Dear Parents,

This week has flown by with so many house points being awarded across the school.  The children have been working hard and showing how well they follow the Golden Guide.  As you will enjoy reading below, the learning this week has been exciting, creative and fun!

Reception Places

Numbers for Reception 2022 are filling up fast!  If you know of any friends who are still looking to secure places for next academic year, please ask them to contact the School Office to book an appointment.

FHPA upcoming events reminder

Basic Life Support training and refresher evening – Wednesday 26 January 7 – 8.30pm

– free event open to all family members or others involved in caring for your children
– childcare available if needed for those who would like to attend

Virtual balloon race – Sunday 30 January – Sunday 6 February

– a fun activity for the whole family to get involved and see how far your balloons go!  In the spirit of friendly competition, children will be following the balloons online over the course of the week at school, so please do consider taking part!
– balloons are £3 each and there are prizes for the 3 furthest travelling balloons
Please buy balloons and monitor your family’s balloons over the race week on

Valentines’ Disco – Friday 11 February 4.30 – 6.30pm

– Disco and games for the whole school with a homemade pizza tea
– Children can bring their own clothes to change into for the evening
– Cost £10 per child


This week in Reception, the children have been putting their listening skills to the test!
They have enjoyed going on a listening walk around the school grounds and have written sentences about all the different sounds they could hear in their environment. The singing coming from the School Office was a particular highlight! The children have been super storytellers too, and have joined in with the story ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?’. They have researched and shared some very interesting facts about the Arctic and its animals. In the forest, the children were introduced to a ‘sound sack’ and had lots of fun closing their eyes to try and identify the different sounds which came from it. They were also interested to learn the names of the different birds they might hear during their visit and were fascinated to actually hear them sing! Thank you to Mrs Heath (and her special assistant) who came to visit this week and share a super story and a beautiful puppet theatre! It has been another wonderful week.

Year 1

We have really enjoyed using our imaginations this week! We were thrilled to find that the egg we found last week had hatched on Tuesday morning. Whatever was inside the egg must have escaped through the window as the classroom was left in disarray. We looked carefully for clues as to what the creature was, but it wasn’t until we checked out the CCTV that we found out! We were so excited by what we saw- a Compsognathus who we have nicknamed Compo. We made missing posters in hope that someone will bring him back to school! We have also painted handprint dinosaurs this week, don’t they look great?

Year 2

Year 2 have had such a busy week! We have been working on a continuation of ‘Snowmen at Night’. We have been working on using expanded noun phrases, punctuation in correct places and lovely presentation. We have also been learning about compound words and how to change nouns from the singular to the plural. In maths, we have been doubling digits and linking that to the 2 times table. We are really getting the hang of this tricky topic! In science, we are exploring what a habitat is and sorting the types of flora and fauna we would find in different habitats. Our artist study this term is Ted Harrison. His art is extraordinarily colourful and full of movement. We have tried our hand at a group drawing with pastels and have created our plans for next week’s water colour paintings. To help develop our listening skills we have followed a directed drawing of a snowman snow globe. Thank you for all of the fantastically festive homework, we love seeing (and eating) all of your creations!

Years 3 and 4

In art this week, Years 3 and 4 had a step by step skills lesson to learn how to draw a human face, in preparation for their work on portraits. They used feint central vertical and horizontal lines to find the correct positions for the eyes, bottom of the nose and mouth. The children learned that, as a guide, an eye is a fifth of the face in width, that the width of the nose should be inline with the inside corners of the eyes and that the corners of the mouth should line up with the centres of the eyes. Finally, they learned that the tops of ears line up with the corners of eyes and the bottom of ears with the bottom of the nose. The children sketched faces using these proportions and could really see how realistic their drawings became. Their final consolidation activity involved them working in groups and using tape to ‘sketch’ large faces on the desks. Lots of discussion about the sizes and positioning of the features were shared. A great start to portraiture!

Year 5

After looking at the link between gravity and air resistance, this week we moved onto investigating the link between mass and weight. Using kitchen scales and newton meters, the children recorded the mass and weight of different objects to see if they could find a link. It took a while for them to remember that we measure mass, not weight, in kg. However, once they had practiced, they demonstrated they could use the correct vocabulary. It was good to see their care in measuring the mass and weight accurately as this allowed them to see the link and discuss it between themselves. We also looked at the life of Isaac Newton.

In English, we have started to plan a letter from Lydia Pickles to a detective of her choice. They will be asking for help after the theft of the diamond brooch in the shape of a bow. Hopefully, it will turn up as the book progresses. There is still a long way to travel both in the book and around Britain. There are also more mysteries to solve such as who the mysterious girl is.

Year 6

It is always interesting to learn about Year 6’s hobbies and pastimes. Items brought into school from home often generate such interesting class discussions. This week, Michaela shared her collection of precious stones, alongside a very helpful information book which we used to identify them. Gabi told us some funny stories about her cats, Patsy and Eddy, and captured their antics in photographs. Ashera brought in samples of her latest felting activities and shared a lovely activity book about birds called ‘Paint by stickers’. Good luck to the children who will be sitting entrance tests for Stephen Perse this Saturday!


U11 Girls and Boys Football V Brookes Cambridge

On Wednesday 19th January the Under 11 football team played Brookes Cambridge. They started with the first centre, but we quickly intercepted them. Elsie did some brilliant runs up the wing allowing us to shoot many times. Julian did some excellent tackles along with Prince who did some great passes. Next Giselle and Michaela together did some great runs which allowed many more shots at goal. Ashera did some great saves and passes. Lottie did some amazing defending with Diana who did some great kicks down the line to attack.

The final score was 10 – 0 to us.

Julian was voted player of the match.

Well done team keep up the good work.

Ella W., U11 sports Captain.

U9 Girls Hockey

Our u9 girls travelled to Brookes School for hockey matches. The girls played a series of matches both small sided and full sized. They worked hard on their positioning and improved throughout the afternoon. Playing on grass is always tricky and they coped very well.

U9 Tag Rugby

Our u9 tag rugby team played an entertaining match V Brookes. With six passes required before a try could be scored, there was plenty of quick passing. The boys organised themselves well in defence and attack, showing excellent leadership and communication skills.

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford