Dear Parents

Another action packed exciting week at Fairstead House has come to end and I am sure that I am not alone in thinking that the whole term has disappeared very quickly!  We are all looking forward to seeing the children perform next week.  I know that they are all very excited too!


This week, the children have been practising their culinary skills by making pizza!  They thoroughly enjoyed making and rolling out the dough.

10-Newsletter 10 01111-Newsletter 10 012



The Easter Bunny visited our forest school woods before the children arrived this week and hid lots of chocolate treats for the children. It took a little bit of time to find them all but the reward was worth the effort!

There are some great places to hide in the woods. They all enjoyed a few games of hide and seek in the sunshine!
Another favourite game in the forest is collecting sticks.



Year 1

After a week concentrating on their Mathematics,  Year 1 have been in the spirit of Dress It Wild day today!  We had a wonderful array of animals including bees and a penguin.

dressing up as wild animals 002 dressing up 004

Year 2

As part of their topic Our Local Area: Then and Now, their History unit Anglo Saxons, Literacy focus on research, and Geography focus on the UK’s position on a map, Year 2 have visited the vast Anglo Saxon earthwork Devil’s Dyke. They enjoyed climbing to the top, discussing its construction, and then using correctly the “very grown up” Year 6 compasses to identify the location of the Anglo Saxon Kingdoms East Anglia and Mercia.

Devil's Dyke Earthwork 005 Devil's Dyke Earthwork 013

To complete their study of the Sutton Hoo Helmet, which they reproduced last week in polystyrene, clay and cardboard, Year 2 have used their Science, Geography, History and Literacy Skills and Knowledge to identify the raw materials and design of the original helmet, and where these features originate from. Year 2 then found Sutton Hoo and these source places, for example Sri Lanka, Sweden and Turkey, in an atlas and on a world map. They have then used the atlases to research, name and label the world’s continents and have discussed why only Europe, Africa and Asia were the sources of materials and ideas for the iconic Helmet.

Identifying countries - Sutton Hoo Helmet 005Izzy and Evie finding countries

Year 3

The last element of Year 3’s look at Forces in Science was air resistance. They considered the fact that air can be both felt and heard, and that it has to be pushed out of the way if you want to move. The children tried running while having to push a big flat piece of card in front of them and decided it was much harder, and needed much more energy, than running without. They came up with shapes and objects that can “cut” through the air more easily than others, and looked at streamlined vehicles gave them a chance to research the Bloodhound SSC – a rocket car that has been designed to reach at least 1000 km/hr.   The shape of man-made streamlined objects often reflect natural streamlining and the children thought about how the different shapes of sharks and puffer fish affected their lives.

Year 3 (1) Year 3 (20

Year 4

Year 4 have been investigating the rate of evaporation this week.  They took the temperature of three different areas around school to see whether heat makes a difference to the speed of water evaporating. They weighed pieces of damp cloth before the experiment and weighed them again afterwards to record how much water had evaporated. They found that heat did indeed make a difference as the towel on the radiator lost the greatest amount of water.


Years 5 and 6

This week has been a full and busy production week but the children have risen to the challenge.  The dress rehearsal this morning to Pre-prep was a great success.  The children are excited and eager to show off their talents and skills to their families next week.  Here are a couple of sneak peeks…

1-P1080711 1-P1080721


In the classroom, the children are concentrating on their studies ready for a normal teaching schedule to resume on Monday.

Match Reports

On Wednesday 16th March U9 Hockey Teams A & B Girls played away against Finborough School.

The A Team

On Wednesday the Under 9 girls travelled to Finborough for two hockey matches. The A team had a great start with Elizabeth feeding the ball up to our forwards, Francesca, Chloe and Katie. In the first half, everyone wanted to be involved in the play so there was not much space to pass. Francesca, as Captain, stood out from the beginning, with her fierce and relentless attack. Chloe and Katie took a bit longer to warm up but once they did, they began working well taking the ball forward. Francesca opened the scoring with a lovely goal. It wasn’t long until Katie delivered the ball to Francesca and she scored another. In the second half, Chloe and Francesca took turns staying forward near the shooting circle and this spread out the play a bit. Georgina and Sarah worked together well as backs and their persistent tackling meant they were able to clear the ball more often. Phoebe did a great job as our goalkeeper, saving two of the four goal attempts that Finborough made. The final score was 4-2 to Fairstead.
I was very impressed with the teamwork demonstrated by the girls and especially their passing in the second half. They should all be proud of the way they played.

As always, Finborough organised a lovely afternoon of fixtures and everyone enjoyed themselves. All the girls involved gained valuable experience.

Shahn Woodyatt

The B Team

Fairstead started with the ball and one of the Finborough people tackled us and Abisha did some great tackling. We managed to get the ball down to the D but Finborough defence was too good Finborough started to dribble down to the goal Yuxi and Erin-Mae tried to get the ball but Finborough dribbled round them and scored. Then Fairstead had the ball for a little while and Lyla did some great passing to Lucy but Finborough managed to get the ball back and Sienna saved a good goal but Finborough didn’t give up Jeanne came in to the D but Finborough scored another goal. As soon as Finborough had got the ball the Fairstead girls started tackling very well but Finborough scored another goal. Then it was half time and all the girls were very tired but in the second half the girls all had a lot more energy and dribbled down to the goal but then a girl from Finborough hit the ball really hard and it went right to a person at the back and they scored again. Georgia then did some great tackling and passing but Finborough scored once more. There was only 1 minute and 50 seconds left and Finborough wanted to get one more goal they dribbled down but Fairstead girls’ tackling was very good then Finborough scored again. It was the end of the match and the score was 6-0 to them – well done team better luck next time.

Lucy, Team Captain, Year 3

1-U9A Hockey v Finborough

House Matches

The Hockey House matches were fiercely competitive again this year. All the matches were very close with some great open dribbling and passing up the field. Taylor once again stood out with their stamina and team play. Wedgwood and Buckenham did extremely well in defence to keep scores low. Ms Meyer kept all the children energised with biscuits and encouragement on the side-line. Well done to Taylor on winning their two matches.
Taylor v Buckenham = 3-2
Taylor v Wedgwood = 1-0
Wedgwood v Buckenham = 2-1

Girls house matches

In the Football House matches, a clearly determined Taylor team dominated all their games and were triumphant overall.  In the second place matches, the Buckenham v Wedgwood game began with equal competitiveness; however, Buckenham managed to secure goal scoring opportunities and claimed second place.

Equestrian Team

Our Equestrian Team was in action on Saturday 12th March and, once again, did tremendously well.  All the children rode superb rounds and Ryan in particular had an outstanding day, coming first in the 70cm class.  Adele had a wonderful clear round; however, she was penalised for being too fast!!  As a school, we came second overall out of more than twenty schools.   Well done to everyone and our thanks as always to the team’s coach, Mrs Victoria de Sousa.


Story Club

In Story Club, children from Reception up to Year 2 have been reading and enjoying Roald Dahl’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. This week, they blind tasted some Wonka-esque chocolate creations and then made their own golden tickets and Wonka Bars with craft materials. Isabella’s Sunshine and Matilda’s Ear Wax and Candy Floss were just two of the interesting flavours, the club came up with!

1-Golden Tickets 008Golden Tickets 009

National Horse Racing Museum

On Sunday 20th March, the National Horseracing Museum is hosting ‘Spring into Fitness’ in association with British Science Week this weekend at The Racing Centre.  ‘Spring into Fitness’ aims to explore health and fitness within racing and beyond as part of British Science Week 2016 and will bring together a number of partner organisations from the racing community.  Admission is free.  Please see the link below for further information.

Spring Into Fitness

Dress it Wild Day

It was ‘Dress it Wild’ day today!  Organised by our School Council, all children paid a donation to come to school dressed as an endangered or wild animal.  There were some fabulous animals prowling about the school!  The children raised £116.46 for the World Wildlife Fund.  Well done to the School Council for organising the day and thank you to the children for taking part so wholeheartedly!

The raffle also organised by the School Council was won by Chloe in Year 4.  Well done Chloe!

Treasure Island Timings

Performances will take place on Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd March.  Please could all Year 5 and Year 6 performers be at the Coach House by 5.45pm on the night of performances to get changed into their costumes.  Younger siblings who are also in the play may come too at that time.

Years 3 and 4 are to return to the Coach House, in their costumes, at 6pm.

At the end of the evening, all children need to be picked up at the Coach House entrance by an adult at 7.30pm.

Treasure Island Photographs

This year, we have a professional photographer taking photos of the play.  Images from the performance of Treasure Island will be available to view and order from  Login and password details as well as information on how to order images will be given out at each performance.  If you have any queries then please contact the School Office.

The Parents Association’s Summer Ball

We are excited to announce this very popular event will be held on Friday 10th June at 7pm.  Please click the link below for further information.

Next Week/End of Term Arrangements

Please note that there will be no After-School Clubs on next week.  After-School Care will be available as usual until 6pm each day.

School will finish for our Easter Break on Thursday 24th March.  Nursery and Reception children can be collected at 11.30am, Years 1 and 2 at 11.45am and Years 3 and above at 12.00pm.  Older children may be collected at the same time as younger siblings.

Happy Birthday

Birthday Cake

This week we say Happy Birthday to Ben in Year 3 and Francesca in Year 4.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton