Dear Parents,

A highlight of the week has undoubtedly been watching Year 6, in their wonderful costumes, perform a ‘slimmed down’ version of Wind in the Willows, with only the class taking part!  The children had great fun filling in for their friends and helping with the recording and production of the play.  Whilst this will only be shared with the Year 6 parents, I can assure you that the children had a wonderful time staging it.  I have been particularly impressed at how maturely the Year 6 have embraced the enforced changes to their final term at Fairstead.  Miss Hodgkinson is working tirelessly to ensure that their final weeks at school are full of fun, creativity and lifelong memories.


This week in Reception, the children have enjoyed joining ‘Harry by the Sea.’
The story was thoroughly enjoyed by all and it has inspired some wonderful learning all about the seashore, as well as super work on repeating patterns. Making 3D representations of key events from the story was a particular highlight. The children also enjoyed becoming ‘Sun Safe Superstars’ and made posters to help everyone keep safe in the sun. Learning about rock pools and creating their own mini habitats added to the fun.
What another wonderful week it has been!




Year 1

This week, Year 1 went ‘down under’ to Australia where they learnt about Kangaroos. The children wrote super descriptions of them and made their own fact sheets, having learnt about their habitat, what they eat and some other very interesting facts.
They sat around a campfire and heard a Dream Story of ‘How the Kangaroos got their Tails’ and had great fun retelling the story to each other and laughed at the fact that, the more the story was told, the more people embellished it and the outcome changed!
The children enjoyed looking at some Aboriginal artefacts and in the same style made their own Kangaroos and boomerangs. We ended the week with some meditation to didgeridoos!

From next week, please may we ask that you pull up at the gate next to the bicycle shed when dropping off your child by car.  Thank you.


Year 2

Year 2 enjoyed hearing back from Ellen Bazeley-White this week. They sent her a list of questions about her time in the Antarctic where she took part in two science research trips. She was impressed with the children’s thoughtful questions and they thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about the wildlife she encountered and her scariest moments whilst there!
This week, Year 2 have started learning about dinosaurs. Miss Drayton has been grateful for all of Bert’s help with this mini topic, as he is a dinosaur expert and puts her knowledge to shame! The children were especially shocked to hear that a specially bred and extremely friendly dinosaur, called AJ the Apatosaurus, had accidentally made its way to Newmarket and had been captured on CCTV around the school grounds! They produced ‘missing posters’ that were put around the town and, luckily, he has been found safe and well! The children are now busy planning stories about AJ’s adventures in Newmarket and imagining all the mischief he got up to! They have also used their imaginations to design their own dinosaurs.




Year 3

This week, in English, Year 3 have been thinking about ‘Interesting Insects’ and have been reading about beetles and ants. They have done some comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar work linked to this theme in preparation for writing their own explanation text next week about a minibeast or other small creature of their choice.

In Maths, the children have been looking at ‘Shape and Time’ this week.  We started off the week by exploring different types of lines – perpendicular, parallel, diagonal, vertical and horizontal. One of the tasks the children had to complete was to create a city skyline using collage and/or drawings and label all the different types of lines they could see in it. They produced some fantastic pieces of work.

In Science, the children have been learning about what happens to some plants after pollination. They have made some delightful zigzag booklets entitled, ‘From Flowers to Fruit’ to explain the process.

In our Humanities topic, Japan, the children have been finding out about Tokyo. They presented information about Tokyo in different ways:  PowerPoints, posters, fact sheets and more. We discussed what we’d most like to see and do on a visit to Tokyo and many of the children were keen to see the amazing neon light displays!


Year 4

In Geography this week, Year 4 conducted some independent research where they compared the capital cities Tokyo and London. They used their research skills to find out about aspects such as: the population, tallest structures, the busiest train stations and annual events. The children made some interesting comparisons, including the fact that Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station has on average 3.5 million passengers passing through its doors every day, whilst London’s Waterloo Station has a mere 651,000 per day. Year 4 then chose how to present their findings. Some children opted for colourful posters with accompanying images and others demonstrated their PowerPoint skills with special effects.

In Art, Year 4 continued their studies of Japanese blossom trees. This week, they further developed their digital art skills and used a variety of art apps to do so. I was impressed by their use of marks and techniques to create textures and layers. They are becoming quite the digital artists!

I am very much looking forward to seeing Year 4 in person next week, for two days of activities and creativity.


Year 5

This week, the pupils have been focusing on Stonehenge. With the summer equinox occurring on Saturday, it seemed a good time to look at History in more depth. They have been discussing what Stonehenge may have been used for and supporting their ideas with reasons and evidence. I have been impressed how they can discuss ideas and express their thoughts.  As the week progressed, they learnt more about the archaeological evidence and started to quote it more.

Following this, we looked at how to market Stonehenge. I learnt a lot about social media in these discussions and how it can be used. It is always good when the teacher learns as well!  Again, the children expressed their ideas and thoughts well. I was pleased with the range of target audiences they chose. They did not just copy each other – they showed independent thought and the desire to express their thoughts and opinions.

I also asked the children to make models of Stonehenge and send them to me. After clarifying that I did not need lifesize models, they set to work. I heard about and saw ideas ranging from boxes through to salt dough and Lego.
A couple of the pictures I received are below. I hope you agree that they are a wide ranging selection of models.

Perdita’s model

Finlay’s model

Year 6

Year 6 have spent an enjoyable week with various activities. The highlight of the week was recording their version of ‘The Wind in the Willows’. The challenge was to adapt the play to just Year 6 and we were very impressed by the way they remembered their lines and rose to the challenge of a recording instead of a stage play. Well done, Year 6. They also had their weekly cooking lesson from chef and this week made ‘Jammy Cup Cakes’, which I have to say were lovely. On Monday, they played Rounders and the star player was Percy, Dr. Brereton’s black labrador! He did not quite understand all the Rounders’ rules but he did his best and had great fun joining in.
Year 6 are also working hard producing some lovely art depicting the layers of the ocean and enjoying their Crest Science challenges, games and activities.

Holiday Club

Just a reminder that if you have not yet booked your child into Holiday Club, please find a booking form here: SUMMER HOLIDAY CLUB 2020 BOOKING FORM

Head’s Awards of Merit

This week, Head’s Awards were won by the following children, for the lovely reasons given in this morning’s assembly. Well done, children!

Reception – Charlotte and Hugo

Year 1 – Lola, Yuru, Isla and Matilda

Year 2 – Annabelle

Year 3 – Nicole

Year 4 – Isabella

Year 5 – Dylan and Perdita

Year 6 – James and Richard

Finally, I am very excited that we are now starting our wider reopening of Fairstead and next week we welcome back Years 3 and 4 for two days each in school.  As you can see below, the Performing Arts Centre is all ready to safely accommodate your children!

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton