Dear Parents

Six of our older children have thoroughly enjoyed finding their sea legs and learning useful nautical knots at Lackford Lakes.  In the second week, the children graduated to sailing solo in Optimists.  They were very lucky to have fine weather, with a gentle breeze helping them on their way.

1-DSC_7860 (002) 1-DSC_8018 (002)

1-DSC_8068 1-DSC_8052 (002)



There was great excitement in the Nursery this week with the arrival of chicks!  The children were surprised and delighted to arrive at Nursery on Monday morning and discover that five chicks had hatched out over the weekend.  The children have been learning how to care for the chicks by making sure they have plenty of fresh water, food and clean bedding.  They also enjoyed being able to handle the chicks – with care!  This morning, the children enjoyed making a smoothie with fruits originating from Brazil.  All declared it quite delicious!

1-News Chicks 015 1-News Chicks 004


1-1-News Chicks 014



Reception children have been carefully looking after the seeds that they planted at the beginning of term. The children made a Garden Centre and thought about all the things they might need to buy to carry on looking after their plants once they get a bit bigger!  The children have also been finding out about all the different kinds of birds that live in the rainforest. They noticed that lots of the birds have very bright coloured feathers and used pictures from books in the library and pictures from the internet to help make these beautiful parrots. Come and visit them in the classroom!

1-IMG_5347 1-IMG_5336

In Forest School this week, the children were amazed to see how many new plants had grown in the forest since we last visited.  Toby managed to find a toad in the undergrowth and he took great delight in showing it off to anyone who was brave enough to have a look!  The children have been thinking about where the birds in the rainforest live and they thought about how nests are made and had a go at making some themselves.

1-IMG_5376 1-IMG_5387

Year 1

This week, Year 1 have been working hard to complete their 3D rainforest models.  The children painted cylinders and small cubes to make their houses and trees and they cut the bottom of the cylinders carefully in order to construct them.

In English, the children have used their senses to make a class poem on the rainforest.  They were very engaged in this activity and came up with some very interesting language and showed their ability to use rhyming words.  The resulting poem was a great collaborative exercise.

1-making and completed 3D rainforests and alphabet ordering 037  1-making and completed 3D rainforests and alphabet ordering 040


Year 2

Year 2 have continued their Connected Curriculum learning by finding out about how plants adapt to suit their local habitat by investigating seeds and plants from their school surroundings, their gardens at home and from specimens collected at Cambridge University’s Botanic Garden. In Literacy, they have then applied this learning to make their own plant glossaries.

1-Seed and Plant Glossary 004 1-Seed and Plant Glossary 002


Year 3

This week, Year 3 have been designing a board game – taking their intrepid players through the rainforest on a quest. Will they find a new species of butterfly, rescue the baby jaguar or meet a new Amazonian tribe?!
The trials and tribulations of the game will be translated into a quest story next week in Literacy. The children hope you enjoy playing these games when they come home.


Year 4

In Art, Year 4 have been working hard to finish their rainforest birds. Firstly, they researched which birds live in the Amazon Rainforest and then carefully drew them. Next, the birds were painted and finally they added material, tissue paper or crepe paper to collage part of their paintings. Their results are beautiful – do visit the classroom to see them!

1-100_2005  1-100_2010


1-100_2038 1-100_2040


Year 5

In DT, Year 5 have been learning about ‘cam’ mechanisms. The mechanisms are used in many toys, converting a rotary motion to a linear motion. The children have investigated the movement of different shaped cams and have designed a moving toy of their own. Once their detailed design was finished, much fun was had starting to put the plans into action!

1-P1090101  1-P1090098






Year 6

It has been a busy week in Year 6 with Summer exams shaping most of the week.  However, the class were excited to hear about a topic approach to learning in the second half of term, where the children will follow four main themes: Olympics, Rainforests, Rio and Brazil.  They have started to create mind maps asking a variety of questions, all of which will be explored and investigated to find answers and develop learning.

Textiles Club

This week the children in Textiles club made necklaces out of their first pieces of felt. They used wet felt techniques to make multicoloured beads which were strung together to make necklaces.

1-Text 1 Text 2

Text 3


Fairstead House Parents’ Association Ball

A reminder to all parents to buy their tickets for the Ball on Friday 10th June.  This promises to be a most entertaining and enjoyable evening.  As ever, there has been a big flurry of sales at the last minute so please get in touch with the School Office if you need to secure your tickets.  There is a wide and exciting range of treats being auctioned – including a week in the Bahamas!

As part of the evening, we will be holding a raffle with a selection of hampers for prizes!  The Parents’ Association would therefore be very grateful if parents could donate items for their children’s year group hampers, as set out below.

Nursery & Reception – Boys’ Hamper
Year 1 & 2 – Beauty & Pamper
Year 3 & 4 – Girls’ Hamper
Year 5 & 6 – Food & Drink

Please leave all donations in the School Office by 3rd June – thank you!

The hampers will be on view outside the School during the week leading up to the ball so everyone can have a chance to take part in the raffle.

Years 3 – 6 Visit to Kew Gardens on Friday 27th May

Please refer to the recent School e-mail regarding this exciting trip and note the start time.  We will be leaving at 7.30am promptly.

Summer Uniform and School Hats

A reminder that all girls should be in summer dresses (with white socks) after half term and all children need a Fairstead House summer hat in school.

Drinks Evening – Wednesday 8th June at 6pm

Invitations have been sent out in your child’s book bag to all parents, inviting you to a Drinks Evening on Wednesday 8th June when exciting new plans for Fairstead House will be revealed.  Please check your child’s book bag if you have not yet seen your invitation!

Holiday Club

We are now taking bookings for the Summer Holiday Club.  Please find the booking form here; Summer Holiday Club 2016 Booking Form


Birthday Cake

This week we wish a happy birthday to Kit in Reception and to Abisha and Wade in Year 3.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton