Dear Parents

This week, we welcomed two Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Inspectors into school.  This was a Compliance Inspection and we will be able to share the report with you when we receive it in approximately 3 weeks’ time. I was delighted that the Inspectors were extremely complimentary about the behaviour and courtesy of all the children, who all enjoyed sharing their learning with the Inspectors.


The Foals have been as busy as ever this week, with some of our new children having their first mark-making experiences.  The children have also had a lot of fun with our new bubble machine! Yearlings children have been looking at colours.  They explored texture by making ‘gloop’ and added food colouring to see the colours mix.  The children also looked through coloured glass blocks to see changes in colour.  Meanwhile, children in the Ponies room are thrilled to watch their chicks continue to flourish!

Baby 1 Baby 2

IMG_0832 (002) IMG_0845



Chick Picks 006 Chick Picks 012


In Maths this week, Reception children have been combining their art skills with counting. They printed some fabulous handprints with paint. They used them to help count to 20 and beyond in 5s.
We have been reading the story about the ‘Tiger who came to tea’. The children started thinking about where all the food that the tiger ate had come from. We looked at the labels on lots of different kinds of food and then found the countries on our maps. We also thought about how the food arrived in Newmarket.
Now that the weather is warming up, much to the delight of the children, the bugs have started to appear again in the forest! The children had a very happy session this week, bug hunting!

IMG_8643 IMG_8648

IMG_8676 IMG_8637

IMG_8661 IMG_8672

Year 1

This week, Year 1 have been looking at South America and the Amazon rain forest and made ‘flap books’ about the different layers of the rain forest and the animals they would find there.
In Numeracy, we have been looking at weight and have been estimating the weight of different items using non-standard units.  We created block graphs based on the weight of five toys.  In our Creative Curriculum work this week, we have been extending our knowledge of healthy eating by looking at the different layers of the food pyramid.  We were able to sort a variety of meat, dairy products, fruit, vegetable and bread and grain products correctly; the children particularly enjoyed handling the fresh fruit and vegetables. We talked about the food terms of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

the food pyramid 002 the food pyramid 007

Year 2

Year 2 enjoyed an open ended investigation into adding 3 single numbers to make a 2 digit number, using dominoes, as a practical extension to their learning this week. Matilda and Perdita were particularly proud when all of the sides of their square totalled 12!

Maths 3 number investigation 011

Year 3

This week in Literacy Year 3 have started to think about scripts and, to encourage them to add dialogue to stories they are already familiar with, we are retelling fairytales. With two children acting as speech marks, the characters could not speak unless the speech marks were in the right place. The children’s overacting and improvised dialogue caused great hilarity; no previous version of the Princess and the Pea was ever heard the beleaguered princess, standing on the doorstep in the rain, being offered a fish.

Year 32 Year 33

Year 4

In Numeracy this week, Year 4 have been learning about area and perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes. Taking a ‘trundle wheel’ in hand, their learning was reinforced by measuring the astro turf.  In Science, Year 4 asked the question ‘Does sound travel?’and continued to create an investigation to prove their theory. Data loggers and voices were all that were needed! Great fun was also had when the children made ‘string telephones’, proving that sound travels easier through solids than air.   Year 4 also made the most of the lovely weather on Thursday by having a guided reading lesson outside!

P1100690 P1100692

P1100718 P1100721

Outside Guided Reading

Year 5

Further to their work on autobiographies in Literacy, Year 5 have been working on drawing self portraits in their Art lesson.

P1100694 P1100695

Year 6

Year 6 enjoyed a visit to Domino’s Pizza in Newmarket on Monday.  The Manager explained to the children how many orders they took per week and how all orders had to be prepared, cooked and dispatched within 25 minutes!  The children were then allowed to make their own pizzas, which they thoroughly enjoyed eating afterwards!

WP_20170515_11_18_23_Pro (002)

Sports Matches

U11 Indoor Diamond Cricket Tournament
‘Due to the weather on Wednesday, the U11 Rounder’s and Cricket teams joined together to play an indoor Diamond Cricket tournament against Walden Prep. Diamond Cricket is played indoors with 4 wickets and 4 batters. The bowler can bowl to any of the batters and the whole team have to run to the next wicket, for a run to be scored. You can only get caught or bowled out. It was very fast, exciting and exhausting game (according to Luie).
It was a great opportunity for us to practise our fielding, with some great catches from Elizabeth and Nathan and to learn to communicate amongst the batters to decide how many times to run. Everyone worked well together as a team and it is definitely something that we would like to play again at school. 
We were split into two mixed teams Fairstead Red and Fairstead Green. Despite having never played this version of cricket before, not only did we play well and really enjoy ourselves, but the Green team came 2nd and the Red team won the tournament! Well done team! Keep up the good work.’
Match Report by Luie and Adele (Year 6).

Fixtures Next Week:
Wednesday 24th May – U11 Mixed Netball – Forest Heath Finals at Newmarket Academy 4:00pm – 5:45pm.
Other schools in the finals are: Moulton, St Mary’s and Ditton Lodge. Each game will consist of 4 x 5min quarters.
The top two teams from the finals will represent Forest Heath at the county finals in Ipswich on Tuesday 4th July so we really would encourage as much support as possible.
Tuesday 23rd May – U9 Cricket and Rounders vs Old Buckenham Hall at 2:00pm.

Informal Tea Time Concert

We had our sixth Informal Tea Time Concert on Thursday 18th May and with over twenty pupils performing we enjoyed listening to a variety of instruments being played. It is lovely to see so many children benefiting from the opportunity to play to a friendly audience, on stage and in our wonderful Performing Arts Centre.

Our next Informal Tea Time Concert is next Thursday 25th May at 4:15pm. All parents and friends are welcome.

IMG_0135 IMG_0176

Cupcake Sale

The PA will be holding a Cupcake Sale on Friday after school.  Nursery and Reception will kindly be providing the goodies so please do bring your spare change!

Coding Club – Monday 22nd May

Please note that there will be no Coding Club this Monday.  The Club will resume as normal after half-term.

Nursery (Yearlings and Ponies) and Reception Sports Afternoon – Monday 26th June

We would like to invite all Reception, Ponies and Yearlings children (including those children who do not usually attend Nursery on Monday afternoons) and their families to our Sports Afternoon on Monday 26th June at 1:30pm. Details of races and timings will be given out after half term.

Ted the Dog

We are looking forward to welcoming Ted into school more regularly.  Some of our youngest children particularly enjoy reading to Ted and he is, indeed, a very good listener!  Please contact the Office if your child has any phobias or allergies that we were not made aware of on their initial medical form.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Hugo in Year 1 and Luie in Year 6.  Well done, boys!


Birthday Cake

This week we wish a happy birthday to Hugo in the Ponies Room and Kit in Year 1.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton