked great together passing the ball between them. Elsie made some amazing saves in goal, with Prince and Giselle both having shots on goal.  Unfortunately, they managed to score in the second half and by the end of the game it was 1-0 to them.

Prince was a well-deserved player of the match.  Well done team, better luck next time!!

Ella W., Girls’ Sports Captain.


Have a lovely half term!

Michael Radford