Dear Parents,

It has been great to see such glorious sunshine and the children have thoroughly enjoyed House competitions outside. In addition Reception extended their learning about Easter in the forest. The highlight of the week has been watching year 3 and 4 ‘erupt’ their volcanos which they have been constructing and decorating from scratch in art. We hope that you have all enjoyed hearing from the class teachers how well the children have been doing this term. As you see below, it has been another fun-filled week, with the children embracing their learning.

We would like to thank Suzy Mallen for her valued contribution to all areas of Fairstead, from teaching in the classroom to working with individuals in the Learning Support Department, over the last 7 and a half years. We wish her all the best for her new job, and know she will be missed here.


In Reception, it has been a week to reflect on previous learning and also to consider why Easter is such a special time. The children were eager to evaluate their cress experiments and see what had happened to the cress grown in different conditions. They were excited to take their ‘Giants’ home and are looking forward to tasting some of their cress. The theme of ‘growing’ continued into the children’s Literacy and Outdoor Learning lessons. Writing instructions to instruct Mr Radford on how to grow carrots was met with enthusiasm, and planting pansies to represent ‘new life’ at Easter has meant the outdoor area has been transformed! Thank you so much for all the wonderful welly boots! The children also decided to write their own special messages to the Easter Bunny and were very excited to receive special deliveries both at school, and in the forest! Exploring ‘1 more than’ and ‘1 less than’ a given number using bubbles and chocolate eggs was also something everyone enjoyed. It has been great fun celebrating a wonderful half term this week! Happy Easter to you all.

Year 1

Year 1 have had a wonderful last week of the Lent term. They wrote their own Easter prayers thanking God for all the wonderful things they associate with Easter and springtime. The children practised reading their prayers out loud; Miss Drayton filmed some of their prayers so they could be shared with parents on DB Primary.

Much fun was had at the KS1 House Competition on Wednesday morning. It was lovely to hear the children supporting each other regardless of which house team they were in!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed being back at school and playing with their friends, and they have more than earned their Easter holiday. Happy Easter to you all!

Year 2

Year 2 have had a lovely week learning the Easter story and why it is important to Christians. We have explored the symbolism of eggs, linking them to new life, and have created lovely art representations of some of the events in Holy Week.
On Wednesday morning we participated in the KS1 Inter-House Sports challenge! The children were fantastic and had an amazing time cycling through Mrs Toynbee’s athletic activities. We joined in with long jump, bouncing, relay racing, chest passing and running. It was a fantastic morning and the children were on top form!
On Thursday the children have all taken part in an Easter Egg hunt – scouring the grounds for their individual egg ready to exchange them for a chocolate one.
In maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have talked about flat and curved faces and the 2D shapes that compose 3D shapes. We have learned that the place where 2 faces meet is an edge and when 3 or more faces meet it creates vertices. We have named and explored many complex 3D shapes and have been sorting the shapes by property into Venn diagrams.

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday and I look forward to seeing the children back in on April 19th.

Year 3

Year 3 have been writing acrostic poems, aided by a Spring walk around the grounds!

Year 4

This week, Year 4 have made the most of the delightful weather and taken some of their learning outside.
Firstly, they conducted maths investigations. They were challenged to use different methods for calculating the height of a tree. One method was to measure the tree’s girth and multiply it by three and the other was creating a 45 degree angle, by looking through one’s legs until they could see the top of the tree, then measuring the distance from their feet to the trunk. Please do ask them to show you this method!
Year 4 then took their drama lesson into the sunshine. In small groups, the children explored a range of scenes from our class reader, ’Tilly and the Time Machine’. They creatively portrayed characters such as Queen Victoria and Admiral Nelson, within the context of seven year old Tilly travelling through time to find her Dad and see her Mum again.
Lastly, Year 4 excitedly joined Year 3 with their volcano sculptures and formed their very own ’Ring of Fire’! They literally had an explosive end to their volcano topic!
Have a happy and restful Easter break, Year 4.

Year 5

As this term drew to a close, we spent a week looking at other ways to learn and present our work. From playing knock out ‘Bing, Bang, Bong’, to writing and performing playscripts and even having an Easter egg hunt, the children were constantly on the move. This was especially built upon in the House competitions on the Severals. It has been great to have the children back this term and it seems strange to be saying goodbye already, however briefly. I hope they all have an enjoyable break and I look forward to seeing them after the holidays. Happy Easter.

Year 6

Year 6’s work on ‘Great British Scientists’ continued this week. We all know about gravity but have you heard of the ‘anti-gravity tin’? If you Google it – or find a YouTube clip – you’ll discover an experiment that involves a tin can rolling uphill – yes, uphill! Year 6 took turns to investigate how they could influence the tin’s centre of gravity (photos below) to recreate this unexpected outcome and also captured seconds of slow-motion footage on video, as proof. They recalled the fun that they had when they were younger, building towers out bricks. Of course, there was science behind their endeavour; they realised the importance of keeping the structure’s centre of gravity within its footprint. They also watched a video of James May (of ‘Top Gear’ and ‘The Grand Tour’ fame) who joined NASA astronauts on a plane that recreates the experience of weightlessness by taking a parabolic flight in the upper atmosphere. ‘Captain Slow’ likened the flight to a ride over a long hump-backed bridge and Year 6 were tickled by the nickname given to the plane…hint, participants are given a little plastic bag, should they find it difficult to keep their breakfast down!

PA Easter Egg Hunt

Many thanks, as ever, to our very active and supportive Parents’ Association who organised an Easter egg hunt for all the children this morning. Everyone went home with an Easter egg to enjoy.

Holiday Club

If you wish to contact our Holiday Club, please call 0752 635 2010 as the School Office will be closed.  Thank you.

House Competitions

On Wednesday morning children in KS1 took part in their first House competition, putting their running, jumping and throwing skills to the test in order to earn points for their respective Houses. It was a great event and lovely to see all of the children embrace the chance to try their hardest and support one another throughout. It culminated in some very competitive relay races out on the field and the overall results are as follows:
3rd place Wedgwood
2nd place Taylor
1st place Buckenham

Well done to everyone and a big thank you to all of the staff who helped to run the event!

Mrs Toynbee

Key stage 2 children had a series of exciting House competitions this week.  On Monday afternoon the children lined up for our cross country relay race. The race involved each child running one lap of the Severals as fast as possible.  It was an exciting race with some outstanding effort and determination. Taylor were comfortable winners with their teams finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd, earning valuable house points for their team. On Wednesday afternoon the focus switched to house football matches. Both an A team and B team tournament meant there was plenty of football for everyone to enjoy.  Taylor B were victorious in the B team tournament and Wedgwood A took the honours in the A’s after an exciting penalty shootout. It was a pleasure to see the children representing their houses with such enthusiasm.


This term Year 5 have been learning how to describe where they live in Spanish. Our topic culminated with writing a paragraph about our towns, using a range of key vocabulary and structures including giving opinions with reasons (making sure that our adjective endings agree!) In the last few lessons the children turned these paragraphs into presentations to share with the rest of the class. Lots of hard work went into preparing these presentations and the children showed excellent public speaking and pronunciation skills!

Drama – Summer Term

Hello everyone
I am so looking forward to coming back to Fairstead in person each Wednesday from 21st April. Private LAMDA lessons continue from 7am through to 4pm and there will be the regular drama club from 4pm to 5pm.
Only 3 spaces remain if any parent wishes to start their child with lessons that help self confidence, imagination, vocabulary and can also lead to exam awards and potential careers. I would like to thank everyone who has worked with me online – many of those sessions continue during evenings and weekends for those who prefer that method. Children now in Year 6 can continue with me after Fairstead. Have a lovely Easter and feel free to contact me on
Many thanks

Summer Term

Summer Term begins on Monday 19th April.

Wishing you and your families a very happy Easter.