Dear Parents,

A rather damp day to end a busy week at school.  No trips or visits this week; rather, a week to consolidate and move on their learning as the term speeds by.


This week, Nursery children have been sharpening their fine motor skills by using tweezers to pick up beads.  They have also been Arctic explorers in a tent with ice!

01-Week 3 spring 00303-Week 3 spring 008

07-Week 3 spring 012


This week in Reception we made our own dinosaur eggs.  We put a toy dinosaur inside a balloon and filled the balloon up with water and then put them into the freezer. The next day, the children had to think about how they could get the dinosaur out of the frozen ice egg.
Responses included: ‘put it in the oven’,  ‘put it on the radiator’, ‘put it in hot water’, ‘hit it with a hammer’, ‘run over it with the mini bus’ and ‘stamp on it’ !!!!!


Year 1

In DT, Year 1 enjoyed creating stick men, following their study of the text ‘The Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson.

10-Stick man models and story sequencing 010

In Literacy, after their visit to the library last week, where they were introduced to the story ‘What the Ladybird Said’ (also by Julia Donaldson), the children honed their sequencing skills and rewrote the story.

09-Stick man models and story sequencing 009

Years 1 and 2 have really enjoyed the next lesson in their Games sequence!  They have continued to develop their hand-eye coordination, team skills and striking by using hockey sticks to control balls over varying distances.  Their Games skills will progress this term as they learn more team-related games and focus on improving their catching and throwing, as well as striking, by using different sized balls.

01-Hockey Sticks PE 011 06-Hockey Sticks PE 00614-Hockey Sticks PE 01505-Hockey Sticks PE 007







Year 2

Year 2 have been looking at maps.  They have used their Geography skills to find their addresses on Ordnance Survey maps and their Computing Skills to find them on Google Earth.  We have also compared the physical man-made features like Devil’s Dyke with the natural features in both kinds of map.  Richard and Molly enjoyed using map pins to show where they live on our map!

1-Map pins 0122-Map pins 008

Year 3

This week, Year 3 have started their Forces topic in Science. They have been examining how a force will make something move, or not if a second force works against the first one.

Year 3 Newsletter 2 1-Year 3 Newsletter 1

Year 4

Year 4 have started their study of rocks this week. Here they are carefully examining different kinds of rocks with magnifying glasses. They were drawing part of their rock, describing how it felt, recording what they could see in the rock and naming it.

3-100_1820 1-100_1818

Year 5

500 Word Writing Competition
Years 5 and 6 have entered BBC Radio 2’s writing competition.  It requires children to use no more than 500 words to create an exciting and interesting story.  Year 5 used black and white images as a stimulus and Year 6 decided to look at the ‘Just So’ stories by Rudyard Kipling.  Work will be emailed and any winners will be announced.  Fingers crossed!

Continuing our animal life cycle studies, Year 5 loved finding out about the bird life cycle. As part of this, the children closely examined an egg, identifying the structure and its parts.


Following on from our egg theme, Year 5 have been designing and creating a carrier for an egg. News about how these carriers are going to be tested will be revealed soon!

Play Rehearsals


On Thursday after school, the first rehearsal for ‘Treasure Island’ took place.  The time flew and the cast were full of enthusiasm.  Pirate accents are improving and the story is beginning to come alive.  The rehearsals up to half-term, will concentrate on each scene.  Therefore, dates are as follows: 28th January – Scene 2; 4th February – Scene 3; 11th February – Scene 4.  Please can all speaking characters attend.  Thank you.

Match Reports

U9 Football  Friends v Fairstead House

The U9 team travelled to Saffron Walden for their first match of the season.  The pitch was very muddy and it made difficult to keep control of the ball.  However, both teams were enthusiastic and played well.  Fairstead started with determination and managed to drive forwards, with strong passes to the forwards.  It was not long before Finlay scored a fantastic goal.  Friends fought back, but George was solid in defence and managed to make the goalkeeper’s job much easier!  In the second half there was a tackle in the box and Josh, our captain, was awarded a penalty.  He struck the ball with confidence and increased the score to 0 – 2.  Our opponents remained competitive and their efforts were soon rewarded with a goal.  It was a close contest and both teams won corners and shots at goal; it could have been a high scoring game.  There were only a few minutes left and Finlay managed to score again, giving the lead and final score 1 – 3.  All the boys played well and deserved the victory.  Friends’ provided a wonderful match tea and were kind and courteous as always.

Michael Radford


We look forward to our next match:  U9 & U11 Football v Cherry Trees (away)

Team Lists:
U11 team: Thomas (captain), Jamie, Jonathan, Adam, Scott, Nathan, Luie, William and Alexander
U9 team: George, Frederick, Finlay, Wade, Josh, Luc, Ryan, Declan and Toby

U9 Hockey Friends’ School v Fairstead House

There was lots of excitement and nerves on Wednesday afternoon as all the Under 9 girls travelled to Friends’ School for their first hockey match of the term. The A team started on the astro and the girls quickly got used to the faster movement of the ball. Both sets of forwards were frequently pushing towards the goal but the backs were clearing the ball very well. Chloe and Elizabeth showed some great determination in tackling and fighting for the ball. Chloe was rewarded by a goal after 5 minutes. Siena saved a few attempts at her first try at goalkeeper, doing very well. In their second game, Francesca proved to be a formidable defender in midfield position, sending almost every attempt at the D back down the pitch. Elizabeth’s persistence was rewarded by a goal in this game, finishing with a 2-0 result to Fairstead.
The B team began with a bit of hesitance to ‘get stuck in’, but once the girls realised how easily the ball travelled, and that they could use the fence, their confidence visibly increased. Lyla, Lucy and Jeanne did very well playing as forwards but the defence from Friends’ backs was strong. A bit more persistence down in the D will be needed for their next game. Abisha and Erin-Mae worked well with Georgia in their first game and did some excellent clearing of the ball. Abisha’s enthusiasm was fantastic and Yuxi played as goalkeeper, doing very well for her first time. Friends’ scored twice in their two games to finish with a win of 2-0.
Overall, the afternoon was very successful and Fairstead girls gained valuable experience. They should all be proud of their first match!

Shahn Woodyatt

1-Hockey 1





Hockey 3

Our next match:  Mixed Years Hockey v Cherry Trees (home) 2pm start

Team: Phoebe C., Fern, Adele, Samantha, Eunsong, Elizabeth, Phoebe M., Abisha and Jeanne

Fairstead Foals

It was a delight to see so many little ones at Fairstead Foals today! The children had great fun making music with a variety of instruments and meeting new friends.  Please tell your friends – everyone is welcome!

1-P1080530 1-P1080574

Party Invitations

As I am sure you will understand, giving children party invitations via their book bags can create upset for children if they are not included or indeed if the invitation is mislaid in a busy classroom.  Therefore, to save any disappointment, I would be very grateful if invitations could be delivered out of school.  I believe that this will be in everyone’s interest.  Thank you.

With best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children and looking forward to another action packed week ahead.

Lynda Brereton