Dear Parents

I am sure that I am not the only one who can’t believe how quickly this half-term has flown by.  Every week has been action packed, full of fun and learning and I know that the children will benefit and appreciate their two weeks’ holiday.  Earlier this week, we celebrated the Harvest Festival and it was an absolute joy to watch the school come together and perform their songs with passion and verve.  Many thanks to all of you who joined us and thank you again for your contribution to our donation to the Newmarket Open Door charity, which was gratefully received.


It has been a super week in Reception and the children have loved continuing with the Harvest theme.  The children sang beautifully at our Harvest Festival service and did a fantastic job of remembering the actions to accompany the songs.

They have also used ‘paper plates’ very creatively in their art work this week, please do come in and see what has been created!

In English, there has been some wonderful teamwork and the children have worked together to produce a colourful story map, in addition to writing some super shopping lists!

The Little Red Hen kindly donated some of her eggs for use in Maths, and the children had a great time using eggs and egg boxes to explore inverse operations!

We have also celebrated our first Mathletics certificate in Reception! We look forward to receiving many more over the coming months. If you would like any support accessing Mathletics then please speak to Mrs Sanders.

Please remember that Forest School sessions will begin the second week back after the half-term break and all children will need wellington boots and a school coat. Many thanks.

1-Rec 1 1-Rec 2



1-Rec 3  1-Rec 4

1-Rec 5 1-Rec 6 (amended)



Year 1

In Year 1 this week, the children have been working on counting in 10s and 5s.
In History, the children have been looking at Victorian houses and the different items used within the house.  The children were intrigued to find some items have not changed and we still use them today!

1-IMG_2842  1-IMG_2843

1-IMG_2861 1-IMG_2864

1-IMG_2831 1-IMG_2830



Year 2

Year 2 have been focusing on SPaG in English this week and have learned all kinds of brilliant new skills! They have learnt the various rules for adding the suffixes -ed, -ing, -est and -er to root words, have used conjunctions to join sentences together and have used their knowledge of the alphabet to put nouns into alphabetical order. What a busy week!

Year 2 1 Year 2

Year 2 3

Years 3 & 4

Years 3 and 4 this week have been describing a range of foods that were eaten by the ancient Maya people and explain why those certain foods were particularly significant to them, linking to their previous learning about Mayan culture and religion. They concluded the lesson by mixing and making Mayan Hot Chocolate, known as ‘xocoatl’, which is quite different to their expectation of a creamy, marshmallow topped drink!  Mayan hot chocolate contains no sugar and the children added varying amounts of chilli and cinnamon. All of the children tried some, although only Toby drank his whole serving!  Year 4 preferred the spiciest drink!

1-Mayan Hot Chocolate 006  1-Mayan Hot Chocolate 007

1-Mayan Hot Chocolate 010 1-Mayan Hot Chocolate 012

1-Mayan Hot Chocolate 009 1-Mayan Hot Chocolate 003



1-IMG_1001   1-IMG_0998


Year 5

In Year 5 Religious Studies, the children were invited to bring in any items that were important to their religion.  James brought in his carved wooden angels and his lovely statue of Mary and Jesus, to share with the children.  The children very much enjoyed looking at these and asking James about them.  Alexander brought in his special prayer book called an Agpia and talked to us about his church, called the Coptic Orthodox Church. It  is one of the most ancient Churches in the world, founded in the first century in Egypt by St Mark the Apostle. The children were very interested to hear how Alexander celebrated his faith and asked many intelligent questions.

1-DSC00710  1-DSC00701


Year 6

Year 6 House Captains and their teams presented their first House Assembly this week to the younger children. They highlighted the school’s Golden Guide, presented power points and lead group discussions. We were all very proud of their efforts and the work they had put into this assembly.


Years 5 & 6 Visit to the Houses of Parliament

On Monday, Years 5 and 6 journeyed to London to visit the Houses of Parliament.  The children were given a guided tour and visited both the House of Lords and the House of Commons, although they were disappointed that they were not allowed to sit on the benches in the Houses!  The children were extremely interested in the Queen’s magnificent golden throne in the House of Lords.  After their tour, the children took a boat trip down the Thames to Greenwich and saw the Cutty Sark.  Despite the inclement weather, the children had a wonderful day!

1-IMG_0835 1-IMG_0843-001

1-IMG_0858-001 1-IMG_0846


Sports Matches

U9 Girls Netball v Riddlesworth Hall School

On Wednesday 17th October, the U9 girls played Riddlesworth in a netball match.

‘In the first quarter, Riddlesworth scored two goals, despite our great defending.  Kitty was brilliant in Wing Defence and Darcey did some great attacking.  In the second quarter, Riddlesworth were shooting rapidly.  Claudia changed position to Wing Defence and did lots of great defending and stopped them from scoring.  Darcey then got the ball back and scored a goal.

During the third quarter, Matilda was moved to Wing Defence and did some awesome defending and would not give up!  Finally, in the last quarter, everyone tried even harder than before and there was some great shooting but sadly we did not score a goal.  We need to focus on the present and not worry about the past.  The final score was 10-1 to Riddlesworth.  Player of the Match was Darcey.  Well done, team, better luck next time!’

Perdi C.



U9 Boys Rugby v Riddlesworth Hall School

‘In the first quarter, Dylan scored the first try and I scored the next.  Riddlesworth had a really fast runner, who was their captain.  Hugo was the best at defence and George was really good at running.

Theo almost scored but unfortunately he got tagged and he passed to Hugo, who scored again.  Riddlesworth’s captain scored their first try and then another to make the score 3-2.  Olly scored a great try despite Riddlesworth’s strong defence.  By the end of the first half, we had scored a tremendous four tries and the score was 4-2 to Fairstead.

In the second half, George did very well to score a further four tries and then Finlay scored the ninth try but Riddlesworth fought back by scoring four more tries.  Olly was really close to scoring but was pushed off the pitch, making it a turn over ball.  The final score was 9-7 to Fairstead.

It was an amazing match with lots of action, followed by a delicious match tea at Riddlesworth Hall.  Well done, team, keep up the good work!

Toby T.

Informal Tea-time Concert

We had yet another delightful Informal Tea-time Concert on Tuesday,  Well done to all those children who participated so well and with such confidence!  Many thanks again for your support for these enchanting afternoons.

1-B52E44B8-4F9E-4C87-A9C8-AFD57E2E3159  1-IMG_0256

Cookery Club

Cookery Club enjoyed adding their own herbs and spices to a polenta cracker base dough this week. They used their folding and kneading skills to produce an elastic and smooth dough, before applying their rolling knowledge, acquired in previous weeks, to create a thin square to cut into regular shaped pieces to bake in the school oven. A wide variety of flavours were produced, with the smell of garlic, fennel and peri peri filling the school hall and corridors!

1-Cookery Club - Polenta and cracked black pepper crackers 002 1-Cookery Club - Polenta and cracked black pepper crackers 003


1-Cookery Club - Polenta and cracked black pepper crackers 001


Touch Typing Club

I am delighted to announce that we have started a Touch Typing lunchtime drop in club.  This is proving extremely popular!

1-IMG_4527 (1) 1-IMG_4528 (1)

New Mathletics Club

After half term, Mrs Mallen will be running a lunch time ‘drop in’ Mathletics club for any children who would like the opportunity to further their ‘Mathletics progress’.

Mathletics is a fantastic online resource has been set up for each child to use at home and at school. You will find the log in details for your child in their school planners.

The children have the chance to earn certificates for their efforts. These are presented during our morning Assembly on Fridays.  Any child who achieves a Gold certificate in Mathletics is awarded a school merit, which is worth 5 house points!

Bags 2 School

Your child will have taken home a ‘Bag 2 School’ bag today.  This has been organised by our very active Parents’ Association and is an effective way to raise funds for the school.  All filled bags should be delivered to school on Monday 12th November and details are on the reverse of the bag,

Matt Hancock MP’s Christmas Card Competition

Our local MP, Matt Hancock, has invited all of our children to enter a Christmas Card Competition to design his Christmas card which will be sent to over 1000 people, including the Prime Minister.  All entries should be on white A4 paper, have the name, age and school on the reverse and be returned to school after half-term for us to submit.

Year 5 Girls’ STEM Olympiad

Year 5 girls are all looking forward to their annual trip to Old Buckenham Hall for a day of exciting STEM activities on Monday 5th November.  They will travel by minibus and will be back for the end of school.

Dates For Your Diary Next Half Term

Parents’ Evening (Reception to Year 6)  will be held on Tuesday 13th November and Thursday 15th November.  Please contact the Office upon our return to school to arrange your appointment.

Autumn Glow Festival will be on Saturday 17th November from 5.00pm to 7.00pm.  Fingers crossed for good weather!

The Fairstead House School Trust AGM will be on Tuesday 20th November at 7.00pm.  Wine and canapés will be served from 7.00pm.   This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet the staff and Governors so please do come along!

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Annabelle in Year 1 and Olly in Year 4.  Well done, children!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Harry, Emma, Sophia and Elspeth in the Nursery, to Fenella in Year 1 and Harley in Year 3.

With my best wishes for a wonderful, refreshing and recharging fortnight with your children and a reminder that all children must return to school in winter uniform.

Lynda Brereton