Dear Parents

I am sure that I am not alone in being amazed that we are now approaching half-term.  It has indeed been the strangest of times in the history of Fairstead House, but my colleagues and I have been delighted and encouraged at the positive and enthusiastic way that your children, with your help, have embraced our online learning provision.  Your children and their teachers certainly deserving a very relaxing and restorative week.


It has been a wonderful half term in Reception and this week has been no exception. The class ‘Zoom’ meetings have been full of fun and laughter this week, as everyone has enjoyed dressing up for ‘Show and Tell.’ Everyone had great fun trying to guess all the different characters!

Exploring place value using different resources was enjoyed by all and Outdoor Learning was also great fun, as the children enjoyed hunting for minibeasts.

The children also compared their own daily routines to that of ‘Gie Gie the Water Princess’. The children were fascinated to find out that Gie Gie did not attend school like them but instead spent her day walking to collect water for her family. They were inspired to make her a special certificate which told her how amazing she was and why.

Well done, Team Reception!




Year 1

Mrs Scott is immensely proud of Year 1, who have undertaken all sorts of tasks with enthusiasm and such focus. Their topic has been animals and they have produced amazing work, from drawing colourful ostriches, making up co-ordinates to navigate around a zoo to placing animals in alphabetical order.  That was only this week!
They deserve a wonderful rest.



Year 2

It has been another busy week for Year 2; this week they have been learning about China’s endangered animals. They wrote calligram poems in the shape of panda bears and decorated posters to raise awareness of those animals classified as endangered or vulnerable, including the Giant Panda, Chinese Alligator and the South China Tiger. The children also made their own fans which they decorated with Chinese symbols- very useful in this lovely, warm weather!


Year 3

This week we have been composing our own Japanese haiku poems in Year 3.
The children first wrote a haiku about any topic of their choosing – we didn’t have any children choose the same topic! They were then asked to stick to the more traditional Japanese theme of nature, which included writing some riddle type haikus where the children had to give clues about a mystery animal. They enjoyed guessing each others’ creatures.

In Maths we have been focusing on mass and data this week. The children have been weighing lots of households objects and presenting their findings on bar charts and in pictures. They now have a better idea of the difference between grams and kilograms.

In Science, we have been continuing with our plant theme. This week the children learned about the parts of a flower and the pollination process. They dissected flowers and had to identify the different parts.

Well done, everybody – another fantastic effort this week with your home learning!


Year 4

Today, Year 4’s ‘Dress-up Friday’ theme was ‘animals’ and everyone made such a fantastic effort. Some children actually made their accessories, which I appreciated very much.

In Maths this week, Year 4 have been writing and plotting coordinates to make a variety of 2D shapes. They have drawn their own x and y axes and have impressed me with their accuracy.  The class then had fun plotting the coordinates to make different robots. Some children designed their own robots and wrote the coordinates for others to follow!

Our Science lesson this week, was learning the functions of each part of the digestive system. I will be emailing parents with details of a fun, but messy experiment I would love the children to try over half term!  Please do send me photos of the children and their experiment, and I will add them to our Science gallery.

After half term, Year 4 will be having a ‘Japanese week’, which the children are very much looking forward to. Our ‘Dress-up Friday’ will have a Japanese theme!

Well done, Year 4 for all your effort this half term.
Have a relaxing half term break.


Year 5

What a way to end this half term. After spending time developing our understanding of fractions, we started to apply them to pie charts. This is the start of our study of statistics. After half term, we will be looking at different ways of presenting and analysing data as well as interpreting it. The children showed a solid understanding of how to read pie charts and to use their knowledge to deduce missing information.

We also finished our second class text – ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. It all turned out well if not as expected. To round it off, the children retold part of the story from a different character’s perspective. I was really proud of the way they included personal thoughts, actions to portray how they felt and even accents when they spoke of thought. A wonderful collection of tales. Then, as a final fling, they used all they had learnt from the book to write to Kensuke’s son and tell him about his missing father. It was interesting to see which features of Kensuke the different children thought were the best.

Your children have worked really well this half term and I have seen their time management improving as they become more comfortable with home learning. Well done to them all. They all deserve a rest before we start our final half term this year.

Year 6

Year 6 have been enjoying read the nonsense poem, ‘The Jabberwocky’ this week in English. They have also been demonstrating their wonderful writing by creating an imaginary creature capable of frightening me as I read them. Some of them really took this to heart and produced some very scary writing! We ended up with nonsense spelling alliterative sentences on Friday, which were very amusing to read. In Maths, they have been studying multiplying and dividing fractions and long division with decimal remainders. In R.E., they have looked at the universal rights of a child; in Science, they studied the effects of drugs and alcohol and they produced a slide show PowerPoint on coral reefs in their topic work. For Art, the children had to create a rock pool collage with whatever they had at home. I was particularly impressed with the way Molly integrated her tortoise into the collage! See if you can find him.


Modern Foreign Languages

In Spanish this half term, the children in Year 3 have been learning about the Catalan artist, Joan Miró. This week they have been making their own art (in lots of different creative ways) based on his work!




Head’s Awards

This week, Head;s Awards were won by the following children, with all the delightful reasons given in this morning’s assembly.  Well done, children!

Reception – Oskar

Year 1 – Sophia

Year 2 – Bert

Year 3 – Charlie

Year 4 – Gabriella and Ella

Year 5 – Perdita

Year 6 – Zara

Staffing Changes in September 2020

At the end of this term, we will say goodbye to Mrs Scott in Year 1 and Miss Hodgkinson in Year 6.  I am delighted to announce that we have appointed a wonderful Key Stage 1 teacher, Mrs Kelly Allen.  Kelly has previously taught both Reception and Year 2 at Fairstead House and is very much looking forward to returning.  I know that she is very much looking forward to returning to a school that she is so passionate about.

I am equally delighted to announce that Mr Sean Peace will be joining our Key Stage 2 team and will take over the teaching of Year 6 from Miss Hodgkinson.

Both Mr Peace and Mrs Allen are very much looking forward to meeting you and your children.

Hopefully, we will have a chance to give both Miss Hodgkinson and Mrs Scott a fitting send-off at the end of term!  Miss Hodgkinson has been with us for an incredible sixteen years and Mrs Scott has been with us for three years.  We will share more of their contributions to school life at the end of this term.

Half-term Homework

We are designing our Home School Planners for the next academic year and would like everyone to send in their design for the front cover.  Please ensure that the design is portrait style and that your child’s name is on the back.  Their design should reflect an element of school life and please do not include any writing or lettering on the design.

School Uniform

For your information, our school uniform, Mr Cricket, is currently offering an online service for the purchase and delivery of school uniform.


It was lovely to be joined on the Fordham Road last night by our Head Girl and Head Boy and their friends, clapping and cheering for our NHS.  We were all particularly thrilled at the enthusiastic reception we received from a passing ambulance and fire engine!  They seemed very grateful and appreciative of our support.

With my best wishes,

Lynda Brereton