Dear Parents,

Judging by all the photographs I have seen celebrating the success of our remote learning, the children have had another extremely fun and successful week.  Please do keep sending in photographs of your children learning at home as it is a lovely way for us to keep in touch with their daily learning and wellbeing.  We are looking forward to hearing news as to when we can re-open our doors to all!


Everyone has continued to work with smiles and enthusiasm in Reception.
The children were very excited to research facts about bears at the beginning of the week.  It was wonderful to hear them recall lots of interesting facts on video and to see their super artwork.
In English, the children have been identifying capital letters, going on outdoor alphabet hunts, and have even become authors!
If anyone would like to know what happens next in the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’; do be sure to ask someone from Reception. They have written some wonderful next chapters!
Securing work on number bonds to five has been very popular and the children are now able to do this using a range of methods.
Well done to all the parents and children for another wonderful week!

Year 1

There was great excitement in Year 1 this week when the children discovered that the egg Miss Drayton found in the ‘bark area’ had hatched! CCTV footage captured an unusual, green looking creature exploring the school grounds, which then ran off!  The children made ‘missing posters’ to try and find what they believe to be a ‘Compsognathus’; Henry even set up a search party! The children have thoroughly enjoyed using their imaginations this week! Year 1 have also enjoyed making dinosaur skeleton pictures using art straws and drawing self-portraits in Science.


Year 2

Year 2 have had a very busy week! We have ‘been’ to London to explore famous landmarks, completed riddles to work out which landmark was being described from the given clues and read some non-fiction cards about landmarks in preparation for an upcoming task. In Science, we conducted an experiment. We explored which materials can be changed by bending, twisting, stretching and squashing. We learned that many materials can be changed, but very few would be permanently changed. We discovered elastic bands can be bent, twisted, stretched and squashed, but they return to their original form when you let go!
In Maths, we have been applying our reasoning skills to working out how much change to give when purchasing items and how to solve one and two step word problems with money. In English, we have been working on our innovated versions of ‘Don’t Let Pigeon Drive the Bus’. The children have thought of a new activity that Pigeon should not be allowed to do and have written a story filled with persuasion and speech bubbles!
We have also worked hard to ensure that our simple illustrations give more information to the reader about how Pigeon is feeling. We published and edited our stories on Friday. In Art, we have been exploring the elements of ‘Line’. We have watched an information video about line and created lots of repeating patterns using different thicknesses and different shapes. We finished with an art project to add crazy hairstyles to photographs using line. The results are fantastic!
Have a lovely weekend.


Year 3

This week, in Year 3, we created a story map, using the story, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ as a guide. The children then spent a few days writing and editing their own wonderful stories.

We also took a look at some volcano fact files and learnt where in the world volcanos are. One of the favourite facts we learnt was that the word ‘volcano’ comes from the name of an island called ‘Vulcano’, and this name comes from the name ‘Vulcan’ – the God of Fire!

Year 4

Year 4’s ‘word of the week’ is ‘devious’ and the children enjoyed using Jamboard on Google Classrooms to share sentences using the adjective.
In Religious Studies, the children prepared presentations to introduce their new Kosher restaurant, giving details of their menus and Kosher preparation of the food. Alexander and Elsie returned fantastic video presentations and others created very attractive PowerPoints to ‘sell’ their restaurants.
In Maths, the children designed their own multiplication and division board games and provided answer sheets and instructions. Nicole’s game is inspired by the shape of a tree! We look forward to playing these together, when we can return to school.
In Art, the children have been working on volcano collages and have creatively used materials found in the home, to represent textures. I am delighted by how Year 4 have embraced their creativity across the curriculum this week – super work!


Year 5

As we end the third week back, it is good to see the children are maintaining their energy. On Monday, I introduced the next story we are studying. I think they were surprised with my choice but I explained that we were going to develop the characters in the story by using characterisation in their writing. We started to practise this by looking at a scenario between a policeman and Doug. I am sure that when we come to writing their final piece, their chosen character will come to life on the page.

In our afternoon sessions, we have continued to look at mountains. This week, we focused on the mountain ranges in the UK as well as the highest peaks in each mountain range. In addition, I set them a link to a challenge to find the mountain ranges in the world.  In addition to this, we started to look at contour lines on a map – you may have noticed lines appearing on your potatoes as they tried out the task set. I have included a couple of images of the children’s work.


Year 6

In the absence of Mr Peace’s Zoom sessions this week, it has been my pleasure to meet with the children every afternoon for a catch-up on their learning and wellbeing.  Each day, one of us shared a poem of our choice and it was delightful hearing the children’s thoughts and personal interpretations.  The poems ranged from Amanda Gorman’s ‘The Hill We Climb’ to Michael Rosen’s ‘Don’t’.

Year 6 have also been set a challenge to bake scones of their choice for Monday.  Finlay and Olly have already been very busy.  Well done, both, and I look forward to seeing photographs of everyone else hard at work!  Hopefully, this will be a welcome change to online learning!  I look forward to giving them next week’s Fairstead ‘Bake-off’ challenge.


Modern Foreign Languages

The first two weeks of MFL remote lessons have gone really well and I have been extremely impressed with the attendance and participation from everyone in KS2!  Apologies that the ‘stars’ were not included in last week’s Newsletter. Our Spanish Estrellas were Virginia from Year 3 and Charlotte from Year 4. Our French Etoiles were Bella from Year 5 and Alex from Year 6. This week it was another tough decision!  Our Spanish Estrellas are Annabelle from Year 3 and Lottie from Year 4. Our French Etoiles are Sophie from Year 5 and Oliver from Year 6 (with a special mention to Perdie for her mega sentences!!)

Fairstead House ‘Miles and Miles’ KS2 Running Competition

“One of many aspects that we all love at Fairstead House is gaining House points, whether this is through work in school, homework or sport. So, what better way to continue gaining House points, but providing everyone the chance to participate, is a house competition!  May I, therefore, introduce you to ‘Fairstead House Miles and Miles’ which is open not just to KS2 children but also to  parents and staff! Everyone who takes part will gain themselves a ‘Fairstead House Miles and Miles’ Certificate. Please find the Strava link here:

I am delighted to announce that Jessica S. in Year 3 is currently top of the leader board, and that Isabella T (also in Year 3) is hot on her heels!   Please do keep exercising and logging your scores!”

Mr Philip Salt, Teacher of KS2 Games

Speech & Drama

Just a reminder that your child is very welcome to attend Mr Woolf’s Drama Club on Sunday mornings via Zoom. The Drama Club takes place from 9.30am to 10.30am and is free.  This Club is open to all Fairstead children (not just those child who have private lessons with Mr Woolf) and he would be delighted to see everyone there.

If you would like your child to attend, please e-mail Mr Woolf on and he will send you a Zoom link.

Tea with the Head

You will all have received an invitation to join me for an individual ten minute catch-up next Friday.  Booking your appointment is the same way as you booked your last Parents’ Evening appointment.  If this proves popular, I will envisage opening this up weekly until we come back to school and are able to meet in person once more.

Please book your slot here:


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Aadam in Year 1 and Vishhmaya in Year 3.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton