Dear Parents

As I write, we are all looking forward to this afternoon’s End of Year Service in St Mary’s Church, Newmarket.  A highlight of the week for me – and I am sure for many of you – was our delightful Recital yesterday afternoon.  I was so impressed with the children’s confidence and maturity as they performed to an audience.

Nursery and Reception

Nursery and Reception made some wonderful instruments and costumes for their ‘Rio’ inspired Assembly. They entertained the audience with their carnival style procession. Nursery sang a rainforest song with gusto and Reception told the audience about all the things they could do now they are 5 years old!  Everyone enjoyed the Assembly and well done to all the performers.

1-Nursery and Reception Assembly 012 1-Rio Assembly 031

1-IMG_6121 1-IMG_6112


Nursery and Reception were thrilled this week when Swayne & Partners Veterinary paid them a visit, bringing with them a variety of animals including a dog, guinea pigs and a chameleon!  The children were given a very informative talk on the creatures and then were allowed to stroke and handle them.

1-Vet Visit 017 1-Vet Visit 021

1-Vet Visit 004


Year 1

This week, Year 1 have been very busy learning about multiplication and fractions in their Maths work.  The children are putting into practice their knowledge of doubles and are halving and quartering numbers up to ten.  Year 1 also worked very hard for their Assembly, which took place on Tuesday.  The children wrote the Assembly themselves on the subject of Noah’s Ark (complete with Rainforest creatures) and performed their parts confidently.  The Assembly was greatly enjoyed by parents and the whole school.


Year 2

Building on their ‘Farm to Fork’ learning experience from last week, and as part of their Strange Place To Call Home topic, Year 2 have been researching where food comes from and understanding how some animals find food. They have been making their own food chains and explaining how animals and habitats depend on each other.

1-Food Chain photographs 0021-Food Chain photographs 007

1-Food Chain photographs 008

Year 3

Year 3 are currently investigating Light in Science. This week they learned about shadows forming when light is blocked. This led to an investigation to find objects that were either opaque, translucent or transparent – they had to try and predict the result before testing each item. The greatest fascination was caused by some of the translucent items. The interesting shadows formed when the torchlight passed through water and the changes to the colour of the light when it went through a coloured object.

Year 3

Year 4

As part of their work on Castles and the Normans, Year 4 have been designing and making Norman shields in D.T. and Art. The shields had to be a tear drop shape and have one or more of the following: a monster to frighten their enemies; a simple design; a picture of their castle, or an image or symbol to represent them or their family. The colours they used were important because gold meant they were generous; red meant warrior like; blue represented loyalty; green meant they were hopeful and joyful; black meant they did not change their minds; maroon meant patience and orange represented ambition. The children had to choose which colours reflected their personality, and use these on their shields.

1-100_2169 1-100_2167


1-100_2156 1-100_2165


1-100_2172 1-100_2174



Year 5

The finale to Year 5’s Ancient Greek studies in History has been the children performing a Greek Myth of their choice in groups to an audience. This week, the final two groups showed great attention to detail, imagination and creativity in their interpretations of myths relating to ‘Perseus and Medusa’, as well as ‘Persephone and the Pomegranate’.  Year 4 were a highly entertained audience, who were particularly impressed by the craftsmanship that went into making the puppet theatre and the puppets themselves. Well done to everyone involved!

1-P1090415 1-P1090420

Year 6

The highlight of this week for Year 6 was their trip to Wimbledon to watch tennis.  Unfortunately, the weather was not kind and we only managed to watch an hour of play.  However, the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were lucky enough to get some autographs!


Match Report

Cricket and Rounders

On Wednesday, the Under 9 boys and a mixed team of Under 9 and Under 10 girls travelled to Brookes Cambridge for Cricket and Rounders matches.
The rounders started quickly, with Brookes Cambridge choosing to field first. The conditions were blustery and there was some drizzle around, which made the bowling difficult to keep consistent. We received several half-rounders for no-balls early on in the innings. The girls were able to connect with the ball to score more half-rounders. The fielding from Brookes at second post was very fast and prevented several half-rounders as well as stumping two of our batters out. Brookes Cambridge then came in to bat and our bowler managed very well to not give away many half-rounders.  Fairstead stumped two of Brookes batters out. After the first innings the score was 4½ to Brookes Cambridge and 9½ to Fairstead House. In the second innings Brookes again fielded very well stumping out four of our batters and they limited us to scoring only half-rounders. Fairstead again bowled quite consistently but their fielding was not as accurate and decisive as the first innings.  The final score was 16 – 10 to Fairstead House. The girls played excellently in their last match and they conducted themselves very well all afternoon.
In blustery conditions, the boys were stalwart and did not complain but concentrated on the match. Brookes punished our bowling in places and fielded very well. Fairstead played their best and took some excellent wickets, including bowling out one of Brookes players. The final score was 156 to Brookes Cambridge and 133 to Fairstead House. Well done to all the boys for playing their first match together and I am sure we will see some great improvements as they become Year 4 next year.

Thank you to Brookes Cambridge for hosting us and their excellent hospitality.

Shahn Woodyatt

Girls’ Rounders House Matches

The girls house matches this term went very smoothly and the girls in each house played very fairly with lots of team spirit. The first match was between Taylor and Wedgwood. These houses are fierce rivals when it comes to sport and both teams wanted to win as much as the other. Wedgwood proved too strong in both batting and fielding scoring 8½ rounders and stumping out over half of Taylor’s batters. Taylor finished with 4½ rounders. If Wedgwood won the next match, they would finish champions for this term.  Again Wedgwood proved too strong with some excellent batting and fielding. Buckenham did their best but just could not score the number of rounders they needed to win. The end result was 11½ to Wedgwood and 7½ to Buckenham. Both Buckenham and Taylor wanted to win their last match but Taylor proved too strong for Buckenham. Taylor players were victorious, scoring 10 rounders to Buckenham’s 7 rounders.

Well done to Wedgwood as winners. Well done to all players, especially Year 5 and 6 for leading their houses once again.

Shahn Woodyatt


Breakfast Club

Please note that on Thursday and Friday next week Breakfast Club will take place in the Library.

Library Books

Please can all library books be returned to school before the end of term?  Thank you.

Sports Day

Parents are welcome to arrive from 1.00pm at the Severals.  We will bring the children out and the races will begin at 2.00pm.  Pimms will be served in the school grounds after the races.


Birthday Cake

This week we wish a very happy birthday to Georgia and Jack, both in Year 3.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children and fingers crossed for a dry day on Monday for our Sports Day!

Lynda Brereton