Dear Parents,

What a wonderful day we have had in school, celebrating tomorrow’s Royal Wedding with a colourful and patriotic Street Party.  We were blessed with lovely weather and, as you can see from the photographs below, everyone had a very jolly time.  All our kitchen staff rose admirably to the occasion and produced a delicious spread which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!

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There has been a real buzz of excitement in Reception this week, as the children have loved finding out about the Royal family and counting down the days to the wedding celebrations. The children decided that Ms Meghan Markle needed a beautiful bouquet and so they undertook the ‘carnation experiment.’ Please come and see what has happened and discuss the children’s findings with them.
In Maths, the children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring time and even created their own giant clock on the floor. This was then used to demonstrate different ‘o’clock’ times, for the day of the wedding. Some of the children then went onto matching digitial and analogue times.  Wow!
The children have also been so helpful in providing the ‘happy couple’ with lots of ideas for their wedding menu. They made their own fruit kebabs and then sent Prince Harry their handwritten instructions. He was so impressed that he wrote back to everybody and asked if they could make him some fruit smoothy ice lollies!  The children were more than happy to oblige and even had the help of the school’s Head Chef, who was very impressed with all of their wonderful cutting, blending and pouring skills.

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Year 1

What a busy week we have had in Year 1. We started by making our own rain sticks and have very much enjoyed designing them and can’t wait to make rainforest sounds with them.
We all had a super day out on our trip to Africa Alive, looking at and being very close to all the animals including giraffes and lions.
We are eagerly awaiting Friday, when we can show off our top hats and veiled tiaras.  The Royal Wedding coincides with our studies of weddings in different cultures around the world in R.E.



Year 2

To celebrate the Royal Wedding, Year 2 have spent all day learning about the Royal Family and preparing for the upcoming nuptials! They recreated their own Christian wedding ceremony and afterwards, had a wedding reception where they played ‘Pin the Tail on the Corgi’.   The children also made paper crowns to wear during our lunch time street party!

1-Africa Alivew 004    1-Africa Alivew 025

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Year 3

This week, Year 3 have continued learning about the Romans and, in particular, what it was like to be a Roman solider.  We took our shields outside to attempt a Roman Army Drill.  The ‘tortoise’ and ‘pigs’ head’ formations were quite difficult, but having to do them without talking or laughing was a real challenge!

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Year 4

Year 4 have finished their study of light this week by investigating the distance of an object to the light source and relating this to the size of the shadow. They had to make precise measurements and work sensibly – in the dark!
They will be starting their new Science topic, looking at animals and humans, in particular, the digestive system and the skeleton, with an informative and stimulating workshop at Palace House on Monday morning, which we are all looking forward to.

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Year 5

Year 5 have been enjoying independent research into the causes of World War I, as part of their topic focused on Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse. They have used their IT, History and Geography skills to investigate the Age of Empire and how Colonial struggles around the globe provoked the enmity that led to war breaking out in 1914.

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Year 6

This week, Year 6 investigated the effects of water resistance by creating different shapes, some more streamlined than others. The children were also challenged to create their own boat which would minimise the effects of water resistance and a competition was held to see which one would support the most weight!

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Sports Matches

U9 Girls Cricket v Old Buckenham Hall School (OBH)
This week, the girls enjoyed another exciting afternoon of cricket at OBH. In the first innings, Fairstead batted first showing no sign of nerves. The girls enthusiastically went for every ball and notched up the runs. During the second innings, Fairstead fielded and bowled with growing confidence and skill; however, OBH were batting hard and several balls flew over the boundary, allowing OBH to pip us at the post with a score of 161 to 152. Well done, girls!

U11 Girls cricket v Barnadiston School
The inclement weather did not dampen the spirits of the U11 girls as we arrived at Barnadiston, for their second match of the season. Having won the toss, Fairstead fielded first. The girls’ communication and teamwork was evident as positions were adjusted to try to combat Barnadiston’s impressive batting. The girls’ eyes were on the ball at all times and fielding opportunities were taken with skill and accuracy. However, Barnadiston confidently made the boundary several times, allowing them to notch up the runs. During the second innings, Fairstead were committed to scoring runs and went for every ball. At times, our eagerness led to a lack of communication and indecision, allowing Barnadiston to gain wickets. Whilst the girls continue to learn and improve their skills from every match opportunity, they should be very proud of their determination and encouragement shown throughout the game. Well done!

U9 Boys Cricket v OBH
It was a glorious day and the boys, plus the addition honorary ‘boy’, Zara, won the toss the decided to bat first. Each pair received two overs and our batting and quick running was impressive. We took advantage of the slower bowlers and managed to score a few rare fours. The score of 65 at the end of our innings set a good target for the opposition. When we fielded, our bowling was more accurate, with Theo taking a wicket, and made it hard for them to score many runs. Our fielding was also much improved and after OBH batted their score was 33. As the girls were still playing their match, we decided to give each pair a further over. We managed to extend our lead to 90 runs and then James and Richard managed to take a wicket each when bowling, keeping their score to 33. It was a brilliant game and the team did very well. Thank you to OBH for hosting the match and providing match tea.

U11 Boys Cricket v Barnadiston
The U11 team travelled to Barnadiston and played an 8-a-side softball cricket match. We won the toss and decided to field first. Each pair bowled and kept wicket, delivering four overs to the batting pair. Madoc started well with a maiden over and our bowling continued to be effective. The pitch was fast moving and overthrows gave away some easy runs. Wickets were taken by Madoc, Jack and Colin. The final score was 170 runs (each team started on 100). Our batting was good and we soon accumulated a good score, with 160 runs after eight overs. However, some very good bowling took three wickets in an over and reduced our score greatly. In the final four overs the scores were close, but the final pair were quick at running between the wickets and managed to score well. The final result was a victory for Fairstead with 198 runs. Well done to all the team.

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Informal Teatime Concert – Tuesday 15th May

Parents, staff and children thoroughly enjoyed this week’s Informal Teatime Concert. All the children performed exceptionally well on a variety of instruments, including the banjo, violin, guitar, clarinet and piano as well as some wonderful singing. Our thanks to our Director of Music, Mrs Karina Warburton, for organising these very popular concerts.  The next concert will be on Tuesday 22nd May.

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Social Media

Following some recent unpleasantness on social media amongst the older children in the school, I feel it prudent to remind you all of the legal age restrictions on social media.  Please be assured that this is a topic which is regularly covered in ICT lessons.


Summer Gala Celebration – Tuesday 3rd July

We are hoping to have a marquee in the garden for this occasion and if you know of anyone who could help us with this, then please do let me know.  Thank you.

Parents’ Association Summer Ball

Last Friday was our Summer Ball, held at the Bedford Lodge and organised by the Parents’ Association.  We were blessed with a glorious sunny evening and all enjoyed a wonderful evening.  The meal was delicious, complimentary wine plentiful and an excellent disco afterwards.  Many thanks to Ms Farris and Mr Heslop for compering and to their wonderful band of helpers.  I am delighted to announce that an amazing £2,841.00 was raised!

Lara’s Showjumping Success

Many congratulations to Lara in Year 5, who has been awarded May’s NAF Shining Star after demonstrating her drive for progression and a professional attitude towards competition as a member of the Suffolk Junior Academy.  Well done, Lara!



Our congratulations to the Hughes family on the safe arrival of Edward, a little brother for Foxxy.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Charlotte in Reception and Richard in Year 4.  Well done, children!


This week we wish a happy birthday to Oscar and Molly in the Nursery and to Charlie in Reception.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton