Dear Parents,

This week started with sunshine and ended today with snow.  However, the children have had a wonderful week whatever the weather, and this morning the FHPA provided a superb Easter egg hunt, where children exchanged plastic eggs for chocolate ones!  Thank you to all the helpers and to the bunnies!

We would also like to congratulate all the Year 6 children who have secured their places to senior schools and should feel very proud of their achievements.

Gabi: Newmarket Academy
Prince and Bella: King’s Ely
Ashera and Michaela: Stephen Perse
Ella and Giselle: The Leys
Julian: The Perse


The children in Reception began the week by creating a mind map relating to Easter and what it means to them. The children then discovered why Easter is a special time for Christians and enjoyed exploring the features of some local churches. They even designed their very own stained glass windows and built their own churches in the construction area. The children talked about spring, alongside the other seasons, and discussed which one was their favourite and why. Many children chose spring as their favourite, highlighting it as a time for warmer weather, growth and new life. The children marked the occasion by choosing a pansy to plant in the outdoor area. Thank you so much for all the Wellington boots, the outdoor area has been transformed! In literacy, the children wrote to the Easter Bunny and gave him special instructions on how to grow a bean plant. He was so impressed with the children’s writing that he made a special trip to the Jarman Centre and left surprises for everyone! It was great fun finding them! More fun was had at the end of the week; designing Easter baskets, making chocolate nests, and hunting for eggs around school. Thank you for a super term, everyone has worked very hard. Wishing you all a wonderful break!

Year 1

It has been a very busy last week of term in Year One! In Maths, we have been learning to measure length and height in non-standard units, including counters, Lego, counting people and cubes. We then moved on to measuring in cm using rulers! It was tricky at first, but we became more accurate with practice.

Our caterpillars are now in their chrysalises getting ready to transform into butterflies! Miss Drayton will take them home so she can film the butterflies emerging over the holidays.

Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to the PA for organising such an exciting Easter egg hunt this morning. It was so much fun finding our eggs and exchanging them for a real chocolate egg. The Easter bunnies really made us laugh, especially when they tried to line up with us!

Have a wonderful Easter holiday.

Year 2

Year 2 have had a wonderful week learning about The Easter Story. We have had amazingly deep and thoughtful conversations about how all of the people in the story were feeling, especially the bravery of Jesus.
A huge thank you to the outstanding Easter Bunnies for the Egg Hunt- everyone loved both the hunt and the HUGE chocolate egg 🐇
Have a wonderful holiday!

Years 3 and 4

Years 3 and 4 have had a creative week. In art, they completed their royal portraits topic by developing their block printing skills. They looked at the pop art works of Andy Warhol and his use of bold colour. Influenced by this, the children used a range of coloured paper, added geometric shapes as the base layer and printed their portraits as the final layer. They absolutely loved creating all the different effects and seeing the colours ‘pop’! In preparation for the competition, the children designed their own Easter baskets. With a range of materials, they used their imaginations to turn their baskets into bunnies, chicks, pigs, calves, egg hunts and scenic gardens. We were very impressed with their designs and independence. It was also a week of independent writing in both classes. Year 3 wrote brilliant non-chronological reports and Year 4 wrote fantastic time travel stories. There was also a double fixture for some this week! We are very proud of both classes for their hard work this term and would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter break.

Year 5

The end of term has finally arrived! The class has managed to achieve a lot this term from sporting success to some great writing and improving their mastery of fractions. We now have a break until their final term before year six. What a term it is going to be. Residential trips, Sports day, theatre trips and more, all of which will become clear as the next term progresses!

To end this term, the class made Easter baskets. All were given the same materials to decorate their baskets. It was wonderful to see how they created different ideas and then used what they saw as inspiration for their own baskets. With limited time available, it was wonderful to see how creative they were

Year 6

There was lots of excitement on Monday morning when Year 6 learned that they had the whole of the first session before break to make their Easter baskets. Mr Peace emptied a bag of Poundland goodies onto classroom tables – tissue paper, stickers, gems, chicks, rabbits, carrots and decorative lights – and the fun began! The transformed baskets were brought to the Hall to be judged on Friday morning (Well done for winning, Ashera!), followed by an exciting Easter egg hunt on the field (Thank you, Easter Bunnies!). The final morning of the Spring Term ended with an assembly at which Ella read her sports report and Year 6 were presented with their beautiful Arts Awards certificates. The Education Officer at the National Horse Racing Museum said that Year 6’s portfolios were ‘outstanding’. What a way to end your penultimate term at Fairstead, Year 6! Have a wonderful Easter holiday!


U9 v Dame Bradbury

For their final netball match of the season, the U9 teams showed all they had learnt and how much they had progressed. Against Dame Bradbury, they demonstrated how much their movement around the court had grown, allowing them to play into space and pass around the opposition. Receiving the ball while in motion and then grounding their feet was great to watch. In addition, they played as a cohesive team. Thinking about the amount of PE they missed due to Covid, this is even more impressive. Our mixed Year 3 and 4 team were playing all Year 4 sides and still more than held their own. The first team won 4-2, the second team dominated 8-0 and the third team, while not winning, showed great determination through to the final whistle. It bodes well for the future of netball here with such strong performances and latent potential waiting to be developed. Well done to all who played. What a great end to the season!

U11 v Brookes

We took seven Year 5 girls to play a mixed Year 5 and 6 team at Brookes. This was a game that grew as it progressed. The first quarter was a warm up but then, after we talked about the positives and what to change, they started to improve. Their movement was strong and I could see the work rate on their red faces! This determination and willingness to apply what was suggested allowed them to steadily improve through the game. While we did not win, their performance was wonderful and it was great to see their enjoyment. I am very proud of their performance and what they have achieved over this term. This is certainly a team that has grown and improved over the term.

A select group of U9 pupils went to a football tournament on Thursday. They played in their pool against a range of other schools. They demonstrated great determination and drive and there were some memorable demonstrations of skill. One memorable event was a wonderful save by Virginia where she saved a goal when she tipped the ball over the top bar. All players should be happy with how they played, especially considering we had snow during one match. They kept going despite the cold and never complained. Well done to all.

Mr Everitt

Have a happy Easter and a refreshing holiday!

Michael Radford