Dear Parents,

The superb performances of ‘The Not-So-Creepy Crawlies’ have been the highlight of the week.  The acting, singing and performing from the children in Reception through to Year 2 was spectacular!  I would like to thank all the staff involved and the parents too, especially for some of the most amazing costumes ever seen.  This week has been busy with ‘Move Up’ morning, where we have welcomed a number of new children to Fairstead, and we look forward to celebrating their successes throughout the next academic year.

Next week is a busy one as we reach the end of the term.  Please may I remind you of some key events:

  • Monday – Years 3-6 will be travelling to Hunstanton for a day at the beach.  They will need a packed lunch, buckets and spades and suitable clothing as well as long lasting sun cream.
  • Tuesday – Ponies 1 and 2 Sports Afternoon on the School field.  There will also be an informal concert at 4.10pm.
  • Wednesday – Years 5 and 6 will take part in the High Jump competition; Years 3-6 will compete in a chess tournament and parents are invited to the School Sports Afternoon on the Severals.
  • Thursday – Years 5 and 6 will be orienteering for the whole day and Reception will be having a Teddy Bears’ Picnic in the forest.
  • Friday – Reception to Year 6 Prizegiving will take place at St Mary’s Church from 10.30am.  Parents will need to take their children at the end of the service at approximately midday.

Road Closure

There is a road closure on Fordham Road close to the school for a few days starting on Monday 4th July.  We have received confirmation from Anglian Water that the closure will be between Paget Place and Snailwell Road, and thus access from the South is unaffected, but from the North, access to our part of Fordham Road will only be possible from Snailwell Road.

Lego Club

Some of the Year 3 & 4 children have thoroughly enjoyed Lego Club this half term and I thought it would be nice to share some of their fantastic creations.

Mrs Hazelwood

Year 3 – 6 Visit to Hunstanton

Just a reminder that we will be taking the children to Old Hunstanton on Monday 4th July, leaving school at 9 a.m. and returning at about 4.30 p.m. – Please ensure that children arrive at school promptly that morning.

Please add to the excitement of the day by providing snacks and a picnic lunch (but no sweets or chocolate please) in a clearly named back pack. The children will not require any pocket money! – there are no amusements at Old Hunstanton and the children will spend the day amongst the sand dunes and on the beach, playing games and making sandcastles.

Casual clothes should be worn, suitable for the weather, plus a sweater and light waterproof jacket. Although swimming is not allowed, the children will need a complete change of beach clothes, together with a towel and, most importantly, a sun hat.

We are hoping the weather will be warm and sunny and it is vital for you to apply sun block cream to ensure your child is adequately protected.


This week Ponies 1 have had the pleasure of listening to Ms Hilary play her melodeon for us whilst she has been working in our room. Ms Hilary was incredibly kind and trusting, and let us all have a turn at pressing the buttons and exploring the different sounds that we could make. We were also very excited to request our favourite nursery rhymes to be played. Thankyou so much Ms Hilary!


What a super week it has been in Reception. The children loved getting dressed as flowers and mini-beasts and were superb in both performances of ‘The Not-So-Creepy Crawlies’! Thank you so much for all the amazing costumes! There was also lots of excitement on Wednesday for ‘Move-Up’ morning, as the children spent the morning with Miss Drayton and had a wonderful time exploring their new classroom. The excitement continued into the afternoon, where they welcomed a visit from their final ‘Surprise Reader’ of this academic year. A big thank you to Isabel’s mummy for reading a story this week, and also to everyone who has come into Reception this year, to share a special story! The children have loved their Wednesday afternoon surprises! In addition to all the fun, the children have also spent time writing ways to keep safe in the sun. They then used this super work to help them to create their own ‘Sun Safety’ posters to raise awareness around the rest of the school. Well done, everybody. It really is hard to believe that next week is our final week together. The year has just flown by! Please just be aware that next week, Sports Day will begin at approximately 1.30pm on Wednesday afternoon but the Reception children will not be coming out and racing until near the end. We envisage this will be at approximately 2.30pm! You are still very welcome to come at 1.30pm though and watch the other classes race, if you would like to. We look forward to seeing you there!

Year 1

In PSHE, we have been learning about the changes animals, including humans, go through in their lifetime. To begin, we played a matching game where we matched the ‘babies’ to their ‘adult’ i.e., an acorn and an oak tree or a puppy and a dog. We then played the Guess the Baby Quiz. It was great fun looking at all of our cute baby pictures and discussing the changes we have been through! Next, we created our own life cycles and thought about what we might look like or do in the future!

Congratulations to Reception, Year One and Year Two for their excellent performances in ‘The Not So Creepy Crawlies’ this week. We are so proud of how hard the children have worked over the past few weeks. You are all stars!

Year 2

What a week! The children have done two outstanding performances of ‘The Not-So-Creepy Crawlies’ and were amazing. Everyone has done their absolute best and the enjoyment on their faces when singing about woodlice, spiders and beetles was joyful. Thank you to everyone for the costumes and the rehearsals at home!

On Wednesday we moved up to Year 3 for the morning. The children were full of stories and excitement when they returned.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Years 3 and 4

In art this week, Years 3 and 4 worked incredibly hard to complete their coastal weaving. It was a tall order and some came extremely close to finishing. Despite this, their use of colour and texture created by different wools and ribbon successfully represented the coastline at Hunstanton. From the blues, purples and whites of the sea and sky to the golds and browns of the cliff, the children certainly embraced their creativity whilst developing this new skill. The children now know how to make their own card looms and I would love them to share with me any weaving they do over the summer break!

Year 5

With the penultimate week drawing to a close, we worked hard to complete all of our work. This included calculations including decimals and our fantastic fantasy transition stories. However, the most exciting event this week was the arrival of our adopted Amur leopard which will follow the class into Year 6. In addition, we spent time looking at logic problems and solving unusual tasks. One task the class found challenging but exciting was the eight queen chess challenge. Two pupils managed to solve it – Isabella and Grace. Congratulations to them on finding the solution!

To finish our science topic based on the life cycles of different organisms, the children also wrote a radio script and presented it to the class. This was a way for them to show their understanding of different lifecycles and the terms we use to discuss them. They even looked at the difference between monotreme, marsupials and placental mammals. A busy week all round and next week we will be even busier, with sports days, orienteering, high jump and Hunstanton as the headlines. However, there will also be many supporting activities to keep them busy. I look forward to seeing you all at prizegiving on Friday.

Year 6

Year 6 have impressed Mr Peace with their maturity and positive contribution to class discussions in PSHE lessons this week. The final topic of our Jigsaw scheme, entitled ‘Changing Me’, has introduced lots of new vocabulary and knowledge through games and group/whole class activities. Whilst everyone else was having a ‘Move Up Morning’ on Wednesday, Year 6 enjoyed their trip with Mr Salt and Mr Rix to Thetford Forest’s High Lodge. Thank you for the ice-cream treat too! Towards the end of the week, the children worked on the first draft of their leavers’ speeches in the ICT suite and, reading through each one, parents (and children!) will be fighting back the happy tears next Friday! RE lessons have continued this week and it was very interesting to learn about the Sikh naming ceremony. Did you know that the Sikh holy book is opened randomly and that the first letter of the hymn or prayer on that page defines the name of the baby boy or girl? In science, Year 6 had fun making burglar alarms out of electrical components, aluminium foil, pegs and string. Huge thanks to Mrs Hazelwood, Mrs Duffety-Fuller, Mrs Melen and Mr Radford for being robbers! Looking ahead to next week, it’s going to be busy! Year 6 have brought home a timetable of their final week which sees them at Hunstanton beach on Monday, participating in a tennis tournament and helping at the Nursery Sports afternoon on Tuesday, taking on a high jump challenge, knock-out chess tournament and Sports Day on Wednesday plus a whole day’s orienteering with Mr Everitt on Thursday. Don’t get lost, Year 6! We need you in the church on your final day of the school year and the finale to your time at Fairstead!


Years 3 and 4 enjoyed their Class Drama lesson outside. We played various games including ‘Splat!’, ‘’Enchanted Forest’ , ‘Cat and Mouse’ and ‘Where to on Stage.’ All these games test and develop pupils stage and drama knowledge, their reaction to instructions, their focus, imagination and creativity whilst having a lot of fun!


U9 cricket v Old Buckenham Hall

On Friday afternoon we took 3 cricket teams to OBH for our final fixtures of the season. Amazingly of the three matches two were tied. In one of those ties Jamie struck a four off the last ball which bounced just short of a six, which would have won it for the team. Congratulations everyone!
Match 1- FHS 291 OBH 291
Match 2 – FHS 190 OBH 256
Match 3 – FHS 287 OBH 287

U11 cricket v South Lee

On Wednesday our U11’s travelled to South Lee for their last matches of the season. For Year 6 it marked the end of fixtures representing FHS. The A team had a fantastic game of cricket, bowling and batting superbly. In the end they came up just short losing by just 6 runs in a tense finish. The U11’s have made great progress over the season and have become promising cricketers. Well done.

Mr Salt

KS1 Musical performances

We were so proud of the wonderful performances that KS1 gave yesterday morning and this afternoon. The songs from this magical musical ‘The Not-So Creepy Crawlies’ were great fun to sing and everyone danced together and in time. The wonderful costumes were created by our amazing parents, and the scenery, inspired by Eric Carle, author and illustrator of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’, was designed and made by our talented staff at Fairstead. The children clearly loved performing together, creating more happy memories at Fairstead. Well done everyone!

Mrs Warburton

Have a wonderful weekend, and get ready for an action-packed final week!

Michael Radford