Dear Parents

I am delighted to see that all the children are very settled and happy in their new year groups.  It is hard to believe that we have been back in school for three weeks already!  Do enjoy the girls’ match report below, written by Lucy in Year 6.  The girls were delighted by their triumph over Framlingham Prep and they all worked together extremely well.  We are looking forward to hearing of future victories!


The focus in Reception this week has been all about being special!
The children enjoyed reading all about a special little boy called Milo. Milo enjoyed taking on many different roles in his imaginative play. This resulted in the children writing about what future careers they would like.   We had some super ‘doctors,’ ‘jockeys’ and ‘racing car drivers’ to name but a few!
The children were excellent at discussing what makes them special and, to celebrate all of their unique qualities, they made themselves medals. These were worn home with pride!
In Maths, the children have visited ‘Shape Town’ and explored 2D and 3D shapes. They have created some marvellous buildings and vehicles to add to the class display.
At the end of the week, the children were joined by a very special visitor. Thank you so much to Sophia’s Mummy, who came and taught everyone some Danish vocabulary and songs. The Danish flags and biscuits were a real treat, too! Please speak to Mrs Sanders if you would like to be one of our ‘special visitors’ in the future and share your interests or skills with the class.
Thank you for all of the positive feedback we have had regarding Tapestry, your child’s online learning journey. Please remember to send us any photos or videos of your child’s learning and achievements from home, as we would love to see them. Thank you for all of the great observations we have had so far.
A polite reminder: please ensure your child has a school coat, wellingtons and trainers in school for outdoor use. Please also ensure they have named plimsolls in their PE bags for indoor use. Many thanks.

Rec Edited Rec 6

1-Rec 4 1-Rec 3

1-Recc 3 1-Rec 6



Year 1

Year 1S have had a fun packed week!  The children had a second attempt at making cookies following a slight mishap last week!  This week, we were far more successful and the children also managed some really tricky icing!
The children have helped each other writing number sentences in Maths and have been working very hard on their cursive hand writing.
The children also enjoyed being Architects for a morning and designed their own ideal homes.

1-IMG_2776 1-IMG_2778

1-IMG_2752  1-IMG_2757




This week, Year 1L continued work on the story ‘Funnybones – The Ghost Train’.  The children started to think carefully about how to describe the setting and characters using exciting adjectives.  They came up with some great adjectives to describe the dark!
In Design and Technology, the children began to work in small groups to gather materials they could use to build a model house and thought about the techniques they could use to join the materials together.  Once they had completed them, they presented them to the class and suggested ways they might improve their designs next time!




Year 2

In English, Year 2 have been reading a new book called ‘The Circus Ship’ by Chris Van Dusen. The children read a little of the story before making predictions about what they thought might happen next. In the story, Mr Paine, the unkind Ringmaster, wants to take the circus animals back to the circus after he finds them living harmoniously on an island with the villagers. The villagers and animals plot against Mr Paine to stop his plan!
The children had great fun coming up with their own cunning plans to stop Mr Paine. They worked in groups to create freeze frames of their plans; they were very creative and very funny to watch!

Year 2 Year 23

Year 24



Year 3

Year 3 have been independent and resourceful this week. They have enjoyed using their Maths Working Wall to show the connections between the different times tables.

1-Maths Working Wall 001


Year 4

In Science this term, Year 4 are learning about living things and their habitats.  This week, the children made excellent use of the bark area to hunt for invertebrates.  The children then drew the creatures that they had found and labelled the different parts of their anatomies.  The children then used a classifying key to discover exactly what the creatures were.

1-P1120344 1-P1120354



Year 5

Year 5 have had a fabulous week in French! The children have been learning about different parts of the face and body and revisiting their knowledge of numbers. Working together in groups, they used their French knowledge to read and understand written descriptions of monsters in order to draw them, making sure they had the correct number of eyes, ears, mouths, arms and legs.

1-P1120338 1-P1120335



Year 6

In class Music this term, Year 6 are learning about Fanfares and Processional Music. They have been composing various pieces using class percussion.

1-187BFE54-1E0F-4307-819F-1488D5BCAAA4 1-D9AF86EB-D41A-4E39-B2D1-284398C436EF



Sports Matches

U11 Girls v Framlingham Prep

“On Wednesday 19th September, Fairstead House played hockey at Framlingham Prep.  Framlingham had the push back but I quickly scored within the first five minutes.  There was some great tackling up in the ‘D’ by Lyla, Georgia and Evie, although they didn’t quite succeed and Zara tried her best, Framlingham scored, making the score 1-1.  Ella, Ava and Lara made some great passes across the wings.  We fought back and I scored one more goal, Ava scored two and Ella one.  The end score was 5-2 to us.  I think we tired our best and everyone should be proud of their efforts as I think we deserved to win.”

Lucy T., Captain



Choral Day at King’s Ely – Year 6

On Tuesday, our Year 6 enjoyed the Choral Day at King’s Ely. There were over 200 pupils from 8 different schools participating in the event. Rachel Staunton led the rehearsals and conducted the children throughout the day. Rachel Staunton has founded many choirs in and around London, including the London Youth Choir and she has recently been made an associate of the Royal Academy of Music in recognition of her contribution to choral music and her work with young people. Our Year 6 pupils worked hard throughout the day and enjoyed performing  various songs from memory and from several parts in the wonderful cathedral.



Private Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons are well underway this term. Please encourage your children to practise regularly and to remember to bring their instruments and music books to their weekly lessons.
We now have an account with Cambridge Pianoforte (Music Shop) and all sheet music can be ordered from school. Sheet music costs will be added to the end of term bill. If you wish, however, to continue ordering music yourselves please let me know.

Karina Warburton, Director of Music

1-IMG_1486  1-IMG_1488


Speech & Drama Lessons

It is a true delight to teach drama to so many children at Fairstead House!

I am getting so many children asking for speech and drama lessons and I am more than happy to accommodate more, but please would you be so kind as to contact me at should you wish your child to start or, indeed, have any questions about LAMDA and examinations.

We have just started a new drama club each Tuesday at 4pm and once again I would be really happy if your child wished to join.

Mr Jonathan Woolf, Speech & Drama

The Parents’ Association Foreign Currency Collection

Please bring in any spare or unwanted foreign currency (notes or coins), which we are collecting outside the School Office.  The last time we held a similar collection, the PA raised nearly £500 for school.  It is quite amazing how these leftover coins mount up!

Forest Heath Primary Cross Country

The Forest Heath Primary Cross Country will take place on Tuesday 25th September from 3.30pm – 5.30pm at Newmarket Leisure Centre for teams of U11 and U9 children.  Parents of children who will be taking part will be notified by e-mail on Monday.

Newmarket Open Weekend 2018

There is much excitement in school as we have two teams of showjumpers taking part in the ‘Trainers and Jockeys’ showjumping event on Sunday.  Our younger team consists of Emily A., Charlie S., Hugo B. and Sophie M., whilst the older team consists of Ella S., and Lara B., Toby M.  The older team have set their sights at beating the Trainers and Jockeys team!  All would love your support and they will be at the showjumping arena from 2.30pm on Sunday on the Severals. I look forward to seeing you there.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Luke in Year 2  and Zara in Year 5.  Well done, children!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Francesca and Nina in the Nursery, Sophia in Reception and Harry in Year 6.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton