Dear Parents,

This has been yet another incredible week of exciting learning opportunities, with a visit to Sandringham, a science day, and of course Matilda rehearsals.  In addition we have held an informal concert, a fixture and our usual surprise readers.  I am sure you will see below that the children enjoy every part of their Fairstead House education: I am very lucky to be able to share this with you and celebrate their achievements.


This week’s Nursery insight comes from Yearlings, where we have continued to explore our ‘animals’ topic, following the children’s interest. This week, the children have learnt about where the milk they drink comes from and they even got a chance to ‘milk’ a cow. Grass was collected from the Fairstead field by the children and used to feed the cow, before watching on as the ‘udders’ filled with milk. The children then had a chance to squeeze the milk out of the ‘udders’ and poured the milk into a milk container. They have been very vocal about their own experiences of visiting a farm, telling us about other animals they have seen and about the noises they make. This conversation has guided future activities related to animals in the Yearlings room.


The children in Reception were excited to receive some royal tickets this week and had lots of fun travelling to Sandringham with Years 1 and 2. It was a wonderful way to start the Jubilee celebrations! A big thank you to the Parents’ Association for contributing towards the cost of the trip and for giving everyone a day to remember! The children have enjoyed learning about Queen Elizabeth ll and her family. They discovered how she is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother and this naturally led onto lots of discussion about the children’s own grandparents. They were excited to see them all appear on a special slideshow and have been even more excited to see some of them appear in the classroom this week, as surprise readers! In maths, the children have been super ‘Exploradactyls’ and have enjoyed using their previous knowledge of shapes to explore further. Tangram puzzles have been a super addition to this week’s challenges!

Year 1 & 2

We had a wonderful day in the glorious sunshine at Sandringham on Wednesday. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 visited St Mary Magdalene Church and heard all about how the Queen and her family attend the church on special occasions. We enjoyed walking around the beautiful grounds of the house, feeding the Queen’s coy carp and measuring one of Sandringham’s oldest trees using our bodies! A highlight for everyone was getting to explore some of the Queen’s favourite gifts from over the years, including a puffer fish and some silver scissors she uses to cut ribbons. We really enjoyed being crowned as kings and queens with our beautifully decorated crowns and then parading around the Queen’s stables. What a fabulous day!

Year 3

Year 3 have had another busy week full of rehearsals, shared narrative writing and problem solving with fractions of amounts. The highlight of the week, however, was the brilliant science morning on Wednesday. In classes, the children across the key stage took part in a session with each KS2 teacher. Our mission was to find out who had stolen the Fairstead House secret ice-cream recipe. In the Year 3 classroom with Miss Hunt, our challenge was to analyse the criminal’s fingerprints and find out how many of each type of fingerprint each suspect had. We also took our own fingerprints and studied them carefully. Our analysis in this session narrowed down the six suspects to three… Thank you to Mr Everitt for organising such a super morning of science.

Year 4

During science morning, each class learned how to make ice cream following a ‘secret recipe’! They learned how the freezing point of ice is lowered by salt and how this method is used around the world to make ice cream in street food markets. By placing flavoured milk into a food bag and adding this to a bag containing ice and salt, the children wore their winter gloves to squeeze and shake the bags until the milk became a solid. Once this happened, they thoroughly enjoyed their ice cream! A super science experiment to try at home! Thank you to Mr Everitt for organising all these wonderful scientific experiments.

Year 5

We have had a wonderful week in Year 5 with a range of activities and successes. As you will hopefully have seen on WhatsApp, the girls performed excellently on Wednesday, winning their match by a large margin. This was helped by a great paring between Elsie and Lottie. I have been very pleased with how the classes’ skills have developed even in the short time we have been coaching them. It was wonderful to see that everyone was now bowling correctly and with increased accuracy.

This match had followed on from a science morning which focused on how science can be used to solve crimes, encode information and even make ice-cream. This involved Years 3 through to 6. Please read the Years 3, 5 and 6 entries for more details about three of the activities. One of the activities was looking at chromatography and how it can be used to separate out ink colours to identify which ink wrote a message. This was new to Years 3,4 and 5 and they managed to carry it out wonderfully, identifying the correct ink and explaining their thoughts. As I had taught the skills to the current Year 6 pupils last year, I gave them less input and they demonstrated that they remembered all they had been taught, even being able to explain the science behind the results. The children seemed to have enjoyed the morning and definitely learnt a lot.

Our maths topic has been converting units of measure and today we had a lesson that started indoors before progressing outdoors. They measured different objects, choosing the most appropriate unit to use. Then they had to convert their measurement into the remaining two measurements – either centimetres, metres or millimetres. They demonstrated that this was a skill they have become more confident with at the same time as having a lot of fun.

Year 6

With only a few days to go before the three performances of ‘Matilda’, much of this week has been spent fine-tuning songs, choreography and technical aspects. It is a wonderful show and will be a highlight of Year 6’s final term at Fairstead House. As you can see from this week’s photos, the whole of Key Stage 2 enjoyed spending Wednesday morning engaged in a range of fun science activities (Thank you, Mr Everitt!). In Mr Peace’s session, Years 3-6 took turns to make a simple cipher wheel and used it to decode a message which revealed the name of the ice-cream thief! In the ICT suite, Year 6 have continued designing an informative and persuasive leaflet about a new community park. They will share the final result with each other and vote for the park that they would most like to visit. You will also see below some more photos of the Year 6’s artwork from last week’s Art Day. Their clay hands and articulated cardboard hands have received lots of lovely comments from children and staff alike. Keep up the good work, Year 6!

U11 Girls and Boys cricket vs Dame Bradbury

On Wednesday the 18thof May the Under 11 A team played Dame Bradbury. They started fielding and bowling first however Prince and I came in with some strong batting, hitting a few fours. Next batting were Julian and Gabi, they did incredibly well, even managing to hit a 6. After that it was Michaela and Giselle who got in some great runs. Finally, it was Ashera’s turn as one of our team mates was not here. Giselle paired up to do some amazing batting with her. We next went on to bowling and field. All our bowls were incredibly accurate with very few going wide. Our fielding was very fast and we recovered the ball quickly. This led onto us winning at the score of 293.

Giselle was player of the match. Well done!!!

Ella.W; Girls Sports Captain

On Wednesday the 18thof May the Under 11 B team also played Dame Bradbury. Elsie and Lottie batted extremely well scoring many runs. So did Grace and Nicole who managed to score a four. Charlotte and Tabi did some very accurate bowling, along with Bella and Deanna. Everybody fielded well doing some strong throws and got the ball back to the bowler quickly. All that hard work paid off as they won with a score of 256. Well done B team keep up the amazing work!

Ella.W; Girls Sports Captain

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford