Dear Parents,

This week has been a week to brighten spirits despite the rather disappointing weather.  The enthusiasm and energy in rehearsals for both Joseph and Alice are clearly visible with children singing songs and practising their dance moves.  We are very much looking forward to the shows and know that the children are too.

It was National Numeracy Day on Wednesday and one member of staff provided a teasing question for Year 6 with the following: By adding a single line, can you make this mathematical sentence correct? 5 + 5 + 5 = 550.  I am sure that you will find both solutions, but please let us know how you get on.  Apart from drama and maths, there have been many exciting lessons this week.  The information below gives a small glimpse into the wonderful learning that is taking place and highlights how much fun the children are having.


This week in Reception, the children have thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of ‘The Frog Prince.’ They have made story maps and puppets, and used these to retell the story with great success. It has been wonderful seeing lots of super storytelling from home too!

In Maths, everyone has worked very hard on their ‘subtraction stories.’ There have been many frogs ‘jumping off logs’ to help everyone with their problem solving! There has been some fantastic cross-curricular learning throughout the week, with the class learning the life cycle of the frog in Spanish, and experimenting with different froggy moves in P.E. Visiting Kingfisher Bridge on Thursday really brought the topic to life. Unfortunately, no one spotted any frogs, but catching a newt was a very special treat! The children cannot wait for more pond dipping fun next week! Please look out for more information coming soon.

Year 1

This week, Year 1 have been learning about seaside holidays from the past. The children learned how Victorian people travelled to the seaside and what they did for fun while they were there. They compared seaside holidays from the past to the seaside trips they enjoy today. They also designed and made their own colourful lollypop stick beach huts!

Year 2

Year 2 have been making great progress through Alice in Wonderland! We have been thinking about points of view and cause and effect as we have read the chapter about the blue caterpillar and Alice’s argument with a pigeon (who thought she was a serpent!). We talked about why the pigeon had that point of view (providing evidence from the text) and why Alice disagreed. We also thought about all of the sizes that Alice has been, and the effects of growing and shrinking on her outlook and her interaction with all of the creatures she has encountered so far. We have been working on the comprehension skill of ‘prediction’, which needs to be based on the text so far, and the phonic sound /zh/ but spelled s (measure/treasure). We have been learning about alphabetical order and how to use a dictionary in our grammar lessons. We have used lovely ambitious vocabulary from Alice to put our new skills to the test!

We have completed our look at multiplication and division with a week of word problems focusing on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. These have been very tricky, but the children are really getting the hang of unpicking the information to find what is really being asked. Those 2 step problems are slippery!

This week we have talked about the celebration of Eid and how it marks the end of Ramadan. We have been very lucky to have some information and photos from some of the children in Year 1 and 2 to share with the children in our lesson.

We have wrapped up our ‘Plants’ unit in science thinking about the fruits and vegetables we eat and sorting them into the part of the plant (seed, flower, stem, root) that we are eating. Did you know that a kiwi grows on a woody vine or that a pineapple grows on a bush? We found some very interesting facts! The results of the growing and shrinking gummy bears are in: the bear in the water swelled to at least twice the size, the bear in sugar water grew a bit and the bear in salt water hardly changed at all. We had a great time recording our process using the ‘Scientific Method’.

In our creative lessons, we have begun to make our 3D top hats. We have painted the pieces ready to decorate and join together next week. The play rehearsals are going well, thank you to all of the families who have been working hard on learning their lines.

Year 3

In our maths lessons this week the children enjoyed creating their own fruit salad. In pairs the children selected the fruit they wanted to use, measured the weight and wrote an ingredients list for their own fruit salad recipe. We talked about the importance of writing grams as this could confuse the person following the recipe – 25 strawberries and 25g of strawberries really makes a difference when the recipe is only supposed to serve 2 people! I asked the children what would weigh more, 100g of potatoes or 100g or feathers? Lots of the children immediately thought it would be the potatoes; this was a valuable lesson about reading the question! The children also were given various juices in measuring jugs and they had to write down the correct amount of each to make a recipe for a delicious fruit punch. They then answered some word problems, for example, if a recipe that serves 3 people needs 30ml of pineapple juice, how much pineapple juice would you need for 9 people?

In our science lesson the children had a go making a compass using a magnet. When the magnet floated on water the north pole pointed north and the south pole pointed south. They also explored how the poles react with each other and used the key words attract and repel to describe this.

For topic this week, the children worked in pairs to research football stadiums in England. They had to find out where they are and what their capacity is, then decide which stadium would be suitable for the World Cup final.

In our R.E. lesson we continued to learn about Judaism; the children were surprised to find out it takes a year for a trained scribe to write the Torah Scroll. One of the children suggested that they could write it in pencil first to avoid making any mistakes but quickly realised it would then take two years to write!

Year 4

In relation to their topic, ‘World Sports: Past and Present’, Year 4 have designed their own sports mascots in art lessons. Throughout the design process, they conducted research into existing mascots and how they represent different teams, and considered the kit and logos that their mascots would be wearing. Using socks as the main element of their mascots, they then attached other features such as shirts, shorts, buttons and beads using their developing sewing skills. This week, as they added stuffing, Year 4’s mascots truly came to life! Dogs, rabbits, dragons and even an axolotl have appeared in the classroom wearing sports kits, hats and crowns!
In humanities, Year 4 learned about the bids countries make in order to be selected to host the FIFA World Cup. Using FIFA’s criteria for a successful bid, Year 4 compared the England bid for 2018 and Australia’s bid for 2022. Interestingly, they found England’s presentation far more informative and inclusive, based on its use of facts, information on how they intended to further develop the sport, and how they valued the importance of ensuring that all visitors would be made to ‘feel at home’. Year 4 will be using these influences to create their own bids for hosting the World Cup!

Year 5

What a week! From cricket matches through creating new Mr. Men and Little Misses, to time travel. We could not have packed much more in! We looked at inheritance of characteristics and the effect that the environment has on an organism. Then, since it is 50 years since the Mr. Men arrived, we decided the book series needed enlarging. Now, there are 11 new characters and the next set of stories could begin. Each character was created from a Mr. Man and a Little Miss. Some great art work and explanations of the different features that can be inherited.

While the most of the class were at cricket, those who did not go visited Egypt with Mr. Peace. They looked at how to build the pyramids using scaled blocks, time, and even a miniature Nile that the blocks had to cross. The blocks had to travel from the quarry to the building site – all without the use of hands. Only blocks, levers and the children’s initiative were used.

In maths, we have been looking at angles and shapes. On Friday, we started looking at 3D shapes and the different terms we used. We asked why a cone had no vertices, whether there was a link between the number of faces in a prism and the shape at the end, and even how many edges a dodecahedron had. Not an easy task. With the weekend looming, they have all earned a rest with their great work.

Year 6

Year 6 have had lots of fun this week creating their very own version of the Badlands National Park in South Dakota – home of fossil hunters! Using a combination of sand, soil, gravel and clay, they buried the models of dinosaur skeletons that they made last week. Garden lilies became trees in the landscape and a plastic tub was turned into a lake, swamp or desert oasis. Using paintbrushes, toothpicks and teaspoons, Year 6 have been set a challenge to excavate the bones in rectangular trenches, display their finds in readiness for a museum curator, use ratio and mathematical scales to estimate the size of each creature (in relation to the Lego figures!) and give each a scientific name – a chance to use their knowledge from previous lessons of binomial nomenclature and Latin! Most importantly, they will endeavour to return their habitat to its original condition. Mr Peace will take an ‘aerial photo’ of each terrain – before and after – to see which team of palaeontologists is most successful and environmentally aware!


Rehearsals for our summer musical ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat’ are progressing really well. Dances to songs were learnt outside, and the pupils clearly enjoyed every minute, despite it being a bit chilly! Keep singing the songs at home and memorise the words please!  Joseph rehearsal video

We also had our first full ‘Alice in Wonderland’ rehearsal in class music. All pupils from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed singing and dancing together. We were also very impressed with the children who have already memorised their script! Well done.


U11 Match report by Claudia

On Wednesday 19th May, the under 11 girls’ cricket team played a match against Barnadiston Hall School.  Fairstead batted first, with each pair facing four overs each.  The first pair were Ashera and Gabi followed by Ella and Bella.  When fielding, Darcey made some great catches and Giselle bowled very well.  The final score was Fairstead 159 – Barnadiston 211.  The player of the match was Ashera.  Well done team!


This week we wished a Happy Birthday to Charlie, Willow, and Joseph.

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford